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    05-25-2023, 09:57 PM
    I wonder if he'd support slashing the income tax in exchange for tariff revenue. That'd be a pretty bold statement coming from a democrat, but if you want people to be more productive and lift themselves out of poverty, it makes less sense to tax income than consumption (particularly consumption of cheap foreign crap). We've gotten away with it— not because it is some sound economic model that just works—but because we've printed our wealth out of thin air and we're running off the fumes of at least two generations that were far more productive than the slouches we've got 'working' today who need things like yoga and latte breaks and those bring-your-emotional-support-pets-to-work type-people.
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    05-16-2023, 04:29 AM
    And that's exactly why I have guns.
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    05-11-2023, 08:30 PM
    It helps, but Kamala Harris hasn't taken the border seriously since she entered office. If she says it's secure, it probably just means she wants to be done and doesn't want to have to deal with it. Like telling your kids to clean their room and you find out they just shoved everything out of the middle of the floor.
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    05-11-2023, 11:42 AM
    Also if we had a wall (the best of terrible ideas) we could catch more at the border and there'd be less justification attempts for systems like e-verify. For what it's worth, I support stopping people at the border as a preferential strategy to massive electronic identification databases. I believe some of us have warned about the lack of border security actually causing a growth of the police state, and well, here we are.
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    05-11-2023, 11:35 AM
    One of my first jobs was picking corn for a farmer who was up in years. He paid $10/hr (decent money for a teenager 20 years ago) for us to walk behind the tractor and toss the ears of corn into the wagon he was towing, and bought lunch whenever we worked for him. It was a small plot of land though, far from corporate. Those 'family farms' are definitely dying off, and now we've got corporate agriculture that spontaneously burns down and kills thousands of cows. Didn't really think about how much the corn costs. I had to have money to buy anything anyway. Funny how that works.
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    05-10-2023, 07:10 PM
    I think both sides are over-complicating it. RFK,jr is the left's anti-establishment candidate in the race. They hate him (or maybe they don't, I guess it depends on what day of the week it is here on these forums). They probably hate him for similar reasons they hate Trump (I can hear heads exploding, but I'm sticking to it) meaning these two actually think they'll have control once they're president. One's got the MIC who hates him and the other's on Big Pharma's *#^$ list and make no mistake the both of them will work together to ensure that neither of these candidates win over the vegetable in office right now who will sign off on anything as long as they offer ice cream and let him know which side to which he is supposed to exit the stage. Be anti-establishment. That's pretty much the minimum standard for a favorable word from me. My standards have never been lower and yet so few candidates even meet them.
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    05-10-2023, 11:39 AM
    He's going to do whatever the GOP establishment wants him to do but on his own initiative, nothing. Pence is basically a less-arrogant version of Mitt Romney.
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    05-10-2023, 08:54 AM
    No it won't. Because we'll have people on these forums trying to twist it to say that he's being blacked out to get people to support him because that's just what they want you to believe and we're all fools being duped, and only a few omniscient sages among us really know what's going on.
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    05-10-2023, 06:19 AM
    I mean I don't watch CNN. I'm just going by the standard MO of the deep state, which has been character assassination, for the last few decades at least. ('sexual harrassment' claims by woemans that happened 30 years ago and just now come forward is almost stereotypical at this point) Don't get too famous and uppity, or any woman you've ever looked at gets dusted off and brought out of the archives. EDIT: I'm calling it now, RFK, jr. is going to get accused of sexual harrassment before the next election.
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    05-10-2023, 06:05 AM
    Man they really don't want this guy to run again.
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    05-08-2023, 05:37 AM
    He kind of sounds like one of the old school 'fight the power' liberals. He starts busting out some 1990s Public Enemy and hell I'll vote for him.
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    05-07-2023, 07:37 AM
    IMO there needs to be something sparked that brings all these guys together. Something truly competitive with the MSM.
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    05-05-2023, 10:21 AM
    I can only assume it is done intentionally. They release the dregs of society back onto the streets hoping for an outcome like this, that can be used to curry political points.
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    05-05-2023, 10:04 AM
    Bussing seems to be working but they still can't quite connect the dots.
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    05-04-2023, 12:34 PM
    In a truly just society, the DA/parole boards would be held accountable for . . . all of this. In some cases, such as this, it is actually safer for the criminals themselves to be in prison than on the streets.
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    05-02-2023, 07:28 AM
    Jesus would be 'the lesser of two evils', somehow.
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  • nobody's_hero's Avatar
    05-01-2023, 12:06 PM
    If you want to find out whether people believe what they say they believe, ask them to tell you why they believe it. Can anyone imagine Rachel Maddow giving a speech outside of the MSNBC camera and coming across even a fifth as sincere? Keith Olbermann? Sean Hannity? By comparison, they are all script-readers. Immensely shallow. Don Lemon doesn't believe anything he says, and that's why he can't defend it. His way out of a challenging conversation is to pull the race card out of his sleeve.
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    04-30-2023, 06:11 AM
    Choosing a politician is like solving an algebra equation. You have to take out the similar variables to find out what's left. Supposing Kennedy, Jr sucks on all the same issues that Biden does, except what remains: Ukraine and vaccines. Still makes him better than Biden. IMO strategically it makes sense to support him, at least in the primaries. Not only that, but the more democrats who support Kennedy only to see the deep state rip out the heart of the populist candidate in favor of TPTB's chosen puppet, the more likely it is to spark the sort of internal struggle within the left that already exists within the right. (the right is light-years ahead of the left here, going as far back as the tea party and Ron Paul even before that, accelerated on steroids after Trump, and I'm so sick of seeing dem voters just fall in line. You cannot reach these people until something happens that shakes them from their preconceptions).
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