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    Yesterday, 08:20 PM
    I can only think this is theater. On the surface, this is all very stupid. NATO pushing Russia into a corner makes no sense, given the nuclear stockpiles. Driving the northern hemisphere to nuclear exchange makes no sense that I can see. Who would profit from such devastation? Could all these people be THAT stupid? I suppose it is possible, but it seems unlikely.
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    Yesterday, 04:42 AM
    The question presumes the existence. I don't think Biden knows which day it is, much less an endgame.
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    05-24-2022, 12:50 PM
    Oh, it's plenty brilliant. Credit where due. Hitler was brilliant in many ways, and an oaf in many others. None of that has anything to do with the moral value he represented, which is something his greatest detractors are unwilling to acknowledge. For them, everything he did was wrong, third-rate, and so on... as if posthumous hurls of invective make the least difference to whatever remains of the man. Abandonment of objectivity in the face of one's emotions running wild is by no means a sound approach to such highly charged matters. That is mostly the case. Superorganisms are very difficult to kill. Look at the troubles we had dispatching the Japs and Germans. They posed very tough nuts.
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    05-24-2022, 08:01 AM
    From the film, another interesting truth with which I fully agree: Here he is describing the sins of every tyrant since we began writing things down, and it is correct to rail and act against them. Which man, regardless of title and his fancy hat, holds innate authority to commit such acts; to level entire cities and murdering those residing therein? And yet, here we remain in feces up to our necks. One needs to ask the question: How, with all the veritable genius of the human world, can it be that no viable solutions have arisen to the attention of humanity? How is this even remotely possible? I contend that it is not, which leaves but one answer: suppression. And why? Because Theye do not want any solution that is truly equitable, but what would leave Themme out in the cold in terms of political power. Theye want it all and the rest can screw off. I am 100% in favor of war... so long as every single last soul involved has explicitly consented to participation. In "The Overlords of War", the author (Klein) described an entire planet that was reserved for parties choosing to war with each other. There were no accidental, innocent victims because the home worlds of the warring parties were not subjected to the criminal outrages of such conflicts. All who wished to war were welcome to do so, as long as not even a single innocent individual was forced to participate, or was made victim. And for the record, I find there to be nothing more cynical and deserving of a good beating with a soft iron wire whip than the man who openly conends that there is no such thing as an "innocent" human being. When I hear such rubbish, it comes home to me just how fortunate such corrupted imbeciles are, that "law" protects them from the wild whipping they so richly earn when they run their yaps in that manner. Otherwise, I'd be a force striking terror in the hearts and souls of the intolerably stupid and corrupt... and I would not be alone. But here we stand, humanity as an out-of-control train running amok down the rails toward a trestle that is collapsed into a chasm thousands of feet deep.
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    05-23-2022, 05:50 PM
    Some interesting bits: Here Wells advances the clapped out notion that seminal events/developments must be controlled by the wise overlords because the seeley little people are incapable of controlling themselves in the wakes of such events and the changes that those occurrences bring, the implication there being new inventions, for example. This is utter FAIL in that he assumes that those wise men actually exist. They do not, as such. But imbue people with a broadly held sense of the Sacred, and all good things as the average condition become possible. Wells' heart seems in the right place, but his conclusions here are not sound, IMO. I must credit Wells for honesty here. He seems not to have kowtowed to the "left", which I find unusual... but it somewhat reinforces my suspicion that Theye are well beyond the petty philosophies that have contaminated the minds of the world majority. Oh to be a fly on Theire wall...
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    05-23-2022, 05:04 PM
    OK - I think I finally got my hands on a proper copy of Shape of Things to Come. Interesting ideas therein, yet Wells makes the same grave errors every other collectivist/globalist appears to make, and there are several. Firstly, they assume the clean hands of those in central control, vis-à-vis the actual, filth-tainted hands of people who gain seats of power. Secondly, he assumes that the elimination of sovereign "governments" will concomitantly eliminate "nationalism", which is just another way of saying that it would eliminate human nature. FAIL. There is nothing to suggest that placing the right goals into the hands of all men and allowing them to work things out amongst themselves in liberty would face lesser prospects of success, than by imposing those notions upon the world by a central power. Indeed, the likelihood is far better for success in the hands of more creative imaginations, than in fewer. Furthermore, the fostering and reinforcement of the principles of proper human relations would go long ways as countervailing forces to the usual corruptions and their consequent bad behaviors. Wells had many things right, but also many very central and essential ideas bass-ackwards wrong. It is interesting to see how one's wanting something too much can lead them to the worst of conclusions. I will continue reading, even though my eyeballs feel like they will explode any minute now...
