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    Today, 01:02 AM
    Donald Trump has more than 100 trademarks in China, including 35 granted pre-approval since he became US president.
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    Yesterday, 08:21 PM
    Maybe we could figure out a way to float it and anchor it 15 miles off the coast of Thailand.
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    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
    I have just changed my position on psych meds. I know of an elderly person that is batshit crazy with anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, agoraphobia, delusions, psychotic, paranoia, dementia, to name a few. These diagnosis's are either related to Parkinson's disease or a result of years of carbidopa/levodopa medication. The person is not rational and has too much anxiety. Person is obese has no interests. For a person that can make decisions and has the ability to change/modify behavior, I would never recommend psych meds. In the situation I just mentioned, I see no alternative. It is not good for the person or the people around them to be exposed to such severe anxiety. Hopefully an SSRI like Zoloft will help. If not she will probably need to be medicated to a near cationic state where she just breathes and eats.
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    Yesterday, 08:04 PM
    They should streamline the court process. Set guidelines, have lawyers act as overseers like they do in bankruptcy, get those people in front of a the official and out of the country. Asylum denied you are hereby ordered to be escorted out of the country and not eligible to return. Trump should ask all world leaders if they want immigrants. Offer the asylum seekers a plane trip to the country that wants them. If no one wants them escort them to the border, give them a life jacket and tell them to cross the Rio Grande and go back where the fuch they came from.
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    Yesterday, 07:54 PM
    What exactly is the case for obstruction? Was it that Trump discussed keeping or firing Mueller with his staff? What difference does that make? Doesn't Trump have the authority to fire him? Do they want to say that every question, statement, or console with staff is obstruction? Would not any person running anything discuss options with staff and brainstorm ideas?
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    Yesterday, 07:48 PM
    Even when you think you are totally happy with your job you should always keep your options open. When opportunity knocks you need to be ready to open that door. Use analytical skills and a good dose of reality to determine the advantages and disadvantages of opportunities and make your decision. When you are gainfully employed and are valuable you can dictate suitable terms.
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    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    Electrical Engineering degree. Going for another year to get Business Analytics Master. A couple of speakers were spewing total SJW BS. Kinda pissed me off. Talking about bad old white guys. Good gay mayors running for POTUS. More women elected then ever before..... So not a problem to be white or male so long as you are gay. Fuch off. Still have to put that aside. RPI great school to have a degree from especially since it cost him very little. He gets $48,500 per year scholarship and another 10k or so from other scholarships and works as RA. Cannot complain he will go far and he didn't drink the koolaid.
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    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    yeah our free soda machine had a beer button on it until the insurance agent saw it.... I guess we should have left it unlabeled.
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    Yesterday, 07:16 PM
    Colleges should have you select your desired major and then give you a competency test in that major. Those that score highest get accepted.
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    Yesterday, 07:15 PM
    At the same time, going to an interview for a job you don't necessarily want and don't absolutely need can be fun times.
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    Yesterday, 07:13 PM
    I always enjoyed interviewing. Back when American was great, I had some great interviews where we smoked and drank beer during the process.
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    Yesterday, 07:03 PM
    yes, apply to other jobs. why are you waiting? you can always turn down other jobs or interviews. the more you do, the more experience at it you'll get. ifn you need a job, there is no reason to limit yourself, that's loser thinking.
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    Yesterday, 06:29 PM
    Best be careful. Lunatic Dems could orchestrate false flag event to show the guy cannot do his job and more funding needed.
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    Yesterday, 06:18 PM
    Guy should look up city owned properties and take pictures of overgrown properties owned by the city.
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    Yesterday, 06:06 PM
    So whats your hangup? Why aren't you getting laid? Do you not want it? Low T? Are you fat? Disfigured? Small weiner? Shy? have you ever done anything with a female? Are you employed? Live with your mom? What kind of environment do you work in -- any women around? Let us help you out, like the coworkers in 40yr old virgin.
