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    Today, 05:55 AM
    Juanita Broaddrick responds to Chelsea: http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/09/29/alleged-bill-clinton-rape-victim-responds-to-chelsea-your-father-is-a-sexual-predator/#more-64620 Broaddrick responded to Chelsea’s lament that she couldn’t remember a time when her parents weren’t under attack with a terse rebuttal. “There’s a very good reason for this – your parents are not good people,” tweeted Broaddrick. “Your father was, and probably still is, a sexual predator. Your mother has always lied and covered up for him,” she added. “I say again, I was 35 when Bill Clinton Raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73. It never goes away”. “The truth is what has brought the attacks on your family and you are smart enough to know that by now,” she concluded.
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    Today, 05:37 AM
    So Bill is not the only rapist that Hitlery defends.
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    Today, 04:19 AM
    Edward SnowdenVerified account‏@Snowden What is #Allo? A Google app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request.
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    Today, 03:59 AM
    FBI Documents from the Clinton email investigation reveal that Obama used a pseudonym when communicating with the former-Secretary of State's private email server. … http://www.trueactivist.com/president-obama-becomes-entangled-in-clinton-email-scandal-following-fbi-document-release/ Every few weeks, new details emerge … Clinton’s real motivation in using the non-classified, private server – to keep her emails hidden from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests … However, now … the release of FBI documents investigating the scandal … have revealed that Barack Obama used a pseudonym when communicating with Clinton’s, who was then serving as Secretary of State. They also show that Clinton’s IT company referred to her mass deletion of emails before the 2012 Benghazi-investigation subpoena as a “cover-up.” The revelation that Obama not only knew about Clinton’s private email but actively used it, contradicts his 2015 statement that he first learned about the scandal “through news reports” like “everybody else.” According to FBI documents, Huma Abedin, then Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, first became aware of Clinton’s email exchanges with an unrecognized sender on June of 2012. The FBI then told Abedin that the unknown sender’s name was a pseudonym used by President Obama, causing her to exclaim “How is this not classified?” … the State Department has refused to release the emails exchanged between Clinton and Obama, citing “presidential communications privilege.” … What is most concerning regarding Obama’s involvement … is his obviously preferential treatment of Clinton. Clinton committed espionage … by removing state secrets to non-secure locations, but Obama said that this doesn’t concern him … However, in recent espionage cases, Obama and his administration have mercilessly prosecuted other, low-ranking government employees as well as soldiers with much lesser “espionage” offenses which were also shown to cause no harm. Obama allowed the Department of Justice to prosecute a sailor for espionage after he took a selfie in a nuclear submarine and sent it to his girlfriend. A Marine lieutenant was also charged for espionage after he correctly warned his superiors of an al-Qaeda operative in an American encampment by using his insecure Gmail account to send the emergency warning. However, any hope Obama would seek to charge Clinton or her associates with the same intensity reserved for “regular people” is all but gone as the FBI granted immunity … this is just one of many examples that show that high-ranking US politicians are not held to the same standard as the citizens …
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    Today, 03:15 AM
    Philippines' Duterte wants to 'open alliances' with Russia, China http://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/27/philippines-duterte-wants-to-open-alliances-with-russia-china.html Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday he would visit Russia and China this year to chart an independent foreign policy and "open alliances" … Last week, he last declared he would visit China … He said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was expecting him in Moscow. … "I am ready to not really break (U.S.) ties but we will open alliances with China and... Medvedev," Duterte told reporters, adding he would open up the "other side of the ideological barrier". He welcomed investment …"I will open up the Philippines for them to do business, alliances of trade and commerce." … Duterte also said he would open up telecoms and airlines, two domestic sectors long controlled by local players and criticized for being uncompetitive. … Philippines was at the "point of no return" in relations with former colonial ruler the United States … Toner said he would dispute Duterte's premise that the United States might start a maritime conflict. … On Monday, the U.S. embassy in Manila announced two-week deployment of a pair of C130 planes and 100 troops at an air base in the central Philippines, the third of its kind this year …
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    Today, 01:42 AM
    http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/ATT-You-Dont-Need-Broadband-Privacy-Protections-Trust-Us-137988 Without Privacy, you are the thing that is for sale.
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    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    Well, Kerry seem to have already cut off all ties with Reality.
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    Yesterday, 08:02 PM
    Ron Paul Liberty Report - Al Qaeda: "America is on Our Side"
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    Yesterday, 06:47 PM
    +Rep! Also a safe way to push people out of Denial!
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    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread Spiders! in Open Discussion
    I saw a Tarantula a few days ago! First one I've ever seen here... Even got some nifty pics!
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    Yesterday, 06:29 PM
    A person can be a prisoner in their homes (if they are fortunate enough to have one) if they are flat broke too. This world has become a Prison Planet.
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    Yesterday, 01:28 PM
    To me the only 3rd option is rebellion......hope we survive.