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    05-23-2022, 04:13 PM
    What's to disagree with? Would you prefer war or peace? In vacuo, I prefer peace. Sadly, Theye who are the purveyors of war now for centuries, allow peace only on their terms. So in the real world, make mine war if that is the only way to retain freedom. You should see the film. It is worth watching. Besides, how can you be surprised with my agreement if you've not seen it? . I've often wondered about the book. I downloaded it from Gutenberg long ago and just could not get past the first few pages. It was so tedious, and I am the world's worst reader. It takes me forever to get through even a single page at times and I often have to go several times over the same one to extract meaning. I suck at reading... which is ironic for an engineer, but there you have me. The book and movie seem utterly alien to each other, which is why I wonder whether what I downloaded was the right tome.
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    05-23-2022, 04:03 PM
    What does it do when it gets all it wants and runs out of things over which to moo and piss? This is a bit of a problem and I wonder whether Theye have foreseen it. I would call it likely that Theye have nothing to do, philosophically speaking, with the tenets of the left. Therefore, once the useful idiots have served Theire purpose, Theye will subjugate/eliminate those as well. But who will that leave? Can Theye survive and flourish with just a few millions? Perhaps. It is anyone's guess what might be Theire innermost designs for their future world, but I would be very surprised to find Themme so careless as to not have given these issues their due consideration. But even so, entropy remains a universal fact. Can Theye avoid the decay? What of the Sacred will they hold high and immutable to maintain a golden age in perpetuity? I'm not convinced it can be done, unless they will make the Jewish strategy theirs: always have barbarians at your gates to maintain social cohesion. It has proven very successful, so why not adopt it?
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    05-23-2022, 07:00 AM
    PS: I really must repeat my emphasis on the fact that I agree with many of the ideas and assertions in the film. In the opening scene, Dr. Harding walks in on a pensive John Cabal (notice the name)... "what's all this fuss about in the papers tonight, Mr. Cabal?" "Wars and rumors of wars..." "Crying wolf?" "Some day a wolf will come. These fools are capable of anything."
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    05-23-2022, 06:44 AM
    I've watched that film a number of times. At first I was a mite perplexed by the seemingly mixed-messages it broadcasts, but finally twigged to the fact that what seemed contradictory, was in fact the age-old tactic of misuse of language. The talk of "freedom" in that film, of course, was no freedom at all, but a circumscribed version, just as we see today. It is the freedoms doled by the master to his chattel. So long as they are good chattel, a few good crumbs fall from his table to the floor for scavenging. Otherwise, the collar tightens most noticeably. Consider the pathetic modern-day *****/tranny: their vision of freedom has little to do with the broader philosophical sense of the term, but rather revolves around their ability to put their naughty bits anywhere they please, at any time, with anyONE regardless of consent, lest those demurring be labeled as "homophobe", and therefore be worthy of burning at the stake as a witch. Things To Come was indeed a globalist message to the world from 1936, clarioning its intent to every soul on the planet. If one looks at the events of the intervening 86 years, it appears that they mesh with those depicted in the film with some precision that bears our attention, including the good intentions. It was not just a clarion of intent, but a message of strength and support to those who were in on the deal. Consider Marshal McLuhan's famous quip, "the medium is the message." When the members of your cadre go to the theater and see the message... THEIRE message up on the silver screen, there is a very definite and powerful mental effect to reinforce and renew and redouble one's position and determination to ACT and see that things HAPPEN in accord with the vision. It further serves to get the uninitiated on board with the idea of such a world order, the tacit assumption underlying it all being that the masters are competent and benevolent. Under those conditions, who in their right mind would not want to see such an order arise? But it is a false picture, yet the adherents refuse to see it. In one scene John Cabal, having returned to his long-destroyed home of Anytown, quips to his old friend, Dr. harding, "But we who are all that are left of the old engineers and mechanics have pledged ourselves to salvage the world..."
