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    04-10-2024, 07:03 PM
    I agree. They should back down from doing the right thing because it might piss off democrats. Though to be honest, they didn't actually do anything. Someone brought up a specific question whether a law from the Civil War is still relevant, and they couldn't very well just back off and say, "Oh, I dunno. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't." :tears: (So the legislature needs to repeal that law.) In addition: If a popular vote passes for an amendment giving a constitutional right to abort a fetus, Arizona is lost to the GOP anyway.
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    04-10-2024, 06:55 PM
    Honestly when I've had to use them (i.e. the dollar store worker wasn't even at the registers but either outside smoking a cigarette or in the back trying to move boxes of shit out of the aisles), I've always been kind of paranoid about forgetting to scan, or double-scanning, something. Tiny little counter they give you to set stuff on.
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    04-10-2024, 05:45 PM
    https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/dollar-general-remove-self-checkouts-some-stores/G2TTO6AN2ZDTXCFKMRH6EOCWYQ/ Shoplifting is the reason. The cashier at the store closest to me said that, at that store alone, they lost $35,000 in merchandise last year. I can't stand using them anyway.
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    04-10-2024, 05:36 PM
    You can go on welfare in the meantime. It's a win!
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    04-10-2024, 05:03 PM
    This is a fascinating but infuriating discussion with Tucker. It's definitely a must-see for all Christians, especially for us Evangelicals.
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  • nobody's_hero's Avatar
    04-08-2024, 07:18 AM
    Well yeah if they kept slapping an overabundance of charges on any of us, eventually they could probably build a case. Especially when their idea of justice involves starting out with the presumption of guilt and then trying to find a way to reach it.
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    04-03-2024, 11:48 PM
    If you can get past Tim's antics, there's actually some interesting data in the video CaptUSA posted.
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    04-03-2024, 01:22 AM
    I mean last year they showed how a handful of GOP congressmen could basically hold Congress by the balls by keeping the speakership in limbo, and the vast majority of Americans won't give a $^*# despite the media's desperate attempts to make Congress seem relevant. They could do it again.
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    03-29-2024, 11:57 AM
    I would think one of the perks of home schooling would be avoiding some of the garbage they feed kids in public schools.
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    03-28-2024, 03:32 PM
    Needs to be updated. Ukraine does not allow voting at all, at the moment.
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    03-24-2024, 07:49 AM
    That's their usual strategy to evade any discussion and debate on the controversial items in a bill. It's sinister, and it's pathetic.
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    03-23-2024, 10:45 PM
    Americans could probably figure out how to build computers. Might even get them off of welfare. But, that's not part of the plan. And then they were deemed "clunkers."
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    03-21-2024, 08:44 PM
    I guess if I felt that it was a natural occurrence, I wouldn't be opposed to it. But the rug is being pulled out from under folks. On one side, you have people saying, just apply for welfare. On the other, you have people basically saying, just 'learn to code.' Not everyone is cut out to be an aeronautical engineer. There seems to be this unwritten rule that people just naturally move up into high-tech jobs when the bossman calls them into the break room and tells them the plant is shutting down. And that's just not what happens in the vast majority of cases. If you want to try to reach these people, or at least get them to hear you out, the tone has to be something other than Marie Antionette's 'let them eat cake.' (which, if I'm being honest, is how most 'free market economists' come across)
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    03-21-2024, 06:42 PM
    Economic theory is a hard sell when there are more practical issues that people are faced with. To a blue collar worker, there's nothing more tangible than the factory you've worked at for most of your adult life, packing up operations and moving overseas or simply shuttering in the face of what appears to be, by design, a purposeful effort to make it nearly impossible to operate in the USA while simultaneously welcoming (out-right encouraging) the influx of cheap goods produced overseas in near-slavery conditions. (which has an added benefit of masking the declining value of the US Dollar, so . . . there's the motive, at least as far as the government's concerned). We throw out the word "protectionist" far too liberally. These people are not fat cats with monocles, top-hats, and ridiculous sideburns, rolling tobacco in $100 bills and smoking it up. They're people who actually want to work. They know what they're good at (these dirty, inferior jobs like machining, welding, etc). It's no easy thing to just forget everything you've ever done and pick up an entirely new line of work. To add to it, there's far more people in those situations than there are opportunities to alleviate their conditions. And I swear, it's by design.
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