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    Yesterday, 07:33 PM
    Would Nazis still have felt the urge to gas and incinerate those held captive, had there not been a war at the time? (That's the crux of this currently non-existent debate.) Scarcity -- particularly food shortages, which would have been caused by disruptions in supply lines from the war -- can influence people to do things that they otherwise couldn't even imagine. (Though, this shouldn't be construed as an argument against capitalism, because price signals in the free market help to mitigate this lack of resources.) Now that I think about it: Has intervention by government ever solved anything? France helping the colonists during the American Revolution, perhaps? (But, look at the size of the Leviathan, now!) You can't escape natural law or economics.
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    08-12-2019, 01:08 AM
    One of these days, I'll eventually get around to re-posting the original text outside of quotes and with links to ease referencing. I have multiple reasons for writing all of this and persistently bumping, but the biggest one is this: do what you can in the here and now, because really, that's all you've got. Sometimes, governments serve the correct purpose. Actual criminals -- not merely dissidents -- are apprehended. Corrupt and fraudulent institutions are occasionally investigated. ("Even a broken clock is right twice a day.") Too often, political and philosophical discussions devolve into hypotheticals. Straw-man arguments help no one. Rather than waiting for ideal conditions, work with what you've got. Case in point: Medical Marijuana legalization. Relatively recent hemp legislation has made current methods for testing inadequate, as most of Texas' facilities are unable to determine the amount of THC on suspected contraband. (Being interrogated and potentially punished for a substance that you choose to put in your body is absurd, but it still happens.) Why does any of this matter? Per the original post, we're living in anarchy and governments exist within it. There are a myriad of ways to handle entanglements with the State, but reciprocating violence is the most dramatic. Pulling a trigger is easy, but few heed the consequences of hurting -- if not outright killing -- another human being. Why take such drastic action when the "law" suddenly shifts in the favor of the persecuted?
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