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    Yesterday, 06:34 PM
    Why do you think birth rates are lower than death rates? For what you say to be true, 10k a day retire while less than 10k join the workforce.
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    06-12-2018, 10:50 PM
    Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents. What is the ABAWD time limit? ABAWDs can only get SNAP for 3 months in 3 years if they do not meet certain special work requirements. This is called the time limit. To be eligible beyond the time limit, an ABAWD must work at least 80 hours per month, participate in qualifying education and training activities at least 80 hours per month, or comply with a workfare program. Workfare means that ABAWDs can do unpaid work through a special State-approved program. For workfare, the amount of time worked depends on the amount of benefits received each month. Another way one to fulfill the ABAWD work requirement is through a SNAP Employment and Training Program. The time limit does not apply to people who are unable to work due to physical or mental health reasons, pregnant, care for a child or incapacitated family member, or are exempt from the general work requirements.
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    06-12-2018, 07:02 PM
    Still 50 percent higher than before the crash while population has grown 8-9 percent.
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    06-09-2018, 05:20 PM
    David Gray - Fugitive
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    06-04-2018, 05:20 PM
    Filter the shower and dishwasher water and recycle it to the toilets.
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    06-01-2018, 10:35 PM
    I feel bad for the kid. His dads a pussy and people know it.
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    05-26-2018, 05:07 AM
    Best in Show is the movie about show dogs to watch. It's a classic.
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    05-21-2018, 09:44 PM
    Agreed. Which is why it is worthless.
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    05-21-2018, 09:41 PM
    The verbage isn't "not paying". It's value received. A very small amount of people don't directly pay. You're deflecting from the amount of money your employer pays for you which is income. The main reason you get it in the form of health care insurance is taxes. One isn't paying zero, one isn't paying $100, one isn't paying $200. It's about the median family. You explained the methodology. Which helps show why CPI is worthless.
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    05-20-2018, 11:18 PM
    The 155 million who get their insurance through their employer are paying a much higher percentage than 1%. Why in the world are grouping them and saying they pay little money? They're paying ~5k a year out of pocket. Quit saying that's a small number when it's not. It's no where near .7% of what the median family makes. Median family. CPI is fraud. "If your employer is covering 100% of your health insurance premiums, your costs are zero. " Tell me the percentage of people who receive that? If the employer is paying it the costs are the value of the coverage. That's a form of income. "Since 2001, the number of employers on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list who provide full health coverage to employees has dropped from 34 percent to just 9 percent in 2016." Employees not family members.
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    05-20-2018, 10:40 PM
    I am only counting the Insurance cost that comes directly out of pocket. If the percerntage was figured correctly one would add the employer contribution to income then divide that amount by the total cost and we'd be over 20 percent 15k/70k vs 5k/55k. This isn't about one person who happens to be covered by the VA or Medicare. It's about the median family and the costs associated with that median family. The median family is not paying $550 a year for Healthcare insurance. CPI is a scam
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    05-20-2018, 09:26 PM
    Insurance. Not total spent on healthcare. https://www.bls.gov/opub/hom/pdf/homch17.pdf 107 pages. Go to page 106 Under the heading Medical Care. Health insurance = .7 Look at your pie chart. Who in the world spends 1% on Food and Beverage. The link I listed says 15 percent.
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    05-19-2018, 08:51 PM
    We know CPI is meaningless. It says the cost of healthcare insurance is less than 1 percent when it's over to 10 percent. The median family makes 56-57k a year. One percent of that is $570 a year. They're paying around 5k a year.
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    05-17-2018, 10:25 PM
    The 3 month limit isn't followed much imo. Over 40 million on food stamps compared to 27 million before the crash. It's been over 10 years and while the population grew ~8% since 2007 food stamp usage is 50 percent higher compared to 2007 I can eat on $126 a month if I make all my meals at home.
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