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I represent "the Underdog" as I am one. I'm okay with that, because there are sooo many of me! I've learned (recently) about the history of our country, our rights and so on, and even about the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. This, after a near fatal heart attack that reset me just over a year ago. I chose Evacuationday as my username because this near forgotten holiday is my birthday, and I appreciate the depth of importance that it signals - also near forgotten. A gift from the past makes me an American, and my gift to the future will make more I believe. I'll give what I can, pledge what I must, and remain grateful for the rest - good or bad.
Oh, I don't do too much. I like a new experience here and there, and try to live.
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Activism is also education, which I've at least minimally indulged via Hillsdale College Free Online Courses. I share useful information on my Facebook, and I don't hold back or cower to the pressure that the current system is trying to employ upon us all. Activism is helping others too, and I do that when/if I can, with hopes and plans to do more. Activism is expressing yourself and civil disobedience in different ways, and here's the kicker for me... The Vaccine is NO LONGER about Safety for me as my rejection of it was once based on - it's about saying "NO" to what-the-hell-ever they're doing there in DC and abroad! I am allowed to risk my life for the betterment of the country, and so, even if a "Safe and Effective" vaccine comes out, the answer is still NO because if all of this chaos! That's my active Activism!!!
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