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    Yesterday, 05:57 PM
    As a former cop, he should know how to obtain the home address of the officer that arrested him.
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    Yesterday, 01:08 PM
    Greenwald recently painted a financial picture that indicates their ideas are going back to the left, so you can celebrate that.
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    Yesterday, 12:35 AM
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    Yesterday, 12:20 AM
    That's so awesome! Congratulations on the promotion!!!
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    12-17-2018, 10:54 PM
    New developments since I first heard about this on RPFs. Yeah, this is child abuse.:mad: :down: https://www.dailywire.com/news/39409/11-year-old-boy-dressed-drag-dances-gay-men-bar-amanda-prestigiacomo?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=062316-news&utm_campaign=benshapiro On December 1, an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced on stage in a sexual manner at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY, called 3 Dollar Bill. The child, Desmond Napoles, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike — full drag make up, a blonde wig, and crop top included — as he bounced around onstage to No Doubt's "Like a Girl" and collected dollar bills from male adults viewing the number. The Daily Wire has reviewed and confirmed the "performance" through video and photo posts on social media but has chosen not to link to the exploitative footage. The performance, first flagged by YouTuber Yosef Ozia, was promoted on Eventbrite by 3 Dollar Bill. "Only in New York... a nightclub that makes you go WHOA!!!," reads the promotion. "FEATURING: Upcoming Legend from Television and the Runway: DESMOND IS AMAZING!!! PERFORMING LIVE! ... This stage, this dance floor, this house... is ours as long as we protect it." The promotional ad notes that 3 Dollar Bill bar is "***** owned & operated and we foster a safe space from love. We respect all human persons as long as those human persons are also respectful to the ones around them." "I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since," wrote a one-star reviewer of 3 Dollar Bill on December 3 via Yelp.
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    12-17-2018, 01:20 PM
    California will need to up their game if they want to be #1.
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    12-16-2018, 08:39 PM
    https://wjla.com/news/local/virginia-sheriffs-captain-arrested-child-porn-no-jail-time I feel safer.
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    12-16-2018, 07:34 PM
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    12-16-2018, 07:31 PM
    Wishing all you Nogoodniki and yours a happy and safe Festivus! :D ~hugs~ Starting a thread early just in case seasonal stuff gets me too busy to do it. :flushed:
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    12-16-2018, 03:14 PM
    I have the lines kind, and they're fine for me. SOmeone I know just got the type without the lines and hates them. They do take some getting used to, but I'm blind as a bat without my glasses so I just put them on and dealt with it for a few days.
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    12-16-2018, 02:41 PM
    This is pretty.
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    12-16-2018, 03:55 AM
    But what if the aliens are Voluntarists, Krugman?
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    12-16-2018, 03:49 AM
    While I solidly consider myself on the side of "automate everything we can", I think the concerns here are fairly well founded. We're actively imagining neural networks to be more powerful than they actually are and we're ascribing more intentionality and intelligence to them than they actually possess. While neural networks (and broader machine learning) are powerful tools, they're nothing remotely like AGI, nor are they really making "decisions" in the same way a human does. At their core, they're an advanced form of statistical analysis that has options hooked up to those decisions. While this leads to some genuinely impressive feats (OpenAI beating the world's top DotA 2 players was a genuine sight to behold), the real world is very messy and difficult to simplify. We're also starting to find out that how a machine identifies an image can be very flawed; in one sample, a machine correctly identified "wolves" in various pictures with precision accuracy (or so it seemed), but once it was found out why it as labeling the wolf as a wolf, researchers were more than a bit mortified. It was labeling the wolves as "wolves" because of the background and not the wolf itself. It's not enough for a machine to be right, but it has to be right for the right reasons, otherwise, if the scenario changes, it can start making really poor decisions (ie: wolves in non-typical backgrounds). These problems are being actively worked on and they are improving, but it's all still mostly statistical correlation. There's no "understanding" the machine has, it doesn't "think", it can't generate new "ideas", and it works in a very narrow range. I'm sure it'll get significantly better over the next 10-20 years (though, I do suspect an AI winter is just around the corner, which is likely to set us back for an other 20 years or so), but I don't think driverless cars are within our grasp any time soon.
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    12-15-2018, 10:29 PM
    OMg the internet. .....
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    12-15-2018, 01:43 PM
    Japaj has a weird hybrid insurance / personal pay system. I talking to a guy who lived there when the transition happened, and he said that when people paid out of pocket, the price for a certain procedure was, say, $100. When the insurance system started, the deal was that the insurance would pay, say 80%, while the consumer paid 20%. Of course, the prices immediately rose so the out of pocket to the consumer ends up being the same $100 they originally paid, but now there's a payment to the insurer along with longer wait times. Such a deal.
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    12-15-2018, 11:37 AM
    I had no idea that was a law. Just...wow.
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    12-15-2018, 07:58 AM
    Only in CA is 46k a year considered largely impoverished.
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    12-15-2018, 12:22 AM
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    12-15-2018, 12:18 AM
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    12-15-2018, 12:17 AM
    But the point is that her win was not actually an independent win.
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    12-14-2018, 10:42 PM
    Oh, I have no doubt that the appeals court will issue a stay, and then we'll have to wait to see what SCOTUS does. But it looks like he was saying that the original SCOTUS decision was that the law wasn't permissible under the Interstate Commerce Clause, but it was permissible under the Congressional Tax Power. Since the tax is gone, the law is no longer Constitutional because it violates the ICC. We'll see. I've no faith left in the power of the Constitution to restrain government.
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    12-14-2018, 10:14 PM
    She won only with the support and backing of the GOP. Also, when I was up there, I learned that hundreds of Natives voted for the first and only time, turning in registrations all in the same handwriting. They all voted for her.
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    12-14-2018, 10:07 PM
    I would rather see the insurance companies forced out of routine care and back into catastrophic-coverage-only. Make people pay out of pocket and watch prices drop like a stone.
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    12-14-2018, 09:39 PM
    If you ask the liberals, they all died. Meanwhile, 1073761497866747904Sigh.
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    12-14-2018, 09:36 PM
    Right? IF you have a pre-existing condition, you already have insurance. Just keep it.
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    12-14-2018, 09:33 PM
    There's no stopping the Democrats. I wish there was a way to prevent them from taking over healthcare, but both sides now talk about having a plan, and neither side is saying "Let the states work it out." Barney Frank explained early on that Obamacare was merely a necessary steppingstone to Medicare for all.
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    12-14-2018, 09:25 PM
    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/federal-judge-texas-strikes-strikes-down-affordable-care-act-n948306 The left is already cheering the opportunity to go to a "Medicare For All!" plan.
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    12-14-2018, 07:06 PM
    Yes, but that's a quote that gives me evidence I didn't have before. The Botox analogy is absolutely not good in any way shape of form because it's already considered a personal expense. The segue to "what about clothes and wristwatches!!!" just indicates that the person making the analogy knows nothing about campaign law, and therefore isn't a credible source for an opinion. Not my example. But that's pretty what exactly Trump did.
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    12-14-2018, 06:01 PM
    THat link you gave said that if someone with antisocial disorder (or wahtever it was) was bothering you, you should get help.
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