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    04-08-2021, 11:10 PM
    I don't know if he's guilty or not, but one thing people have to learn is to stop reflexively defending people just because you're nominally on the same side, supposedly. It will eventually bite you in the ass. There are commentators and figures I like who like Matt Gaetz, but something always just seemed off about him to me. That doesn't mean he's guilty of this, or anything, but I've learned to trust my gut over the years. Something is wrong with that guy. I got the same feeling about John Edwards as a teen, and Bill Clinton as a kid. Buyer beware.
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    04-05-2021, 09:42 PM
    youtube-dl can download the videos. you do need to pass it the 'embed URL' instead of the main page URL though. e.g. youtube-dl -f mp4-480p
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    04-05-2021, 09:05 PM
    None of the reliable israelis i know are even mentioning this supposed event. That's a bit odd. Not answering questions about it either. We just have to get used to not being sure about what's really going on.
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    04-05-2021, 08:36 PM
    This guy is as transparent as it gets and still some people fall for it.
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    04-05-2021, 08:31 PM
    I don't think that a couple of slaps that a woman walks away from with a 'what the heck was that' expression from can be fairly described as an 'ATTACK'.
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    04-05-2021, 08:25 PM
    Ukraine is the seat of 'New Khazaria', a lot of fevered demons running amok there, lots of dirty dealing with DC .. and worse. One of their demonesses, Victoria Nuland is now in the Camelass/Bidet admin. Their fever dream may end in fire. We will see. I have good info on Ukr. Just not going to spread it widely. Prudence, you know.
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    04-05-2021, 06:58 PM
    Nobody here has argued FOR a minimum wage by law. What we are discussing is the where all that printed money went, and it's not going to workers. As I've tried to show. Of course the demons trolling here will never acknowledge it...
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    04-05-2021, 03:26 PM
    The compounded productivity gains under a non-inflationary regime would mean we have 10x more purchasing power than we do now. The population growth argument is fair to bring up but again, looking at the numbers: US Pop 1979 225.06 million. US Pop 2021 330.66 million Ratio: 330.66/225.06 = 147.6% M2 Money Supply: $19368T/1379T = 1404% True Inflation is 9.5x the growth in population. Cheerleaders of the central bank regime will go to hell.
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  • merkelstan's Avatar
    04-04-2021, 01:25 PM
    Excellent Stuff. Also show people the stuff Dr. Yeadon has been saying! If any of you have a neural net de-reverb application, his audio needs cleaning on the delingpole interview.
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    04-03-2021, 06:47 PM Delete Government What is a stage play in actuality? Glad you asked.
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    04-03-2021, 06:44 PM
    I remember this ad. I remember wishing my step-dad had brought ammo to the house for the Mauser Model-B we had sitting in the garage (20mm automatic cannon, one of my play toys) so I could correct everyone in that commercial - bloody hippie pansies. And the women... fuck's sake, they all look like singing cadavers.
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    04-03-2021, 06:42 PM
    My dad was a mason. He never told me a damned thing about it. Told me to join if I wanted to know about it. I'm not a joiner, so... If you're wondering whether he was awash in the global conspiracy to take over the world being hatched by Pinky and The Brain, rest easy. He wasn't.
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    04-03-2021, 06:39 PM
    osan replied to a thread I am in love in Open Discussion
    Learn to spell 14. Damn kids...
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    04-03-2021, 06:28 PM
    osan replied to a thread I am in love in Open Discussion
    OK, Danke gets his due, but he's an amateur. If we're going to be serious about this, then there's this: I would wear them all as hats. Danke, OTOH, would simply pass away from the stress, but the video is safe enough. Ultra frenzy.
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    04-03-2021, 06:19 PM
    osan replied to a thread I am in love in Open Discussion
    OK, no need to be disgusting.
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    04-03-2021, 06:12 PM
    osan replied to a thread I am in love in Open Discussion
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  • osan's Avatar
    04-03-2021, 06:07 PM
    Yes, they are. Where those dullards go so wrong is that they think they are the only ones - that they are so all fired special that the Man picks on them, what with all the institutionalized, systemic RAYcism out there, 'n all dem' nazzy ole whaat peepoo. Well guess what ye assenholes: The Man is boinking everybody in the hole never intended for it. He's applying his raging rod to me, you, and all the rest of us who are not his immediate circle. Ijits.
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    04-03-2021, 06:02 PM
    osan started a thread Mother of God... in Open Discussion
    I'm laying in bed. Kitty is glued to me. She's 14 or so and suddenly very clingy... and gassy. She's laying on my left shoulder, purring like a runaway diesel about to let loose, and dropping these farts that leave words far, far behind. Why does God hate me?
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  • osan's Avatar
    04-03-2021, 05:59 PM
    Bet it works, too. The average NYer is dumber than a splinter and about as corrupt as Biden and Obama.
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  • osan's Avatar
    04-03-2021, 05:56 PM
    A marginal bone thrown to the proles. OK, credit where due, but the expunge thing is bullshit. Any governmental entity will still be able to see your conviction. This is true in every state except, oddly, New jersey. In NJ, if you get your record expunged, were you to find yourself before the SCOTUS and they asked you under oath whether you had ever been convicted of a felony, you would be able to say "no" and have no worry about getting stung for perjury. NJ is the only state in the union with a statute that is serious about expungement. Last I knew, and that's at least 15 years ago now, some NJ legilators were diligently working to have the statute repealed in-toto. Of course, they were. Everything about NJ sucks... except escaping from it.
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    They closed the thread before I was able to respond to you, so I just wanted to say, I agree with all of your concerns about Rand Paul. I still think he's better than the other options, but he isn't my ideal. I'm most likely going to vote for him, but I don't blame people who won't. And if I was still going to live in NYS in 2016 (I'm moving to Virginia for college, which as we know is a swingy state) I would be less likely to vote for him. Even still, if the LP candidate is too good to pass up (Someone more like Harry Browne than Gary Johnson... the latter of which was more of a lesser of five evils) I would consider voting for them.
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    wow these forums are being slowly populated by NeoCons.
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    hmmmm, sorry, thought I was in the PM box....
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