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    Today, 09:15 PM
    A very annoying "feature". Do what I did.
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    Today, 08:52 PM
    In other words, it's all correct, but the Fed has declared the semantics to be incorrect so you can deny it. And thank you for playing.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 08:44 PM
    First you say... Then you say... What definition of 'escalation' are you using that a 'beefing up' does not fit?
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 08:41 PM
    The point is, your bosses at the Fed create money out of electrons (devaluing our salaries and savings in the process), sell it to the government for bonds, charge interest on the bonds, charge exorbitant "costs" like five hundred million, hand out the other eighty billion to the banks which founded it to play with, get it back, and then you brag on them for finally giving that interest to the treasury. The point is, I am not impressed by the Fed's "largesse", and I don't think anyone else is either.
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    Today, 08:35 PM
    Another one? When do you ever stop writing autobiographies long enough to have a career?
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    Today, 08:32 PM
    Collateral like what? Packaged securities? Highly unlikely? So what if they make other investments? Who said "billions"? I didn't. And since when do all the banks only get a combined maximum of twenty million? Your lips are moving, but like a lawyer, politician or propagandist, you're managing to avoid saying anything that means anything.
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    Today, 08:19 PM
    So? They transferred funds to a member bank. They got it back. And? Suppose the bank gets audited. It buys stock. It sells stock. So? So?
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 08:12 PM
    But of course everyone wants to take the time to track what's happening to the money the Fed, as a bondholder, collects in interest on the national debt. And the Fed clearly has the transparency to make it possible.
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    Today, 08:08 PM
    Because Russia never disappeared a spy rather than expatriate him.
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    Today, 08:03 PM
    Well, there's nothing we'd rather do than take your word for it. I suppose bad mortgages packaged as "securities" and sold to investors never happened either? And, of course, guns never appear in gun-free zones.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 07:34 PM
    Well, there you go. They can transfer portions of eighty billion seven hundred million dollars to member banks. Member banks can buy stocks, reap capital gains, and transfer the principal back, all before the end of the quarter or the end of the year when the Fed then gives it to the Treasury. Eighty billion, seven hundred million FRNs, give or take, is a nice chunk of capital to play with. Which was my point, a point which still stands after a page of dissembling on your part.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 07:15 PM
    The Fed basement is full of gold. You were also talking about the Fed receiving interest on bonds which it--eventually--shells out to the Treasury. You know money is an asset. You don't need to make an ass of yourself by asking me to define 'assets', Zippy. If you don't want to answer the question, run and hide. You've done it before.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 07:08 PM
    Assets, Zippy. I said what I meant and mean what I say. You want to limit the terms of the discussion to something you can spin to cover the Fed's big ass. But I said assets. Period.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 07:04 PM
    Not around here. This is a place where certain people underestimate the clout and ruthless ambition of GOP presidents, not popes.
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    Today, 07:02 PM
    But where does Yellin say the Fed cannot temporarily transfer assets to member banks?
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    Today, 06:53 PM No doubt you'll dispute the verb "owned". Think you can dispute the verb "controlled"? Think anyone will be impressed by the difference? As for whether Fed stock can be sold, or whether you put the word stock in quotation marks, stocks denote ownership (usually temporarily) and if anyone can play with funds on hand, it's the owners.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 06:38 PM
    The Fed is owned by half a dozen the biggest banks in the world, and they are not.
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    Today, 06:29 PM
    The bondholders still get the interest. Whether the Fed, which is only one bondholder, takes $500,000,000 as "expenses", then only plays with the money for a while (give me $80,200,000,000 for a couple of months and I'll make enough on the stock market to be more than just set for life) and gives it back, is irrelevant.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 06:20 PM
    Debt is paid to bondholders, Zippy, not the Treasury. Taxes may be paid to the Treasury, and the Treasury may divvy some of it up for interest payments. But bondholders wind up with it. And you damned well know it.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 06:13 PM
    Because you can't stack toploaders, and they want us all in micro-apartments. Unplug the damned thing. It'll unlock.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 06:10 PM
    That's the worst kind of debt--Democrat-turned-Republican Bipartisan Debt. I'm pretty sure we'll be paying your Fed-owning fat bankster bosses double interest on that stuff.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 06:06 PM
    Thus the comment about the difference between asides for the purpose of making similies and full-blown threadjacks. So are you falsely accusing me of trying to derail the conversation because you want the takeaway to be some people don't deserve free speech? Because the fact that you abuse the privilege is not a sound argument against free speech in my book.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 06:02 PM
    Who cares if you are being tailgated by a large truck which could never in a million years stop as fast as your little car? Your life is a small price to pay for the chance to bring that truck driver to task for misbehaving!
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 05:55 PM
    I wanted to say conservatives don't like it either. But then it occurred to me that this may be a fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals. If conservatives don't want to be spied on, they don't use those programs. Liberals don't seem to consider that an option.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 05:45 PM
    You know, there are threads about South Africa. There is a point where a reference for the purpose of, you know, reference turns into a hijack. Hate to make you feel your free speech is being impinged upon, but we'd all rather talk about free speech here. I don't know why so many people accuse you of being polite. Few people consider changing the subject polite, while hijackers are generally considered downright rude.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 05:36 PM
    We're skating on the edge of WWIII because people like this would rather have soap operas than sound, sane governance. I don't think this sort of person is anything like a majority of voters, but they're certainly a majority of primary voters. Makes me nostalgic for the proverbial smoke-filled room.
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    Thank you! A blessed Christmas to you and your family now and in two weeks!
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    The day isn't over yet!
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    And a verrry Merry Christmas to thee and thine, dear Old Calenderist!
  4. So... I guess that's a no.
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    "Could you please try to understand the opinions you're stooping to name-calling over?" - Nope. An opinion is based on fact. He has no facts. He's just spewing liberal bullshit to stir crap up.