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    05-21-2022, 12:30 PM
    With so many decades, and indeed centuries of rank corruption and tyranny behind us, it is very safe to say that a definite pattern has emerged, underscoring a truth that most people don't want to face. If anyone still held doubts about the nature of politics on 9/11/2001, the intervening twenty one years should have erased them completely. Speaking only for and about America, we are fractured and fragmented. The political class no longer endeavors to hide its criminality as once it did so assidously, but only to normalize it to the point that it is accepted in blasé fashion. No matter the outrage, or the wild blatancy thereof, they press forward every day, pushing the boundaries of tolerance. We, the American people, now see it all as banal, and though we may complain about it, we do nothing to stop it. Taken as a statistical gestalt, the American people are done and the ruling class knows it. Theye further know that it is but a matter of time before they are victorious over the rank beasts. This is demonstrated to the entire world now on a daily basis as the outrages grow more freakishly outlandish. Were Americans a sound people, we would never have allowed things to come to such a pass. Were we even recently awakened, we would be slitting the throats of those whose edicts now consume and debase us in trends that point to nowhere good. We have given up, nay, surrendered - all our big talk of political action notwithstanding in the face of our collective failure to act. They grow stronger while we sit with out thumbs in a place God never intended them to go. It is an interesting precipice upon which we all tread. We, the people, are staring down both barrels of very large bore, gazing cow-eyed at our subjugation and, very likely, destruction. This claim could once have been rejected as wild exaggeration. No longer is it the case. Theye also tread a razor's edge, as they gallop past every long-standing boundary of acceptable behavior. Long years ago I half-jokingly quipped about the day the pedophiles would come boldly out of their closet to assert in the most strident tones their right to rape children. Well foo if my semi-serious prognostication has not come to pass.
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    05-19-2022, 04:55 PM
    I'm not blaming the ideology for his actions. I specifically said that he would have done something similar regardless of what he believed. I don't doubt for a moment that this kid's psychopathy predates his white nationalism. Kids who sadistically butcher animals for their own pleasure don't just get better and become normal. What I am saying is that these ideologies (dissident right/white nationalist/alt-right etc) seem to attract antisocial, dysfunctional, destructive people. Most of those people aren't murderers. A small percentage of them are. Even the ones that aren't are fucked up in their own way. These ideologies seem to have no willingness to even acknowledge this fact, let alone try to fix it. These are trends I'm attempting to analyze. Similarly, I don't think the ideology of anarcho-communism causes antifa to be violent, but I do think that these middle class students who do violence in the name of anti-fascism says something about their ideology, namely anarcho-communism. You want your ideology, whatever it is, to have an internal antifragility, on its own terms. Meaning you want the ideology itself to repel such people, and to attract people who are intelligent and effective. The right has a really hard time with this. And that's a problem.
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    05-18-2022, 05:50 PM
    The dissident right needs to come to terms with the fact that the movement attracts bitter, antisocial, dysfunctional people. That manifests in different ways, most of which are not violent. However, one manifestation is the psychopathic, manifesto-writing maniac. I'm hearing that this kid brutally butchered cats and then had his mom help him bury the corpses. As a minor. A kid who does stuff like that isn't going to get better. Him doing something like this was inevitable. That said, the dissident right wing always wants to move past the fact that psychotic, evil people often take up their cause. It's a big problem, for the dissidents themselves too. There's a long history of white nationalist types getting weapons and trying or succeeding in killing people for their ideology. Bash normiecons all you want, but they don't seem to attract such vicious, necrotic personality types. Wignats do. That says something about the ideology, and about the total unwillingness to police the movement.
