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    Today, 04:39 PM
    From my sources, they are treating Aliens there worse than Gitmo prisoners.
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    Today, 04:14 PM
    I think the world is more apt to end by nuclear war or perhaps a massive meteorite. Maybe they should be concentrating on those instead.
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    Today, 04:04 PM
    Good news for soyboys on the forum. There should be tons of soy here because China isn't buying.
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    Today, 03:56 PM
    Just don't do it by smoking in bed.
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    Today, 03:51 PM
    It is good thing they brought awareness of all those dangers and our government was able to prevent them. TheTexan
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    Today, 03:23 PM
    So is seamanship, but it means the same thing, roughly. This is how you could have a licensed master of vessels of unlimited tonnage, who can't steer a dingy.
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    Today, 02:50 PM
    I'm thinking 50/50 myself, but yeah I have nothing but a wild assed guess to say so.
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    Today, 02:47 PM
    Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions JOHN NOLTE20 Sep 2019 For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong. In other words, on at least 41 occasions, these so-called experts have predicted some terrible environmental catastrophe was imminent … and it never happened.
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    Today, 02:41 PM
    There's no evidence of anything in any direction, as far as I can see.
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    Today, 11:05 AM
    I just walked through one. "It's hot, it's real! We need a green new deal."
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    Today, 10:50 AM
    Her congressional testimony is basically the most elaborate book report in the history of elementary education. Imagine being a 60 year old congressman being made to listen to a child repeat grade school indoctrination. Even worse, imagine the stupidity of the same 60 year old believing that the child, robotically repeating propaganda, is the pinnacle of modern intellect.
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    Today, 09:46 AM
    It took several months and the slow and reluctant release of investigative findings before the inside story of the tragedy of Lion Air 610 could be told. That story actually starts three days before the accident, when the same airplane — under different flight numbers and Lion Air crews — experienced errors in airspeed and altitude indications on the captain’s (left side) flight display that weren’t properly addressed. Those indications are driven by a combination of sensors on the surface of the airplane. A set of independent duplicate sensors drive the co-pilot’s (right side) display. A third standby system provides additional independent backup and allows for intuitive troubleshooting when any one of the three systems fails: If two indications agree and the third one does not, the odd one out is obviously the one to ignore. This sort of arrangement helps to explain why flying a Boeing is not normally an intellectual challenge. Furthermore, the airplane provides an alert when airspeed or altitude indications disagree. All the faulty indications on that airplane were only ever on the captain’s side. The respective crews wrote them up repeatedly. During intervals on the ground, the airline’s technicians ran built-in tests, got coded responses and did plug-out plug-in reboot attempts of the mindless sort performed at automotive service centers. None of it worked here, but the technicians kept zeroing the fault messages and approving the airplane for flight. Two days before the final flight, the airplane was in Bali, and technicians did more of the same. Additionally, in response to an error message indicating possible failures in angle-of-attack information, they replaced the angle-of-attack vane on the nose of the airplane on the captain’s side. Angle-of-attack vanes are exposed to the winds and are vulnerable to impact, ice and wear. The replacement vane put onto this airplane in Bali was older than the airplane itself. It was a used part that had been provided by a shop in Miramar, Fla., and shipped to Lion Air one year before. In the maintenance log in Bali, the company technicians documented replacing the angle-of-attack vane and testing it. They wrote, “Installation test and heater test result good.” I had some doubts whether these tests were really run, and I mentioned these doubts to John Goglia, a no-nonsense Bostonian who spent 35 years as an airline mechanic and an additional nine years as a board member of the competent crash-investigation unit of the United States government, the National Transportation Safety Board. Goglia has followed the investigations surrounding the 737 Max closely. Speaking of the Lion Air mechanics, he said: “They’re full of shit. They suspected they found the problem in Bali. So they replaced one problem with another — a dubious unit from Cockroach Corner in Miami. Cockroach Corner is the source of tons of suspected unapproved parts. Many of those repair stations in Miami are junk peddlers.” And the Lion Air mechanics? He said: “They didn’t finish, whatever the log says. They didn’t do an adequate check of the systems.” If they had, in Goglia’s view, they would have seen that the unit was faulty.
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  • Danke's Avatar
    Today, 09:46 AM
    What Really Brought Down the Boeing 737 Max?
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    Today, 09:30 AM
    tod evans replied to a thread Toxic femininity in Open Discussion
    Florida Daycare Worker Charged After 4 Toddlers Suffer Broken Legs On The Same Day VALPARAISO, FL — A Florida daycare worker has been arrested and charged after four toddlers in her care suffered broken legs in a single day, according to law enforcement. Christina Marie Curtis, 25, reportedly faces four felony counts of child neglect resulting in great bodily harm following the incident that took place on May 21 at Kids Discovery Learning Center in Valparaiso. According to an arrest report, four boys, who ranged in age from 13 to 21 months old, were all “fine” when they were dropped off that day and assigned to the one-year-old classroom at the facility.
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    Today, 09:29 AM
    There is a protest starting here in an hour. Feel like going to troll it...
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    Today, 08:41 AM
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    Today, 08:37 AM
    Danke replied to a thread Danke, do something in Open Discussion
    Nairobi lawmaker wants to put an end to farting on airplanes On Sept. 11, a Kenyan lawmaker put forth a plan to end what she considers a big problem — mile-high flatulence. Range Constituency representative Dr. Lilian Gogo of Nairobi called for resolution to people passing gas in airplane cabins during a parliamentary debate Wednesday regarding the National Assembly Committee on Transport, Public Works and Housing, according to Nairobi News.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 08:04 AM
    I don't have any issues with topless women. Of course people must expect those who really shouldn't go topless to be the ones doing so...
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 08:02 AM
    I find it humorous that liberaltopia would run afoul of the very government they have cried for.. It's also amusing those who bemoan these actions simply because Trump is lipping off.. Everyone, even the most strung-out-doped up insane person knows that wallowing in human shit isn't good, I'd think the locals would clean up their neighborhoods. Try soap-n-water, if that doesn't work then add 12 gauges to the mix. Fed-gov isn't required.
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    Today, 04:19 AM
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    Today, 03:40 AM
    San Francisco is becoming a third-world shit hole. If it is not cleaned up, many diseases (that have long been eradicated due to clean water, sewage, good hygiene and nutrition) will crop back up and of course the people who are against Trump would like nothing more than to see that.
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    Today, 03:35 AM
    Just like climate science has become a religion to make people bow down to a false god.
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    Today, 03:30 AM
    1174744436707942403 This is the conversation that is definitely needed.
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No it isn’t.
Yes it is. The intellect is the part of soul which studies and understands God's WORD. There is also a mortal soul and a immortal soul.
You said the intellect was the spirit. You are now changing definitions.

Also, there are not two souls
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