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    Today, 10:41 AM
    here's (just) a couple of comments from Ron Paul's FB page: The left as y'all knew it is gone. Fuck these people already and go for the low hanging fruit.
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    Today, 10:33 AM
    How exactly does one spread those ideas when we vehemently shout down anyone who wants to work with the side the agrees with maybe 50% of the issues as being impure, and yet in the same breath wants us to waste decades of our lives trying to convince people who agree with us on practically nothing (at least, not anymore)? I'm all for it if someone thinks working with the left gets us back to sanity, but I hear people say it can be done, and not many doing it. Could it be possibly because they know in their hearts that it is a lost cause?
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    Today, 09:58 AM
    "even libertarians"
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    Today, 04:39 AM
    Well, maybe not many, but I'd say the leftists who leave nasty comments on Ron Paul's FB page at least.
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    Yesterday, 02:12 PM
    That could also apply to Kemp, you know. Time will tell.
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    Yesterday, 12:19 PM
    I don't think Trump would promote lockdowns again. Pretty much anyone with eyes can see that they did more damage than good. But my focus isn't about Trump. It's about the establishment regaining a foothold in the void that Trump left behind. THAT is what I am most concerned about, as it has always been. Every liberal media outlet in this state teamed up with the GOP Old Guard to keep anyone desiring an alternative from getting anywhere near a seat. You may not agree with the alternative, but surely you must agree that something must be done to break the stranglehold that the power brokers have over the process. And as Niemöller would say, 'first they came for the Trumpers, and I did not speak up.' There are some real peculiarities about this primary. MTG gets about 70% of the vote, and yet the 14th district she represents goes solidly for Brad Raffensperger. Those two voter groups are unlikely to overlap. I'm not crying fraud (yet) but after the numbers have been crunched, I'd be curious to see how something like that happens. It's possible that the dems in her district requested a republican ballot to vote FOR MTG believing that she will be a joke and a pushover in November, and wanted to be sure that what they perceive to be the weakest candidate is on the ticket. However that might spell trouble for MTG if her support among (actual) republicans is not anywhere near 70%.
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    Yesterday, 08:31 AM
    Most if not all of the candidates he endorsed in Georgia do not approve of lockdowns. Believe it or not, you can disagree with Trump. I notice he doesn't say much about vaccines at his rallies anymore, or he'll get booed. Seems like he is receptive to the expectations of his supporters. If you think Perdue was a weak candidate, you'll get no argument from me on that point though. He was running on a family name and all Georgia really knows about him is that every building at the national fairgrounds has the Perdue name on it.
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    Yesterday, 08:07 AM
    If democrats get control of these voting machines there won't be another republican victory in this state ever again. Secretary of State might be even a more important race than governor.
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    Yesterday, 08:04 AM
    https://www.tallahassee.com/story/opinion/2022/05/19/plot-thickens-cross-over-voting-georgia-primaries-bill-cotterell/9816948002/?itm_medium=recirc&itm_source=taboola&itm_campaign=internal&itm_content=BelowHomepageFeed-FeedRedesign The plot thickens with cross-over voting in Georgia primaries
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    Yesterday, 06:45 AM
    the mainstream media. Kemp still in. Raffensburger still in. Carr still in. and the media is gloating.
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    05-22-2022, 04:16 AM
    She's also fairly consistently voting down Ukrainian monopoly money MIC-welfare so the establishment hates her. It's funny here in Georgia she had a stump rally for Perdue for Governor and the people who showed up were mostly more interested in meeting her.
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    05-18-2022, 04:55 AM
    Going to or going too? Some of the anti-war yet somewhat crazy republicans may not make it through their primaries. Looks like Cawthorn is out in NC which is unfortunate because he was one of the few to call out the Ukrainian gov't for what it is. I'm sure TPTB would love to get rid of Rand too if they could.
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    05-17-2022, 10:12 AM
    I just did my part to hold Kemp and Raffensburger of GA accountable. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is vote for someone who is not particularly anyone worth getting enthusiastic about. Perdue got my vote this morning because he wasn't Kemp. I need a shower.
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    05-16-2022, 09:55 AM
    Sure was nice to be out of the WHO while it lasted.
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    05-14-2022, 03:59 PM
    Well this is still the same generation that doesn't understand that the body remembers infections that make you ill and has its own built-in way to fight against it naturally if you are ever exposed again.
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    05-12-2022, 11:50 PM
    Right? I'm picturing a bunch of hysterical women freaking out about how their babies are gonna eat, while the milk is just leaking outta their titties. Idiocracy was a documentary.
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    05-11-2022, 08:19 AM
    They've always had issues when it comes to putting meat in tacos.
