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    01-12-2019, 08:22 AM
    I gotta give credit to Paul for calling the GOP's hypocrisy out -- "Meanwhile, the philosophy of the party’s base is, in essence, big government for me but not for thee." He's right that crony capitalism, or in many cases, outright socialism, is the lived out philosophy of the GOP writ large, something we all know. Us small government types are few and far between. My Fox News Trump loving relatives were hand-wringing about TSA agents quitting their jobs due to the uncertainty surrounding the shutdown, while I applauded and remarked that we'd be better off with no TSA. They thought I was crazy. "but 9/11 changed everything!" Smell the fear. I also agree with Krugman's implied point that conservatives everywhere should not only be cheering this, but begging for more of the same, and for outright elimination of these departments, not just a temporary shutdown. And i'm perfectly fine with ripping off the band-aid. His baiting the article with "food contamination", "farmers going broke", "small businesses failing" is the real joke -- anyone bought contaminated food since the shutdown?
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    01-07-2019, 09:58 AM
    Still chasing symptoms. Regardless of topic, any solutions presented should begin with shrinking fedgov. Immigration, healthcare, taxes, foreign policy, economy, environment, education, housing, and on and on it goes. Instead of adding additional gov intrusion into the problem, ask what the gov has done to incentivize the problem. In the case of the OP, employers are in a no-win situation with minimum wage laws and high taxes, regulations, influencing their hiring practices, as well as a decreased unskilled labor pool due to the welfare state. IMO, the immigration issue as related to hiring low wage workers is a symptom of an already overly intrusive federal gov't. If the employers are skirting the immigration laws due to other burdens, get rid of the burdens to allow them to hire without resorting to the gray market.
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    01-07-2019, 09:03 AM
    In the video, Chris Rossini describes a way for full reserve banks to exist and be profitable. Here's an old thread on the topic: Are there any 100% reserve banks in existence? In that thread, AlexMerced stated I'm wondering, why did Alex say the boldface? Is because, compared to existing banks, a full reserve bank would have to charge such high fees that it wouldn't be able to compete with the partial reserve banks who have the Fed as their lender of last resort/too big to fail protection? I'm thinking for those who are paying attention, at some point as the debt bubble/central bank model continues to become riskier, they will want to shift their deposits into a full reserve bank. Seems like that business model could be proven sustainable.
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    So very true!!
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    condolences. Christmas rep thread: 12-21-11 9:23 am mst to 12-21-11 4:30 pm mst. RIP. it will be missed.
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    Thank you.
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