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    07-23-2024, 07:50 PM
    These days I can't tell what's real and what's hot air, so take this one with a grain of salt. Claims this to have been uncovered by Heritage Foundation. However, true or not, it is certainly plausible. ETA: Here's more:
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    07-23-2024, 02:32 AM
    I will in no way be surprised to see Michele Obama and his gigantic black missile show up for a swag.
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    07-21-2024, 06:58 PM
    This is just hilarious... "We don't know what's happening..." GTFO. if they're that stupid, they should all go home and drink gasoline. Hell, they should do that even if they're not that stupid. That aside, this was predictable, particularly in the wake of the "debate", after which Biden's fate was sealed regarding his chances of winning and, more importantly, the public's perception that a win was now out of the question. They now usher Biden out the back door and Harris becomes the heir apparent. But as was pointed out, the convention could reveal challenges. So now imagine Michele Obama with his big black missile struts in to everyone's shock and surprise, and perhaps eventual cheers. This is precisely the sort of lifeline the Democrats could use to explain their unanticipated victory in November, lending them the pretext of plausible justification to deny any election fraud had occurred. "The Republicans are once again forwarding these ridiculous conspiracy theories as in 2020, trying to deflect attention from the truth of their failed platform and policies by saying Democrats stole the election. The truth is that Michele Obama was the far more appealing choice for the vast majority of Americans, which is why she won by a 40 point margin. It's time for the Republicans to get over it and just admit that we're better than they are."... or some such vomitus. I'm thinking that such an approach may be their only hope, not only of holding on to power, but of avoiding long prison terms and possible executions (unlikely) in the event Trump actually acts on his promise to drin the swamp. If appearances are to be trusted even in the least measure, there are a lot of lefty's soiling themselves at the prospect of a Trump victory.
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    07-21-2024, 09:18 AM
    Oh shit, this is fabulous. Screw you Bananaman... I almost swallowed my tongue.
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    07-21-2024, 08:51 AM
    Yeah, and they're all forked.
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    07-21-2024, 08:47 AM
    OK, so an immediate red flag that rises here is the fact that he was a "never Trumper". In his own words, he thought Trump would make a terrible president. Upon what did he base this assessment? He had no evidence one way or another because there WAS no evidence. Trump had no so-called "track record" on which to base such assessments. This reveals a grat flaw in Vance's mode of operation. He admits we was wrong, which works in his favor, but the question remains whether he learned the broader lesson of not judging when you have no sufficient basis. Such is a critical indicator of basic character, and while I would not care to judge him on that one factor, it certainly contributes to the overall assessment. I don't mean to be so suspicious, but where politics are concerned, I don't even trust my own mother, may she RIP. At this level of operations, chicanery of every form and at every turn must be assumed. I don't trust Ron Paul, Trump, Massie, Rand, or even Jesus, were he in on the game. Our history and current reality precludes it, save provisionally and with hawk-like eyes on every move these jokers make. The risks are too great to show any greater largesse to the class and the statistics tell us Theye will run amok given the smallest epsilon of opportunity. Humans. Oh, and Vance is not a "former" Marine. There is no such thing. He's a fukkin' Marine. PERIOD. Semper Fukkin Fidelis, motherfuckers. Sorry, but that's just a peeve of mine.
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    07-21-2024, 08:22 AM
    I'd like to see this happen. It would open a door that I believe has yet to swing wide. While interrupting Bennie would be less polite, arresting people for doing so strikes me as a firm violation of their 1A rights. OTOH, I don't know to what conditions one agree when swearing their oath of office. Perhaps they agree not to act in such ways and agree to arrest in the event of breach. Anyone?
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    07-20-2024, 08:15 PM
    Go back and read what I wrote. ASSUMING he does, it will be temporary unless we become the sorts who will not hesitate to execute those who violate. We're the only hope for America, and at this juncture it's not looking good.
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    07-20-2024, 07:24 PM
    Barring wildly blatant election chicanery, Trump will be the next POTUS. Given certain assumptions, he will improve the American condition. Let us even assume he vastly improves our overall circumstance in ways may of us would not have expected. It's not enough. Without a fundamental sea change in the way Americans think and choose to act as political creatures, anything Trump accomplishes will ultimately count for naught because the next Democrat or other fellow traveler of the left to gain the seat will do asd Biden has: he will undo it to whatever degree pleases him or his handlers. We don't need leaders nearly as much as we need to become the guardians of our own freedoms and all the rights that follow therefrom. We need to understand freedom properly, decide that it is what we want, and then adopt an posture of absolute and grim intolerance of even the most seemingly trivial and innocuous violation of a man's rights. We must be willing to impose upon the guilty, draconian punishments not just as the price they exact upon themselves in consequence for their felonious actions, but as a stark reminder to all comers what awaits those who take up the mantle of the Public Trust and then betray. America's salvation cannot come from Trump, but only from us.
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    07-15-2024, 08:10 PM
    Hearing NBC talking heads do what they do, I cannot help but wonder whether I've been surreptitiously dosed with a whole lot of LSD. Those people lie and bullshit through their teeth without batting an eyelash. One of them just stated that the "gap" between Trump and Biden is small. I don't see that at all. They also just stated that this election is going to be decided by a very small number of people, my assumption being that they're referring to the small gap they're claiming and not the turnout. I just watched Lester Holt interview Biden. Joe says from the one side of his mouth how we have to tone down the rhetoric, and from the other side he starts in on Trump, claiming he lied 26 times during the non-debate debate. Biden got snippy with Holt when asked several questions with which he was clearly unhappy, and on at least one occasion it was clear Biden's head locked up and he got that blank look on his face. Just now some stupid NBC twat was trying to equate the devotion Trump's fans show as bordering on the religious, and with lefties we all know what that means. The levels of dishonesty are just astonishing.
