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    Today, 07:34 PM
    I know I couldn't...I have the fashion sense of a trashman.
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    Today, 07:22 PM
    Reported- you've posted this a million times while misrepresenting his statements on purpose.
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    Today, 05:54 PM
    That rabbit's dynamite! Run away!
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    Today, 05:33 PM
    Zulka sugar from Mexico is a great sweetener and healthy. I muscle test stronger on it than I do honey. AND it's cheap and you can buy it at WalMart. ;)
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    Today, 05:27 PM
    Don't hold your breathe. ;)
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    Today, 05:25 PM
    You're the one with the temper tantrum, lady. Why not just accept that both choices were shit.
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    Today, 05:19 PM
    By who? Government?
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    Today, 05:18 PM
    ^^THIS^^ Plus the Persians are some of the smartest people on the planet and have probably already out thought Washington, in terms of defense.
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    Today, 04:21 PM
    Or, as satch already noted, even worse on classic car or truck. This is Rob Zombie's 1967 F100 (drool) This is a travesty:
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    Today, 04:15 PM
    Yes, that was my point. The big rim/skinny tire craze that makes a brand new S Class Mercedes look like a 20 year old hoop-d straight out of the ghetto.
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    Today, 04:08 PM
    Noice... :D
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    Today, 04:03 PM
    You haven't had fun until you lived through/driven through a for real blizzard.
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    Today, 02:40 PM
    I can not think of any place I'd rather NOT be than on a sweltering desert island in the Bahamas, surrounded by whining millennials and being accosted by rap music. Nice object lesson in socialism: Lousy food, lousy infrastructure, lousy customer service, wildly overpriced, and equal misery for all.
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    Today, 02:34 PM
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    Today, 02:27 PM
    There is some talk of a new Grand Wagoneer for 2018, and also some talk it may be available with the Demon engine package.
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    Today, 02:23 PM
    Oh wow, neat! Post some pics please. I was going to get into this, but the costs were prohibitive as well:
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    Today, 11:51 AM Mark Humphrys (amongst others) asks whether we can estimate the number of descendants of King Edward III. A slightly different but related question is the probability that a present-day English person descends from Edward III (1312-1377). This is my attempt to calculate this probability. First we can consider the number of ancestors that we have. Wachter (1978), in considering the number of ancestors at the time of the Norman conquest for a child born in England in 1947, suggested that in 1587 (13 generations at 30 years) the child would have 7938 ancestors, a figure that allows for some cousin-cousin marriages, based on the observation that Wachter himself had 63 rather than 64 ancestors six generations back. Smith (2001) has examined 626 birth-briefs at the Society of Genealogists, and reviewed other literature on cousin-cousin marriages, showing that although the rate is difficult to estimate, the estimates which can be considered reliable range from 0.28% to 0.86% of marriages. Over many generations, this would mean that on average the number of ancestors increased not twofold per generation, but between 1.9828 and 1.9944 per generation, leading to slightly lower estimates than Wachter's, of 7322 to 7899 ancestors at the 13th generation (and 14518 to 15753 at the 14th generation). Marriages between more distant cousins, also have an impact, but these are ignored here, following the original argument of Wachter. Wachter (1978) asserts, and Smith (2001) provides some limited evidence, that second cousin marriages are much less common than first cousin marriages, and third or more distant cousin marriages occur no more frequently than would be expected from the number of third, etc., cousins in the population. Third, etc., cousin marriages are therefore very rare. Sturges and Haggett (1987) estimated the average growth rate of the English population c.1350-c.1994 was 1.14 times per generation, implying 2.28 surviving children per couple. With an average 2.28 children per couple then on average each individual has 28 third-cousins, and less than 9000 tenth-cousins in a population of millions. Thus marriages between very distant cousins are more common, but not as common as first cousin marriages until one reaches about 12th cousins, which is more distant than is possible in the 13 generations considered here. Second, etc., cousin marriages also have less impact on the number of ancestors than first cousin marriages. The child of first cousins has 24 rather than 32 distinct 3x-great grandparents, but the child of second cousins has 28, and the child of third cousins has 30. It is therefore safe to follow Wachter in ignoring marriages between cousins other than first cousins, as including them is a lot of calculation which will only reduce the average number of ancestors in 1587 by a fraction of a percent, and this is probably within the margin of error derived from the uncertainty in the rate of first-cousin marriages. In line with Wachter we can assume "wide diffusion of ancestors throughout society and the country by 1600." Taking those numbers as a starting point, then if we knew the number of descendants of Edward III born in England in the 30-year generation centred on 1587, we could estimate the probability of at least one of them being one of those ancestors. Leo van de Pas in his website "Genealogics" gives as comprehensive a list of the descendants of Edward III as can probably be compiled at present. In the fifth generation he lists 321 descendants, of whom I count about 245 as 'English' (though distinguishing English from Welsh and Irish nobles in this list is difficult). This gives a rate of increase of 3.00 times in each generation within 'English' descendants or 3.17 per generation for all descendants. This is high in comparison to Sturges and Haggett's (1987) estimate of 2.28 surviving children per couple on average over...
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    Today, 11:06 AM
    This whole interview is incredible.
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    Today, 10:58 AM
    Excellent question.
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    Today, 09:12 AM
    The second someone tries it, they will get pushed back, hard.
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    Today, 08:13 AM
    This whole Fyre Festival thing is really turning out to be hilarious... Luxury ‘Fyre Festival’ in Bahamas Cancelled As Irate Fans Flee ‘FEMA Death Camp’
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    Today, 07:50 AM
    Scientists Create the Most Successful Artificial Womb Yet Scientists Have Created the First Artificial Embryo Without Using an Egg or Sperm Scientists Have Made the Best Artificial Sperm Yet, and They’re Breeding Mice With It
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    Thank you! A blessed Christmas to you and your family now and in two weeks!
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    The day isn't over yet!
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    And a verrry Merry Christmas to thee and thine, dear Old Calenderist!
  4. So... I guess that's a no.
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    "Could you please try to understand the opinions you're stooping to name-calling over?" - Nope. An opinion is based on fact. He has no facts. He's just spewing liberal bullshit to stir crap up.

