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    Yesterday, 09:26 PM
    I'd say the DEI kicked in when she got into college, then law school, then admitted to the BAR. IOW, every step of the way. We see this over and over and over again. These black women are all corrupt, stupid, sociopaths who have the skids greased for them. Look at thing who's on the SCOTUS! My God, she thinks the 1st amendment hamstrings government, refused to define a woman and made excuses for a pedophile defendant, calling his victim his peer! Yet, she got confirmed because black female or DEI and no other reason.
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    Yesterday, 05:14 PM
    Norm would if he were still around. Shame because he would have a lot to say right now and I would have loved to see how it made heads explode.
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    Yesterday, 03:57 PM
    Argentina (or Milei) needs or wants NATO more than NATO needs Argentina - maybe. If so, remaining quiet about intentions to grab the Falklands would seem like the better move because once Argentina is in (whatever the association and "in" means), NATO would not want to lose them over British territory - maybe. Then again, you might be right because of what's going on with Ukraine and Russia and NATO taking the position against old territory being taken back. They may firmly come down on the side of the Brits and oppose Milei on that. In that case, you're right that he can use it as a bargaining chip to give NATO access to Argentina, if NATO wants it. I guarantee, though, the UK will under no circumstances give up the Falklands. I agree that Hong Kong was very, very valuable but Hong Kong was overwhelmingly populated Chinese people. The Falklands are as British as England. Prince Andrew fought that in war and there are families alive who lost family member servicemen in that war. Plus, they had that had referendum affirming the people there want to remain under British control. Maybe when everyone touched by that war is dead, it might change hands, but not before that. I find it dismissive of the will of the people who actually live on those islands that Milei would be entertaining this idea and I'd like to know what he's thinking. Is it just because proximity or does he have some kind of plans he envisions for a base or mining or whatever. Right now, there are penguins and other cool wildlife that inhabit those islands. I hope it stays that way, however it turns out.
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    Yesterday, 03:14 PM
    Agreed. Awesome human with his head screwed on right and no better comedian.
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    Yesterday, 02:45 PM
    "In his book, O.J. Simpson says that he would have taken a bullet or stood in front of a train for Nicole. Man, I’m gonna tell you, that is some bad luck, when the one guy who would have died for you kills you. You don’t get worse luck than that." -Norm MacDonald
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    Yesterday, 01:24 PM
    No, because I don't know what you mean. When you ask what she's done, do you mean bills written and or passed? She's very much doing something by going after Johnson so what else could you mean?
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    Yesterday, 03:03 AM
    Define "done".
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    Yesterday, 03:01 AM
    No excuse. He should have gone on record defending the 4th amendment and given a speech calling out those who voted to gut it.
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    Yesterday, 02:55 AM
    Yes, but there was a lease on Hong Kong and it expired. I don't think war with China over it was an option. They did go to war over the Falklands. It seems like a strange thing for Milei to get fixated on and if he's thinking of making an alliance with NATO to kind of protect Argentina is any Argentine move to try and take them back, he should shut up about it and secure the NATO alliance first :)
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    Yesterday, 02:49 AM
    Better than the feds who routinely "discover" trillions missing.
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    Yesterday, 02:12 AM
    Russia has no history, like the US, of liberty or the early US republic. It's so vastly different with a mind blowing history and a set of problems entirely different from anything our own country has faced. When the USSR collapsed, the Russian people, in a system of communism up until that point, were looted by opportunistic predators who were fast ruining anything that was left and establishing a Jewish Mafia state. Putin saved Russia and it's prosperous and a lot freer than it's ever been in it's entire history. In a system like ours (or Europe's), it would quickly devolve back into communism, imo. There is no way in hell the UK will ever cede those islands. No way. It's not like some other commonwealth state like, say, in the Caribbean. The Falklands are all Brits. That makes a huge difference. I see Milei's desires on it akin to to Russia trying to get Alaska back.
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    Yesterday, 01:54 AM
    FTR, I'm not pro Israel nor do I think it should have been created. I accept that it does exist so not approving the creation of the state is moot. I think flattening Gaza and killing so many Palestinians is criminal but also believe that Hamas really is embedded throughout the strip and fully integrated among the population. Ultimately, I would say my sympathies lie with the Palestinians but I oppose Islam and, certainly, the Muslim Brotherhood, which Hamas is. I want them all to stay put over there and not come here. While I think ALL foreign aid to ANY country should be ended, putting me in agreement with the Marxist minions and muzz who want money and weapons cut off to Israel, I loathe the Marxists and muzz doing the protesting in the west. My feelings about Jews are complex and nuanced and though I don't like Israel, Zionism or the Jewish international, I don't approve of these leftist freaks running around screaming at random Jews. It's a lot like BLM/Antifa in 2020. I hate that US involvement with Israel - and muzz - has brought all this shit here. So, with all that in mind, I just read this article which really pissed me off and I would have decked that muzzie bitch if I had been there. Shocking moment UC Berkeley law students who were invited to Jewish dean's house for dinner turn on him with pro-Palestine rant as his wife begs them to leave Footage shows how what was meant to be a celebratory dinner at a dean's home for graduating students devolved into a physical fight over the Israel-Hamas war. The viral video made rounds Wednesday, hours after UC Berkley law students were invited to the Oakland home of School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and his wife the evening before. The first of three dinners they planned to host, the occasion turned into a confrontation when Malak Afaneh, co-president of Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine, rose to protest the school's investment in arms manufacturers for Israel.
