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    Yesterday, 02:21 PM
    Wait, are you calling Robert Kennedy Jr, the guy whose Dad & Uncle were assassinated by TPTB, & who has been warning & teaching about the perils of vaccinations for years, a crooked lawyer?
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    10-22-2021, 06:42 PM
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    10-22-2021, 06:34 PM
    How A Licensing Violation Could Shut Down Trump’s New Social Media Site
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    10-21-2021, 06:27 PM
    Racist = He believes black people are especially oppressed in America and people-especially white people-who do not acknowledge that are ignorant and need to be educated and learn empathy. It's a nuanced racism but in my book, it's still racist. It's an implied moral inferiority. Now, he didn't used to be that way. If you can't see his arrogant condescendence to people who don't buy into his message-as he sits there pensively smoking a cigarette and nearly crying as he struggles to control his emotional state-I would just say you are one of the people who are cutting him an awful lot of slack.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    10-21-2021, 12:01 PM
    Yes, he's very proud of that. Also very proud that he turned down $50million (he was already rich and famous when he did this, lets be honest). He's mentioned it practically every special. What's funny to me about this special is it's portrayed as "anti-trans" when the entire show was a wind-up of him pandering to the trans crowd for them to understand and empathize with him. I had a few chuckles but it was very un-funny. He's more focused on social commentary and emotional zingers. Plus he's openly racist against white people and makes almost no effort to couch it in some comedic irony. I fail to understand why people give this guy a pass when his material gets less funny a more cringey. For the same reason they like Trump? Because he pisses people off? I rolled with it the last two specials and against my gut I watched this one hoping for something more classic Chappelle. Nope. Likely the last one of his specials I will watch. Just another woke trainwreck fixated on victimhood identity politics.
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    10-10-2021, 01:15 PM
    Look up Ford's Hemp Car on YouTube. The car is made mostly of hemp & is also running on hemp. He hits the back of the car with a crowbar & nary a dent. Big Oil/Steel had the gov make hemp illegal because they didn't want the competition. This is why marijuana became "evil" & illegal so .gov could connect hemp & it's sister plant, marijuana together & tell the nation that they were evil drugs that had to be banned.
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    10-10-2021, 11:22 AM
    And of course there's that other natural resource that was made illegal by .gov so big oil & steel wouldn't have any competition: Hemp.
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    10-08-2021, 01:06 PM
    Same. Real Libertarians believe that the FedGov should have no jurisdiction in state or personal issues- from education to medicine to welfare, not to mention bombing the shit out of other countries. Get .gov out of their unlawful & illegal positions & people can come & go, taking care of themselves.
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    10-07-2021, 07:22 AM
    Captain Fantastic was a great movie about trying to escape corruption of the world (albeit with a somewhat liberal slant, but it was tolerable even in that regard). Anyway, the end of the movie has a funeral scene where they do kind of a bluegrass cover of Sweet Child of Mine. It's great in the context of the movie, and I think even on its own. Starts somber, but then it gets upbeat.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    10-06-2021, 12:55 PM
    I think the nonsense is simple. They are presenting the Weimar/Zimbambwe option like it's some sort of "far out" technicality that some nerd came up with to save the country from certain fiscal doom at the last minute. "I've got it sir! The Constitution gives us the power to coin money. What if we changed the number of zeroes on the coin, in order to-temporarily of course-have the necessary deposits for payment." "Will it work? "It has to."
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    10-06-2021, 12:44 PM
    So I made this graph myself from official CDC numbers (KDHE doesn't publish their mortality report until November). What's troubling is we clearly have excess death. What's more troubling is that even with every incentive in the world to classify death as Covid, it seems even the official numbers only account for HALF of the excess death. We normally have a mortality difference of less than 2% in KS. In 2020 the difference is about 20%. There were 5400 excess deaths but only 2600 Covid deaths in KS in 2020. We know this because the KDHE puts out a weekly report for Covid. Remember THIS IS ONLY 2020. They only had the first few months of 2021 but it looks worse than 2020. Certainly we can pin the excess death in 2021 on vax, but clearly, since there was no vax in 2020, the excess deaths must have come from lockdowns, untreated cancer, excess hearth issues, suicides, etc. Not good.