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    07-15-2024, 09:55 AM
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    07-15-2024, 09:46 AM
    Butler PA, July 2024, an apparent assassination attempt is made on the life of Donald Trump during a rally. OK, so far, so good in terms of appearances. That lasted about five minutes, after which the reports began filtering in. First came the report that a sniper had managed to get onto a rooftop a mere 150 yards from the stage where Trump was speaking. I've checked out the map of the area and I am hard-pressed to believe that the SS failed to secure that hide. Had I been in charge of that situation, you can bet your asshole I'd have had that roof covered exclusively by a sniper, along with every other roof within at least 500 yards. Something there smells a bit funny. I've read that the big cheese at the SS refused additional manpower for this event. That assertion should have said cheese investigated with a curry comb, and it if proves out, I'd be in their colon looking for the truth behind such a refusal. Next, the ID of the shooter is revealed and video evidence surfaces with Crooks going on how he hated all Republicans, ending his diatribe with a cryptic statement "you got the wrong guy", or some such. To whom was he referring? Himself? Trump? Someone else? Then, of course, the networks begin chewing on the apparent fact that Crooks was a registered "Republican", turning themselves inside-out to get viewers to believe that he was not a lefty. Then it was revealed that many people had seen the shooter scaling the building to the roof. The reports of official responses to the reports about the mystery man were mixed, some saying authorities ignored them while others say men immediately investigated. Well then how in hell did the shooter manage to send six downrange? The shooter went for a head shot. There was no talk of whether he knew which end of the rifle the bullets issued. Nonetheless, I could make that shot at that range even if I were dying of pneumonia and had both eyes plucked out by harpies. But if he were no marksman, why the head shot attempt? Center of mass hits would have done the job, particularly a double-tap, even with 5.56 at that comfy range. It is possible that the guy was that stupid and ignorant... He was, after all, a lefty. But one would think even someone as stupid as your typical lefty would have thought things out a little better than that, so there's yet another tidbit over which to ponder and wonder.
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    07-15-2024, 09:07 AM
    Now there's the understatement of the week. I talks bunches, but says almost nothing. But it does let us know that the only people to have arms are the IDO. It's amusing to see just how blind the authors of this abortion were... enforcing peace with the threat and presumed will to commit violence. An umbrella of unilateral military force covering the entire world. What could possibly go wrong? It's also not talking about preserving the RKBA, which it the shortfall that should have grabbed you by your nootz while you turned your head and coughed. . Irrelevant, save that the RKBA is explicitly and unequivocally preserved with no ifs, ands, or buts. Don't hold your breath.
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    07-15-2024, 08:52 AM
    Better late than never... Kenndy? KENNEDY?? KENNEDY?!!! You cannot be serious. I would not trust Kennedy to tell me water is wet. Curse my dog crap getting-old memory, but the other day there was a nag post by RFKJ begging for donations. I read what he had to say and it was sufficiently revealing to ensure I'd not vote for him if he turned out to be Jesus HisOwnSelf. I wish I could recall his stated goals, but a few of them were wild losers that revealed his truer nature, and it was nothing good. Biden is the devil. Trump has many question marks floating about him. Kennedy is a philosophical loser every bit the same as the others, and the rest are no better. Trump may be the loser you assert him to be, but it is as yet undemonstrated beyond his apparent failure to drain the swamp.
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    07-04-2024, 04:58 PM
    I like calling it Middle Finger To All Tyrants Day. Now only if we'd actually give them the finger...
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    07-02-2024, 05:43 PM
    Eediot. Of course we dare. We dare all things idiotic. We dare not that which is sound and sane and decent. This what we have become, and it's not just in America. And of course, the absolute last thing we'd dare do would be to take responsibility for ourselves as free adults. Oh no no no... anything but that. This is why we put clowns into office: better that than being responsible for our own lives - our sacred liberties and the rights that evolve therefrom. We're so full of shit, it amazes me that we can even stand ourselves anymore, this danse macabre we're doing as the last hope for human decency in the world circles the drain. Makes me want to clear my throat.
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    07-02-2024, 05:53 AM
    Big loss for liberty. The issue was decided wrong, IMO. He ought not be immune in a blamket fashion because the Supremes just innoculated Biden, Obama, Clinton from their crimes. Not sure what Trumps lawyers were thinking... perhaps a shotgun approach. The matters should be based in law and facts as they apply to the law. Did Trump commit crimes? I verily doubt it. He has no motive for doing so. He has billions. He's raking it in. He has a solid family. Why would he louse that up with petty crimes as president? SCOTUS seems to fuck up everything to which they put their jandiced hands. Were I in Trump's position, perhaps I would have done the same play, but to me the right thing would have been to say "I'm not immune. I don't need immunity because I committed no felony, the false convictions notwithstanding." America sure is fucked up in some very dangerous ways.
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    06-30-2024, 06:12 PM
    Oh dear... I'm very sorry to hear of it.
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    They closed the thread before I was able to respond to you, so I just wanted to say, I agree with all of your concerns about Rand Paul. I still think he's better than the other options, but he isn't my ideal. I'm most likely going to vote for him, but I don't blame people who won't. And if I was still going to live in NYS in 2016 (I'm moving to Virginia for college, which as we know is a swingy state) I would be less likely to vote for him. Even still, if the LP candidate is too good to pass up (Someone more like Harry Browne than Gary Johnson... the latter of which was more of a lesser of five evils) I would consider voting for them.
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    wow these forums are being slowly populated by NeoCons.
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    hmmmm, sorry, thought I was in the PM box....
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