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    Yesterday, 01:10 AM
    I get anxiety just reading the two approaches. I could never be in politics.
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    Yesterday, 12:57 AM
    I'm 100% with him on hating commies but I find it tragic that Russia, who is not a communist country any longer is still saddled with that. As for NATO, I don't know how far he's gonna get with any of ideas about those islands since the UK is an actual NATO member. Those islands are all Brits and they don't want to be part of Argentina. Given Argentina's history and problems, who can blame them?
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    04-11-2024, 08:32 PM
    The former NFL star’s son struggled greatly with his mental health. He was a troubled child with numerous outbursts and run-ins with the law from age 14. According to reports, Jason was diagnosed with Jekyll and Hyde disease, also known as “intermittent rage disorder,” which caused him to have recurrent seizures and difficulty controlling his rage. He was prescribed medication for his condition but mostly abused his prescriptions. He had also been arrested for assault, driving under the influence, and attempted murder of his girlfriend in a fit of rage. Four doctors confirmed that Jason was “psychologically disturbed” and needed urgent help and intervention. In a letter found after an incident, Jason referred to himself as three people: Jekyll, Hyde, and Himself. He also described in the letter his willingness to harm anyone who threatened his family and loved ones physically. Jason was never an official suspect in the Brown and Goldman murders. However, in March 2012, Private Investigator and author William Dear published “O.J. I.S. Innocent, And I Can Prove It,” which contained his solid opinions and suspicions supporting his argument.
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    04-11-2024, 07:36 PM
    I lived in LA when all of the Rodney King stuff went down and everyone was stunned when those cops got off. I agree with AF that the second trial (and all federal trials like it) was double jeopardy and outrageous. As far as OJ and the blood evidence thing, though it was shown to be attempt to plant (even more) evidence (incredibly stupid), it was also clear as day that he killed them! Both things can be true and I firmly believe everyone who claimed he was innocent was entirely influenced by their hating white people and/or cops. That would be tons of white liberals as well belligerent blacks. A lot people can't do cognitive dissonance which in play with planting evidence for a crime the defendant was still guilty of. I just watchs Cuomo's show where Geraldo was sitting in for him. He interviewed the journalist Judith Regan who interviewed OJ about his "If I Did It" (I didn't read it) and, holy shit, it's plain to see that it was his confession. I'd never heard of this interview, before. Apparently, there was a lot of negative reaction to her doing the interview because people didn't really know what it was about so it was shelved for some years. By the time it aired most people had probably lost interest in the case. Here's the most relevant part:
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    04-11-2024, 03:47 PM
    Kim Goldman even talked to two jurors and said she was told the three-and-a-half hour deliberation was allegedly a cover-up. "They corroborated what my dad and I always thought -- which was that they didn't do their job," she said. "They pulled testimony just to cover up that they always knew what their answer was when they went into that jury room and they wasted our time for three-and-a-half hours." Kim Goldman said the jurors claimed no evidence would have likely made a difference in the outcome. Never heard that before but not surprised. Acquitting Simpson was a real wake up call for white people. That fucking jury condoned those murders because of race and then blacks broke out in a massive celebration.
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    04-11-2024, 03:20 PM
    Damn. Who is that Turner guy? What a snake framing that as protecting anyone because of what was done to Trump when it's a blatant violation of the 4th amendment for everyone. I'm also not clear on where Jim Jordan was on this. What's the scoop there? And, Elise Stefanik, I take it, was for the carve out and fuck the rest of Americans? Anyway, no renewal, with or with the warrant amendment passed, is that right?
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    04-11-2024, 02:24 PM
    His poor kids is all I can say. Did he convince them he didn't kill their mother or did they convince themselves in order not to lose both parents? What a nightmare for them.
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    They closed the thread before I was able to respond to you, so I just wanted to say, I agree with all of your concerns about Rand Paul. I still think he's better than the other options, but he isn't my ideal. I'm most likely going to vote for him, but I don't blame people who won't. And if I was still going to live in NYS in 2016 (I'm moving to Virginia for college, which as we know is a swingy state) I would be less likely to vote for him. Even still, if the LP candidate is too good to pass up (Someone more like Harry Browne than Gary Johnson... the latter of which was more of a lesser of five evils) I would consider voting for them.
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    wow these forums are being slowly populated by NeoCons.
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    hmmmm, sorry, thought I was in the PM box....
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