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    05-04-2024, 01:22 PM
    Perfect business model. Sell us on something totally busted so we have to pay even more to get it barely working. Then it becomes a chain. A chain we are taught to revere. Abundant energy frees us all. Transportation of goods needs energy. The real intent as always is to make us dependent on them. Remember the Declaration of Independence? Independence from what exactly? One of those things is energy. By making us dependent on their systems and preventing any competition, they enslave us. If you want power / money / food, you will obey and vote the way youre told. Just like our money system, failure is built into the system, and intentional.
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    04-30-2024, 10:13 AM
    I think they need it from Biden since he forgets to say the words right in front of his face. They use it to make Biden look as good as they can, and Trump / any real American as bad as they can. One of the biggest problems with Trump is he is surrounded by Traitors. Doesnt need to be tech to mislead him. If they cant steal the Presidency itself, then they steal all positions of his advisors, and its ALL LIES. Trouble with even identifying videos as being truly AI Generated is the Libtards will still operate under the belief that "this technology does not exist" even if they watched the video above. Their ability to process information has been crippled by the poisonous toxins they put in the food and medicine, and brainwashed by the propaganda. They are unable to think. The people we need to convince of reality with truly Deep Fake Videos that are inevitably coming are the same group of people that are "easier to lie to" than "convince that they have been lied to".
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