    LIke it or not, SCOTUS never said corporations were people. SCOTUS never said corporations have the same rights that people do. If people are too stupid and / or lazy to actually read what the court said they deserve to be ridiculed and mocked.

    He can have an opinion about whether people in groups lose their rights just because they join a group. But refusing to acknowledge that at no point did the court say the group had rights means he isn't basing his opinion on reality. Therefore he isn't worthy if anything other than ridicule, and is also e too stupid to properly represent the liberty movement.

    Fuck him and his liberal thinking.
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    I pleases me to know I'm not the only one
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    I completely emptied my inbox and outbox. Please try again
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    Damn you!!! I, I demand a conclusion to the groundhog saga!!!
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    Hey - regarding your post on tech, I agree in full. Idunno if you know, but I intend to get out of society completely with my wife and going to live on unclaimed or, ideally, gov't-"owned" land and essentially starting our own country with our family.

    I dislike how tech. has been used by society, but I blame society, not tech. and wish society could work with tech, but I don't think it can. This is why I'm leaving society. That solar forge sounds incredibly cool. I plan on loading up with books (e-books, mostly) and going with my wife to live in a cave essentially and we've been going over all sorts of plans to utilize the technology we can afford now to make our lives easier, but I think a lot of the technology used now has made Americans in general fat, boring, and stupid as all fuck.

    I wish technology would be utilized to give us more time to think and allow us to expand our minds. I hope I can help facilitate that and intend to write extensively on our experiment. We have a kid (and more on the way, ideally) on the way, so there will hopefully be a lot to write about. My wife's more the scientist and I'm just a writer and philosopher. I'm so excited to share my experiences and we're just waiting on the birth of our first child.

    -- I'm going way off-topic. Anyway, I just wanted to say I really appreciate your post and hope you'll post more in the future. I had no idea you were so creative and independent. I hope to see more of that, and more of you. I hope you'll share more of your own experiences because I believe in leading through example and I think you're a great speaker for the cause of individualism.

    To your question, I am not at all involved with society atm. I am unemployed except through my political volunteer positions in helping maintain websites. I worked, but I can't anymore knowing what it does -- and I also have a lot of social anxieties which discourage me from working at a "normal" job. Otherwise, we're working on fixing our house up to sell it and eventually want to get out of society completely so we don't have to fund this disgusting government causing the unnecessary deaths of civilians and military personnel.

    I hope to have more to share with you soon and just wanted to you to know how refreshing I found your post today.

    Idunno where you live, but I'd be interested in you and us having a beer together sometime to facilitate an open discussion.

    All the best,

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