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    Today, 02:26 AM
    A conservative group is running ads in Rep. Justin Amash's congressional district urging voters to show support fohim after Amash became the only GOP lawmaker in Congress to back impeachment for President Donald Trump. The group Republicans for the Rule of Law, which is headed byTrump critic and former Weekly Standard founder and editor Bill Kristol, is airing two ads on the Fox News show "Fox & Friends" in the Grand Rapids market for the next two days.
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    07-12-2019, 10:39 PM
    Rev. Dr. Sarah Halverson-Cano, senior pastor at Fairview Community Church: A native of Orange County, Pastor Sarah has a deep love of this community and feels called to serve with Fairview as a Beacon of Light in Orange County! Awards and Recognition She has been honored by the Orange County Labor Federation with the Bridge Award because of her ministry with working families, the Los Angeles chapter of Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) with the Courage Award because of her outspoken support of and work with Muslims, and in May of 2012 was honored to receive the Community Leader Award by the Orange County Human Relations Committee for her active work within the larger Orange County community which included her work with the LGBT community, low wage workers, immigrants, and interfaith work.
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    07-12-2019, 02:59 PM
    A man dressed up as a female clown.... the whole premise to the day was sexual in orientation. It is created to feed the kids positive second nature reactions to abnormal behavior. It is perverse.
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    07-10-2019, 09:15 PM
    I see them every single night on the news.
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    07-10-2019, 02:30 PM
    What bad luck, the first one to ever come through and it gets caught.
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    07-09-2019, 06:43 PM
    It all seems like a stunt to make sure Trump gets elected, common sense should tell everyone that if he runs Independent after talking all of this stuff, then he will just split up the anti-Trump votes into smaller pockets. Oh wait, people get pumped up on themselves and block out reality.
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    07-08-2019, 10:51 PM
    Why don't the media call the Hong Kongers racist, and prejudice for trying to keep those Chinese foreigners out of their country? Invading and changing a whole countries successful, cultural, social and economic ways is not right.... unless it's America? And those people that push all of this cultural change will tell you that Communism is good, too.
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    07-08-2019, 10:25 PM
    They were supposedly all family members.... mama said knock you out? Security there is terrible, they never took control. Everything there is very high priced, but if you get a Disney room on the property you can walk out of your room and get on a boat shuttle to be taken to your preferred park area.
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    07-07-2019, 10:17 PM
    Amash is just stunting, because he is planning on running as an Independent in 2020. Anybody that wants open borders is for the end of borders and individual countries.... snewrldrdr....
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    07-07-2019, 10:05 PM
    Regulated Bribes.
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    07-03-2019, 04:24 PM
    And just by the way, you can now go into preferences at Protonmail and change your email from to
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    07-02-2019, 11:39 PM
    Surprised they don't put brake sensors on them, so when something pops out.... oh, wait........
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    07-02-2019, 11:12 PM
    ..... or it could just be called a Socialist Agenda. Go to Google Images and look up "white couples," then delete history and look up " "black couples." What do you see? And just like Mike says on the link below.... go look up "American Inventors," and then tell me there is no search bias... it is ridiculous.
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    06-23-2019, 12:23 PM
    I mean businesses in general, Walmart, CVS, Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blue Shield, PG&E, AT&T, Direct TV, W3C, ICANN, etc.
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    06-23-2019, 09:25 AM
    That is all fine and dandy, well that is until you realize they have overtaken the market, becoming a monopoly, such is the case for many existing conglomerations that control the lion's share of varied markets. ...And then such a system as this becomes fully implemented and integrated throughout society and your service starts being declined by the very limited selection of consumer choices due to your personal habits and political affiliations or because of your family and friends, etc:
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    06-23-2019, 09:16 AM
    Ben Chestnut (born 1973/1974) is an American billionaire Internet entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder (with Dan Kurzius) of MailChimp, an email marketing company. May or may not be Mark Armstrong (a tech guy from college): Dan Kurzius (born 1971/1972) is an American billionaire businessman, the co-founder and chief customer officer of Mailchimp.
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    06-22-2019, 10:37 AM
    Hello, it's called censorship and it's a very bad business practice, companies that participate in it should be shunned, censured, and ridiculed out of existence by all. Remaining unbiased or maintaining impartiality is paramount for all service oriented businesses--else begins their downfall, a la Facebook.
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