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    06-28-2020, 11:19 PM
    nothing says foreign invasion like : FOREIGN TRADE ZONE
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    06-28-2020, 11:18 PM
    just another day in the neighborhood. you would think people care anymore? people care less and less, you can thank bubba smollets and smollets r us BLM
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    06-28-2020, 11:12 PM
    amazon needs to be broken apart. get rid of foreign trade zones, and they need to pay a tax.
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    06-18-2020, 11:20 AM
    I agree that cops didn't have to arrest this guy, and I just gave you an alternative of how it could have been avoided altogether. Only I didn't start at the part where guns and tasers started blastin'. You could have gone back to the party he left and someone could have gotten his keys. You could have gone back to his first drunk driving incident. You could have gone back to the time in his life where he endangered his kids. Stole someone else's sh1t. The fact remains that there were PLENTY of opportunities for people to have intervened before it got to this point. Suddenly we're all supposed to believe this was tragedy striking? Count me out. Heading off for another 2 months hiatus from this place. I'm just going to reiterate what I said in another thread on this topic, and then, yeah, I'm out, only checked back in this week to see if things were still slightly less retarded here than the real world, lol: Our problem is not a lack of freedom, or an abundance of people looking to take it away. Our society is becoming devoid of Morality, Maturity, and Responsibility. Without those things, freedom, if ever attained, will not be kept. We police ourselves, or we get policed. It's that simple, and I think that if you're gonna preach about freedom, preaching about being decent and accepting responsibility comes first. What was it Churchill said?
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    06-18-2020, 10:01 AM
    OR Maybe his family could have pulled him aside years ago and straightened him out. You know, a friendly, "dude you're fucking up your life and you'll end up dead before your time one day." Where was the responsibility before all of this went down Friday night? Where was the concern? The whole Brooks family is in tears right now, but how am I expected to give a damn when they didn't? Rayshard didn't just screw up Friday night. There was plenty of foreshadowing. If anyone in my family threatens their kids, they're in for an ass whooping. I don't have a woodshed on my property but I swear to God I will build one just for the purpose of taking them out to it. You know why we have police? Sure, a lot of laws out there are just revenue generation. Not all. We have police because someone, somewhere couldn't f'king control themselves and shunned their responsibility to act in a manner consistent with basic human decency. Whether we like it or not, government will fill that void. If the person, family, or friends don't handle it, people gonna cry for government to "do something!". Police are here to stay unless someone here is going to quit their job to go investigate a murder in their neighborhood, or retrieve someone's stolen property, or I don't know, maybe we just do it like the Vikings and whoever wins a fight to the death over a dispute will be deemed favored by the gods and therefore 'just'. The officer in Minneapolis is being held accountable for what was indisputably murder. My own county sheriff, who doesn't speak up much, issued a statement on the matter condemning the officer's actions. But this officer in Atlanta? This isn't "accountability". Officer Rolfe is being roasted because the D.A. is fighting a close election and is under investigation for stealing $140,000 of public money. THIS IS POLITICAL. I will not abide by it.
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    06-18-2020, 08:29 AM
    Won't happen. When they release someone so drunk he passes out in a drive through and he gets killed or kills someone else, lawyers will be all over that sh%#. It's the same reason you can't go to the ER for a headache without getting a $4,000 CT scan of the head. You miss something you had an opportunity to correct? You're done. DONE. Very much a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation.
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    06-16-2020, 08:52 AM
    Oh go back. Even before that. I think it all could have been avoided if Rayshard had someone in his family care enough about him to whoop his ass the first few times he fk'ed up. Fortunately for his family, Brooks will be worth more to them in death than he ever would have in his life, and I guess that's why we're seeing his cousins coming out of the woodwork now. Payday's coming up. Taking a break from this place made me think I'd become less cynical, because spending too much time on these forums creates a bit of a perspective-bubble not entirely unlike a liberal college campus, but I have to be honest, I no longer think our problem is a lack of freedom, or an abundance of people looking to take it away. Our problem is a complete lack of: Morality. Maturity. Responsibility. You'll never hold on to freedom without those things.
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    06-16-2020, 04:59 AM
    I don't think the guy was concerned about the consequences of a DUI. A first time DUI in Georgia is generally treated as a misdemeanor, you'll spend a few nights in jail , probably a probation period of several months to follow. And if you want your license back you go take a day-long defensive driving course. No one is going to risk their life over that. This guy, however, had a RAP sheet, and probably knew everything from his past was going to be called into question. No one would know that based on what the family has to say in interviews I've watched, and the media portraying him as a saint. Apparently his cousins thought very highly of him, just not enough to intervene in his drinking problem before it came to this. I firmly believe everything has a precursor, a warning sign that is missed, or blatantly ignored. I can't blame the cops. I hate dealing with drunks. We get drunk drop-offs from L.E.O.'s to the ER every other time I work. Being drunk is assumed to be an emergency, I guess. Because we live in the age of lawyers and litigation, our cops like to bring the worst ones in to get medically cleared before taking them in to be booked. When dealing with incoherent drunks, a degree of force is sometimes the only option. The art of rational debate is completely lost on them. I'm not talking about buzzed drunks, who laugh at stuff that isn't funny and spill good whiskey, with just enough alcohol in them to lower their inhibitions to pick up girls but too much alcohol to keep their dicks at attention. No, I'm talking about honest-to-God shitfaced drunks. Multiply that by 1,000x if they've been on other substances. I wish I could forget the number of times it's taken a team of nurses and officers to hold an out-of-control tweaker on his stomach on a stretcher so you could pop a B-52 shot in his ass cheeks. (B-52 is 25mg Benadryl, 5mg Haldol and 2mg Ativan, 15-20 minutes later and he's out like a light). Funny enough, a lot of times the officers just leave them at the ER unless they've caused an accident, injury, or death, preferring instead to let them be discharged from the ER and serve a warrant at a later date. Of course, they're still our problem. I need the bed for another patient, but first I have to call around to try to find some family member or friend who gives enough of a damn to take the guy home and let him finish sleeping it off after he's discharged.
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