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    If your basement is roomy enough for my instruments and recording equipment, books, and such, I will gladly move in with you ASAP (I'll pay monthly rent, of course-and help out with chores and such)
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    Thanks for the +rep. I take everything with a grain of salt. Even "science" magazines. There's a lot of politics in science, and these days I'm realizing more and more that what first seems to be hard to believe often ends up being what is true.
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    I posted a follow the money CC thread not long ago! Glad she's talking about it too, especially since WND doesn't have much cred (even though they've done such great work lately on Miriam Carey, and CC).
  4. Some people get personality, some people get brains, some people get both, some get neither. Good that you're sorting through it all.
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    You can't even comprehend a universe where you are the problem. It's just never, ever you. All this venom and bile surrounds you like an Angela-hate hurricane but it's just NEVER you. SMDH. It's time you looked in a mirror for once. Everybody on the planet is not stupid just because they disagree with goddess Angela. The universe does not end at your fingertips.
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    Oh, I already deleted them. You need to realize you are not the solution, you are the problem. Even when you're right you are a cruel sadistic person, and it is ripping our cohesion to bits. If you can't control yourself and feel so compelled to be so hateful against anybody you disagree with, then you need to go hang out on RedState or Hannity or DU. You are doing liberty a disservice by being so hateful against our own people. It's almost like you WANT the movement to fail, and are doing everything in your power to set our people against one another. You either need to learn to control yourself, or stay away from those here who are actually doing the work to restore liberty. Self-absorption has no place in a movement bigger than individual selves. If you can't deal with that, then find another movement to parasite on. If you really want to help liberty but cannot restrain your impulses, go join the Obamatons and divide THEM instead of working to divide US.
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    You are sadistic and cruel. You are not a good person. It is never, ever you is it? We call that "Narcissism." As exhibited also by your need to publically spit all over my visitor messages. You seriously need help.
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    No, I simply do not support sadistic people. It's called "principle," maybe you should look the word up.
  9. I have no idea if I'll ever convert, but I was raised in the Lutheran and Catholic traditions--I came to prefer Catholicism. Ideally, I'd like to find an Eastern Rite Church for the daughter, but the nearest one is about an hour away from here, so I'm going to give RC a try. My agnosticism aside, I still think it's really important for her to have the experience and background. Kluge's family will lose their shit though, they think Catholicism is evil (along with Islam and a good number of other religious disciplines.)
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    Yes, ma'am! I've already accepted your invitation and obnoxiously scribbled on your wall.
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