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    Yesterday, 06:04 PM
    Yes but boxes have always been around. I was a printer for 25 years or so and owned a company about half that time. Paper was used for everything before. Phone books, maps, offices, instruction books for every purchase. Heck I remember buying a digital camera and it came with a huge instruction book. Very little paper getting used like that anymore. It was a common daily occurrence to have a mailbox filled with junk mail. Companies do much less direct mail advertising than before. Regarding the boxes even still better to reuse. When I get a shipment I always save the box. Most often they look like new. When I had the printing company, paper often times came in very large boxes. We would kick the corners off to break down the edges and lay them flat on pallets. The paper recycling company would pick those up with the bins of paper.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:48 PM
    I raised rabbits until about a year ago. I have some pretty popular videos on youtube about raising them.
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    Yesterday, 05:33 PM
    When I was a kid there was discipline in the home. No one ever fuched with my mother. Soda was under lock and key in a chest in the basement. The placement of the key was not a secret. We just knew we didn't touch the soda. Once in awhile probably 8 times a year a special occasion would justify the use of soda. Dinners were always made daily from scratch. Nothing came out of a box except maybe pudding or jello for desert. Grandfather had a huge garden and used to go foraging for food in the woods. Canning was done in the fall. No one was fat everyone was healthy and mobile. Varmints in the garden were trapped or shot and became supper.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:17 PM
    Yes you and me too brother. I have heard you have lots of scrap. I have a couple thousand pounds of what was new 6061 aluminum tubing and angle mostly in 25 foot lengths. I bought it a couple of years ago at an auction thinking I could sell it or scrap it. It is still sitting in a pile in the yard. No doubt it is good as gold. One day it will go up.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:09 PM
    Everyone wants to talk about recycling and green this or that. Bottom line is paper is being antiquated as I type. Much less need for paper today than yesterday and there will be less need tomorrow than today. Recycling metal is a no brainer. Do it. As far as plastic. All the SJW out there should just stop buying anything in plastic. Use glass. Reuse glass. People want green reuse the containers and refill them. I buy hardly anything in a plastic bottle. Technology was there 50 or more years ago to wash bottles. They did it with soda and milk. People that want to drink lots of soda should purchase a contraption and make their own at home. Reduce the massive use of plastic voluntarily by switching to reusable glass. Beer drinkers should do themselves a favor and turn an old fridge into a kegerator. No more bottles or cans. Some states have these terrible bottle deposit laws for plastic and glass. All they do is smash the chit up. Charge a deposit and wash and reuse. I would think glass is much healthier than plastic. I use mason jars for all kinds of uses. Use them over and over. When I have leftovers like chili or soup, I find if I fill the jars close to the top when the meal is still hot and put an old lid on they seem to seal. When I take them out of the fridge they pop when I take the lid off. I would not store them unrefrigerated or keep them for extended periods but I am confident you would not get a better container to store leftovers.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:23 PM
    If people would return to nature by eating the food nature intended, walking barefoot and naked especially in the cold, bathing in cold water with only the groin covered by splashing cold water on the abdomen and extremities, not utilizing towels to dry off, keeping windows open for fresh air and sunlight to enter, mental illness and physical illness would dissipate.
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  • Zippyjuan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:36 AM
    If you are sent a vote by mail ballot, your name is not on the rolls at the polling station. If you show up and your name is not on the list, you are given a "provisional ballot". Your name goes on the outside of the provisional ballot and it is checked to be sure you did not vote elsewhere- whether by mail or at another polling place. That is one reason provisional ballots take so long to count.
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  • Zippyjuan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 AM
    There may be a time limit to change a headline, but try going to "edit post" and then choose "go advanced".
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:21 AM
    Wasn't Rand's son in the news for DUI or underage drinking or something when he was running for POTUS?
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:01 AM
    Fox News has been shut out of the Democrat debates. Maybe they are trying to manipulate themselves back into DNC relevance.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 06:25 PM
    This wouldn't be news if Joe were not running.
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  • specsaregood's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 02:40 PM
    I can't believe the owner didn't have such a cash cow cloned. I would have.
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  • specsaregood's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 01:16 PM
    while that is nice and all, did you learn anything worthwhile such as blumpkins? Or the rusty trombone?
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  • specsaregood's Avatar
    05-17-2019, 11:34 AM
    He still aint no friend of mine. Fuck that Levin guy.
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