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    10-01-2021, 09:23 PM
    That's weird- I just looked at it again & it was there. Try it from this link:
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    10-01-2021, 06:08 PM
    Just posted this in the Australian thread: The Washington Department of Health is advertising job opportunities for employees to work in quarantine and isolation facilities that will be used to house Americans who are unable to quarantine at home, prompting fears that the program could eventually be used to forcibly detain people. More at:
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  • Ender's Avatar
    10-01-2021, 06:03 PM
    Yep- gotta have everyone's eye off the man-behind-the-curtain. :speaknoevil:
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  • Ender's Avatar
    10-01-2021, 05:51 PM
    Damian- you mean the guy I can't +rep yet because I already did? Now back to important stuff: The Washington Department of Health is advertising job opportunities for employees to work in quarantine and isolation facilities that will be used to house Americans who are unable to quarantine at home, prompting fears that the program could eventually be used to forcibly detain people. More at:
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  • Ender's Avatar
    10-01-2021, 05:35 PM
    So, asking for peeps to calm down & treat each other with some respect & get back to a thread topic is now hating on others and derailing the topics.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-30-2021, 05:00 PM
    LOL- I'm derailing the thread....riiight. So no comment on Washington State, just the Count, amirite?
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-30-2021, 01:17 PM
    SO. WHAT. I liked Zippy & I like TheCount- I enjoy his sarcasm & POV- that doesn't mean I always agree, but I don't have to hate anyone for disagreeing. And, he's not the one who made this thread about him. So back to the serious subject? Washington State is hiring for camps to hold dangerous Covid peeps.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    09-30-2021, 10:39 AM
    I read Richard Fleming's book "Is Covid-19 a Bioweapon". In it he discusses all the evidence that points to it being a bioweapon. He discusses the prion aspect as well. As to what to do, I'm really liking this book David Knight turned me on to "The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates". ... Here's the thing. Even the GOP admits Covid-19 was built in China funded by US and is looking like a bioweapon. Same people who funded it collaborated to make the vaccine that has the same DNA in it. This simple fact alone is enough for each state to take it upon itself to at the very least investigate and validate what the hell is in these vials we're so eager to inject into every man woman and child in this country. Do we not need to make sure this is safe independently of the morons who made it, sanctified it with virtually no tests, mass-produced it, and mass-funded the propaganda machine to inject it?
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    09-30-2021, 08:11 AM
    The spike protein is a bioweapon engineered to bind to the ACE2 receptor. The "vaccine" sends instructions to your body to make the spike protein. "Trusted" sources admit that Covid binding to ACE2 causes Myocarditis, an affliction directly related to this binding. The CDC admits now that the vaccine ALONE is causing Myocarditis (even in young people). In other words, the Covid disease and the Covid vaccine admittedly cause the same problems. Because while everyone is focusing on all those great antibodies your body is making, no one is talking about how this S1 protein is ******* your **** up by itself (granted, it doesn't happen the same in all people and co-morbidities are a factor). Also, the spike protein lodges into cell walls BY ITSELF. This is why you get inflammation, for some people all over your body. It's because your body thinks your cells are the virus. So, for me I won't be taking the Russian Roullette Death Shot. If my religious exemption won't work, my desire to live and take care of my family compels me to refuse.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-28-2021, 07:32 PM
    But...but ...I thought we were supposed to be worrying about them Iranians! :speaknoevil:
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-28-2021, 07:29 PM
    NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Proclaims Unvaccinated People ‘Aren’t Listening to God’ She ain't my God!
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-28-2021, 01:55 PM
    I fucking agree! And I'm sick & tired of the name-calling & insults- if someone doesn't like a poster, put them on ignore.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    09-27-2021, 11:50 AM
    GOP admits it's probably a bioweapon (the 'Rona) funded by U.S. built by China. A lot of evidence it's not only a bioweapon, it's patented. It's patented, and we put the engineered part (S1 protein) into a mRNA delivery device (the "vaccine"). We shared this "patent" with 3 companies who mass-produced said bioweapon and distributed it untested to the masses. ... Why is the discussion around where it came from? Shouldn't we care more that we are injecting instructions into half the planet to make your body produce the bioweapon when it hasn't been tested? The "spike protein" is what the weapon part of the weapon is.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-24-2021, 07:36 PM
    Hey Guys! Y'all are some of my favorite members- can we agree to disagree w/o all the hate?
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  • Ender's Avatar
    09-24-2021, 07:27 PM
    Exactly! I've been pointing this out forever. All this hullabaloo is just to keep us fighting amongst ourselves so that TPTB can continue to take over the world.
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