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    Yesterday, 01:24 PM
    I hope this evil bitch gets worse than she deserves
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    Yesterday, 12:52 PM
    The audio we hear over the air is different then what was heard at the venue. Maybe there was something wrong with the audio there.
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    Yesterday, 11:50 AM
    Syria’s White Helmets: “Soft War” by Way of Deception. The Non-Profit Propaganda Industry http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/10/23/syrias-white-helmets-war-by-way-of-deception-part-1/ White Helmets: Follow the Money The White Helmets were established in March 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey, and is headed by James Le Mesurier, a British “security” specialist and ‘ex’ British military intelligence officer with an impressive track record in some of the most dubious NATO intervention theatres including Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. … The origins of The White Helmet’s initial $300k seed funding is a little hazy … A further $13 million was poured into the White Helmet coffers during 2013 … these “donations” came from the US, UK and SNC with the previously explored connections to George Soros in the US. … Subsequent investigations reveal that USAID-United States Agency for International Development-has been a major shareholder in the White Helmet organisation. … In a USAID report update in July 2015 it is clearly stated that they have supplied over $16m in assistance to the White Helmets. The USAID track record as a primary US Government/CIA regime change facilitator is extensively documented. From South America to the Ukraine and in the Middle East, USAID serve a malevolent and ultimately destructive role in the dismantling of sovereign nations and their reduction to Western hegemony vassal states, as always, all in the name of freedom and democracy. … “USAID and NED are in the business of “Democracy Promotion” which uses public money (from U.S. taxpayers) for secretive operations with the intention to support pro-U.S. governments with the help of political and social movements abroad. The goal is regime change.” …
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    Yesterday, 10:49 AM
    Why do the white helmets operate only in terrorist held territory?
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    Yesterday, 10:48 AM
    White Helmets participating in execution (warning graphic): This video was wiped from most channels immediately after its release, however the website Liveleak has managed to keep a protected copy which has escaped YouTube communitarian-style censorship. The Liveleak post on the video says, “As expected, YouTube deleted this very incriminating video of the so-called “White Helmets” working hand in hand with Al Qaeda. Another CIA fail, trying to sell us these “White helmet” as civilian workers and volunteers, while they are simply Nusra jihadists." "The White Helmets were forced to release a statement explaining the events in this video. According to their own admission here, the sequence of events on the day, 5th May 2015 were as follows: Al Nusra called the White Helmets 25 minutes prior to the execution. White Helmets arrived on the scene at 11.35 am, 5 minutes BEFORE the execution was carried out at 11.40. These impartial humanitarian workers did NOTHING to prevent this execution, they appear a full 5 minutes prior to this murder at the behest of the executioners and they are ushered into shot immediately after the victim is shot twice at close range in the head, to collect the body." "The perpetrator is clearly Al Nusra Front, and it seems as if the White Helmet are avoiding naming the group, and readers would be right to ask why not. So where is their condemnation of this and countless other executions of civilians by Al Nusra – in those White Helmet reports to the UN? "
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    Yesterday, 10:04 AM
    Thought this old news by now. Where have you been hiding? These are the instructions of the German Government. Its been all over even the "mainstream" news: BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37155060 Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-security-stockpiling-idUSKCN10Z17P http://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-security-stockpiling-idUSKCN10W0MJ Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/22/german-defence-plan-tells-citizens-to-hoard-food-and-water/ CNBC: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/22/germany-may-warn-public-to-stockpile-food-and-water-in-case-of-attack-report.html Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germany-food-water-stockpile-warning-terror-attack-catastrophe-government-terrorism-a7203376.html Time: http://time.com/4460802/germany-stockpile-food-water-catastrophe/
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    Yesterday, 08:29 AM
    Zippy doesnt work weekends, he works Bankster hours! :P
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:25 AM
    http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2016/september/28/the-symbiotic-relationship-between-central-banking-and-total-war/ Full article on link.
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    Yesterday, 07:16 AM
    Mission Accomplished!!
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    Yesterday, 04:28 AM
    Deutsche Bank Is Going Under: Is This the Real Reason Germans Were Told To Prepare For A National Crisis? http://daisyluther.com/deutsche-bank-is-going-under-is-this-why-germans-were-told-to-prepare-for-a-national-crisis/ There is a very real possibility that Deutsche Bank is going down. … Angela Merkel has stated that Deutsche Bank will not be getting a bailout from the European Central Bank … The Department of Justice recently issued a $14 billion fine to the bank to settle a mortgage-backed securities probe … the bank has no intention of paying. “Deutsche Bank has no intent to settle these potential civil claims anywhere near the number cited,” the company said … Deutsche Bank shares fell alarmingly this morning on the news that Merkel won’t support the bank. … Deutsche shares fell as much as six percent … early Monday … The bank has lost over 52 percent of its value since January and over 56 percent in the last twelve months. Earnings per share fell as much as €6. …
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    Yesterday, 04:19 AM
    Let's see who dies on the oversite committee.....or their families Maybe Assange has something soon
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