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    05-14-2022, 03:56 AM
    I find it curious that the only people on the planet who are shrieking and railing in favor of abortion are those who were not aborted. Not even a single aborted fetus has had the opportunity to come forward and give their opinions on the matter. Of course, the pro-abortion contingent claims a fetus is incapable of having a point of view on the matter, but is that really so? How do we know this? It seems to me that the position on that question is based on an uncommonly narrow assumption about what it means to be alive, much less human. I'd bet money I do not have that a fetus might well hold a very different position on the question, particularly as it is being rent, limb from limb, even if his is naught but the opinion of the flesh. Is that opinion not valid? It seems mighty valid when an adult is being beaten by a robber on the street. One can hear the objections of their flesh as they scream, moan, and wail in agony at the hands of their assailant, But the pro-abortionist will cite the presumed absence of evidence to suggest fetal objection. Does this mean that a deaf, blind mute feels no pain if they are the one's being beaten because they can register no objection that the common man recognizes as such? After all, they register no outward sign of objection, save for flailing. Do fetuses flail, and if so, what then? What I am suggesting here is that there may be a far narrower margin of difference between the born and the unborn than abortionists will acknowledge. How convenient. It would appear that in the minds of those who clamor for the <AHEM>, "freedom" of abortion, fetal agony is of no consequence. After all, the fetal innocent is physically incapable of defending himself against being murdered by a fully formed adult human being whose life was afforded the respect so hypocritically denied to the other. It is easy to deny life to others from the comfy, and dare I say enviable position of being alive and fully formed - having been afforded that respect and opportunity for life. Once you have yours, who cares if another is denied theirs, no?
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    05-12-2022, 01:03 AM
    It's a far superior decision, obviously. But what has to be prepared for is that this will allow the left to portray themselves as put upon underdogs. They do that anyway,d espite controlling all cultural nodes. This will help that narrative. That needs to be counteracted if at all possible.
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    05-12-2022, 12:58 AM
    This guy is still alive?
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    04-30-2022, 06:22 AM
    A couple of things. If the story is not vetted, why post it? This is the tactic of inB4, and it is used by scoundrels to establish first impressions that are endlessly difficult to supersede with truth. First-in tends to be the winner. We have all witnessed this countless times. Think of the endless list of reputations ruined by headlines declaring someone guilty of some heinous act, only to be later exonerated. Makes no matter - far too many will always associate the individual with guilt. This is the proclivity of the human brain. The only way to fight it is with a strong will, which most people do not possess because it is too much work. Mean humanity is mentally exhausted and people just don't want to invest the effort to be better men. "Oh fuck it" is the modern mantra, however tacit. Can't win, so why try? Why care? Next: do we not find the timing suspiciously convenient for a "left" that knows it will get its ass handed to it in November, all else equal? The coming election must be vigorously massaged or the Democrats are toast - or so it appears. They're going for the brass ring now, playing no games. They are drowning us in noise of every sort in order to disrupt the mind into some degree of impotence. And in the chaos of noise, election shenanigans become so much more difficult to detect. The left fears Trump's return to office in '24, though I'm not quire sure why. After all, his most crucial campaign promise was left wholly unfulfilled: draining the swamp. Trump may be a good wheeler-dealer, but he sucks at staffing a cabinet and assessing in whom he may safely vest his trust. OTOH, it might not even be his fault. Were it to prove that the corruption is so uttterly pervasive that there were no real choices, I would not be surprised. His only real move, anyone's only move if draining the swamp is a serious goal, would be to declare martial law, dissolve Congress, arrest the likes of Pelosi, McConnell, and Schumer, send them to Gitmo, hold drum-head trials, and execute the lot of them, preferably in one afternoon. But even that hail Mary move is rife and rotten with the worst hazards imaginable, which I doubt I need to list. But this is really the only option now. The people are de-balled by their own hands and the "government" cannot be trusted to tell us water is wet.
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    04-27-2022, 08:15 AM
    Has anyone dealt with Monument? If so, any opinions? Any suggestions for a good online PM dealer?
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    They closed the thread before I was able to respond to you, so I just wanted to say, I agree with all of your concerns about Rand Paul. I still think he's better than the other options, but he isn't my ideal. I'm most likely going to vote for him, but I don't blame people who won't. And if I was still going to live in NYS in 2016 (I'm moving to Virginia for college, which as we know is a swingy state) I would be less likely to vote for him. Even still, if the LP candidate is too good to pass up (Someone more like Harry Browne than Gary Johnson... the latter of which was more of a lesser of five evils) I would consider voting for them.
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    wow these forums are being slowly populated by NeoCons.
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    hmmmm, sorry, thought I was in the PM box....
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