    LIke it or not, SCOTUS never said corporations were people. SCOTUS never said corporations have the same rights that people do. If people are too stupid and / or lazy to actually read what the court said they deserve to be ridiculed and mocked.

    He can have an opinion about whether people in groups lose their rights just because they join a group. But refusing to acknowledge that at no point did the court say the group had rights means he isn't basing his opinion on reality. Therefore he isn't worthy if anything other than ridicule, and is also e too stupid to properly represent the liberty movement.

    Fuck him and his liberal thinking.
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    I pleases me to know I'm not the only one
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    I completely emptied my inbox and outbox. Please try again
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    Damn you!!! I, I demand a conclusion to the groundhog saga!!!
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    Hey - regarding your post on tech, I agree in full. Idunno if you know, but I intend to get out of society completely with my wife and going to live on unclaimed or, ideally, gov't-"owned" land and essentially starting our own country with our family.

    I dislike how tech. has been used by society, but I blame society, not tech. and wish society could work with tech, but I don't think it can. This is why I'm leaving society. That solar forge sounds incredibly cool. I plan on loading up with books (e-books, mostly) and going with my wife to live in a cave essentially and we've been going over all sorts of plans to utilize the technology we can afford now to make our lives easier, but I think a lot of the technology used now has made Americans in general fat, boring, and stupid as all fuck.

    I wish technology would be utilized to give us more time to think and allow us to expand our minds. I hope I can help facilitate that and intend to write extensively on our experiment. We have a kid (and more on the way, ideally) on the way, so there will hopefully be a lot to write about. My wife's more the scientist and I'm just a writer and philosopher. I'm so excited to share my experiences and we're just waiting on the birth of our first child.

    -- I'm going way off-topic. Anyway, I just wanted to say I really appreciate your post and hope you'll post more in the future. I had no idea you were so creative and independent. I hope to see more of that, and more of you. I hope you'll share more of your own experiences because I believe in leading through example and I think you're a great speaker for the cause of individualism.

    To your question, I am not at all involved with society atm. I am unemployed except through my political volunteer positions in helping maintain websites. I worked, but I can't anymore knowing what it does -- and I also have a lot of social anxieties which discourage me from working at a "normal" job. Otherwise, we're working on fixing our house up to sell it and eventually want to get out of society completely so we don't have to fund this disgusting government causing the unnecessary deaths of civilians and military personnel.

    I hope to have more to share with you soon and just wanted to you to know how refreshing I found your post today.

    Idunno where you live, but I'd be interested in you and us having a beer together sometime to facilitate an open discussion.

    All the best,

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