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    05-10-2022, 08:07 PM
    The GA GOP is probably the worst in the country. It should say something when MTG is the only one out of them who fights, and even people who support her think she's a nutcase. (I think she has a congress crush on Massie though, watch that interview on Tim Pool they did together a few months ago. I think she defers to his judgement on a lot of issues)
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    05-08-2022, 07:35 AM
    I never had a uterus but I was once a fetus and maybe that should count for something.
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    05-05-2022, 07:10 AM
    Wild, that you can be a "fellow" of disinformation. How very prestigious! lol.
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    05-05-2022, 06:59 AM
    Heh, well, I don't know that 'newsworthy' factors into which stories the leftist media runs. Their ratings have been in a dive for years and they don't cycle the newsfeed very often. I still say this would be a gold-mine though. They went through all that trouble to fabricate an impeachment-worthy scandal not once, but twice, and all the while there are cheaters undermining the very fabric of our democracy (or whatever the catch-phrase is). Low hanging fruit, IMO. Wonder why they won't touch it. FWIW though I'm glad they were investigated, tried, and sentenced. Someone apparently knows which palms to grease to get their cases heard in court.
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    05-04-2022, 07:00 PM
    I have a hard time believing that if the left had any inkling of evidence to support the possibility of fraud on the part of the right, that they would not be blaring such stories over the airwaves 24/7. They had far less evidence to support Russia-Trump collusion and we had to listen to that for 4 years. They talk about 1/6 as if it is the most egregious 'threat to democracy' in our nation's history. Imagine the story(ies) they would be running with if they had evidence that someone had committed election fraud (someone they didn't agree with politically, of course). No, I believe if there was some concerted effort to commit election fraud on the right, We would have heard about it. We would still be hearing about it. We would never hear the end of it. Which takes me back to why they never wanted to drag these cases into court. Discovery is a hell of a thing.
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    05-04-2022, 07:31 AM
    Maybe anecdotal, but, most republicans I know vote in person. It's probably to do with the traditional belief that voting by mail is (supposed to be) reserved for people who are physically incapable of getting to the polls or deployed overseas military. Everyone else ought to take their lazy ass to the polls.
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    04-30-2022, 01:29 PM
    A more succinct parable. +rep for you Although I think we're not even well off enough to have a hook and a reel, and a probably down to using our bare hands.
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    04-30-2022, 12:57 PM
    Maybe we don't really believe it. Maybe we're just trying to get in, and get a slice, and dip back out before it all falls down. Maybe it's like a card game, you know? You can say the game is rigged. You can throw a fit. Flip the card table over. Swear on your life you'll never be back. You've got it figured out and you won't be a party to it. But same time next weekend, they're playing cards again. With or without you. What actually makes it worse is that the card game involves all of us whether we want it to or not (whether we think it does or not). Maybe a few others join you in boycotting card night, but it's never enough to stop it from continuing. Not even close.
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    04-29-2022, 05:25 PM
    It's another burn season here in Georgia. You can tell who the liberal transplants are based on how they freak out about these 'dangerous' fires and how the smoke irritates their senses. Folks gotta eat though, and those fields have to be maintained, and those farms have been there longer than these human locusts. https://wgxa.tv/news/local/smoky-air-conditions-over-macon-bibb-due-to-controlled-burn This wouldn't have made the news 5 years ago.
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    04-29-2022, 04:53 PM
    I've pretty much given up ever thinking there's going to be a genuinely organic return to a state of blissful liberty. Nearly every instance in which people were led out of bondage, there was usually some ulterior motive just beneath the surface. Sometimes nefarious, or sometimes just self-serving and relatively benign. Having said that, I do well enough to 'get while the getting's good.' Because that's pretty much all I'm left with. We're beyond battening down the hatches at this point. So if Musk tears down this whole woke censorship culture, only to turn it all back over in the end, maybe it's just the best I can hope for. The alternative here, is that Musk is a sneaky little snake, and I *STILL* have this giant Orwellian apparatus to contend with, in which case I haven't really lost anything, but might have gained at least something in the meantime, however fleeting. I still don't know what to think about Musk. Maybe at best, I think he just another tech-nerd who will undoubtedly usher in another phase of big brother surveillance tools even if that isn't his intent. "Throw it in the woods" and all that.
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    04-27-2022, 05:55 AM
    I think the more people exhaustively hyperbolize the events of 1/6 "iNsuRreCTIon!, CoUP! WhaAAate suPrEmaCY!", and the more president Biden just flat-out sucks, I'm guessing most people start thinking to themselves, 'man, why should I be upset about 1/6 anyway?'
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