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    Today, 07:49 PM
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    Today, 07:34 PM
    Commentary at Mises: On Wednesday, the Republican controlled house voted to further federalize gun laws in this country. … it expands the ability of the Federal government to restrict Americans’ right to bear arms. the NRA supported merging the bill aimed at nationalizing concealed carry permits with another piece of legislation aimed at “fixing” the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS.) … unfortunately this bill is simply another example of the Federal government using its own failure to justify expanding its own power. After all, the “Fix NICS” bill doesn’t seek to punish the US Air Force for its failure to properly process paperwork. Instead, it provides $760 million in additional funding for the Department of Justice to establish new guidelines … can also be used “to ensure maximum coordination” between State government and Indian tribes with the NICS. While the idea of bolstering the already existing Federal gun registry may strike some as relatively benign, it’s important to understand how it has been used in the past.
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    Today, 07:15 PM
    Don’t ‘Fix NICS,’ Trash It: Republicans are joining with Democrats to bring up gun control in the form of supposed “NICS Fix” bills, H.R. 4434 and S. 2135. … anything short of repealing the National Instant Check System (NICS) is the wrong move, both practically and in principle. … Dr. John Lott has shown that, according to Department of Justice data, 95 percent of initial denials are “false positives.” This can happen when an honest citizen attempts to purchase a gun—his or her name can be erroneously matched with a criminal’s name, and the citizen is then denied a gun. … Even if NICS was a perfect system, it still does not prevent bad guys from getting guns by other means. …
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    Today, 06:10 PM
    Da fuq you say. Where did I make that claim?
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    Today, 04:39 PM
    What's the guy's name again? Dick Gebhardt?
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    Today, 03:36 PM
    Well, the Sugar Industry will come right out and say that High Cholesterol is caused by too much red meat but definitely NOT sugar! NEVER sugar! Sugar doesnt cause inflammation, break down the blood-brain barrier making the brain cells susceptible to insulin spikes, thats caused by not paying out the ass for a good edjumacashun! Sugar doesnt cause diabetes! Nope nope! Wasnt us! Now look at this pretty chart exploiting Simpsons Paradox so everyone genuinely starts to believe that sugar doesnt cause diabetes, or ANY other health problems evarr!
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    Today, 01:40 PM
    More blowback against US foreign policy. Will the cycle of violence ever end?
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    Today, 12:28 PM
    Commentary from Mike Whitney: Thanks to the relentless arm-twisting of the Washington powerbrokers, the Russian Olympic team will not be allowed to compete in the 2018 Winter Games …Officially, this is being done to punish Russia for doping among athletes. In reality, the move was heavily lobbied for by the US and a series of allies, a push that was primarily about US-Russia tensions in recent years. — doping is nothing new in the world of sports … the United States has its share of skeletons in the closet too, as journalist Neil Clark points out ..: Wade Exum, the US Olympic Committee’s former Director of Drug Control, handed over more than 30,000 pages of documents to Sports Illustrated magazine and the Orange County Register, which he said showed that over 100 American athletes had failed drug tests between 1988-2000, but had still been allowed to compete. Carl Lewis, the US Olympian later admitted he had tested positive for banned substances before the 1988 Games in Seoul where he won Gold but claimed that ‘hundreds’ of fellow Americans had also escaped bans. “There were hundreds of people getting off,” Lewis said. “Everyone was treated the same.” But guess what? There was no McLaren style report and no blanket ban on US athletes.
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    Today, 11:17 AM
    “Trump to Let Assad Stay Until 2021, as Putin Declares Victory in Syria” on December 11. Lol,as if he has a choice.
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    Today, 11:10 AM
    It's a mad, mad, mad, world we live in these days.
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    Today, 02:43 AM
    More Fallout Updates: Israel’s claim to all of Jerusalem isn’t recognized by the international community or international law. … Great Britain announced it will maintain its embassy in Tel Aviv. Canada’s prime minister announced Canada is keeping its embassy in Tel Aviv … Since the United Nations Security Council has mandated that no unilateral changes can be made to the status of Jerusalem, the Security Council responded to the U.S. declaration by calling an emergency session December 8th. … What is unreported by NATO media is that following President Trump’s announcement the UN’s General Assembly on December 7th passed nine draft resolutions … Assistance to Palestine refugees, was adopted, 162 for and 1 (Israel) against … This resolution expresses extreme concern for Palestinian refugees under occupation and the urgent need for reconstruction of Gaza.
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    Today, 02:38 AM
    What letter? All I see is a link to Wiki Loser page.
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    Today, 01:36 AM
    Yeah, it's only December, but it's never too early for baseball. So crank up the hot stove league with the first story. Jack Morris and Alan Trammell are inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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    Today, 01:35 AM
    You can love your govt. Youre also "allowed" to even hate it. You could even organize protests and meaningful resistance to govt policies. All that matters is you pay your fucking taxes.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:25 PM
    People can read the thred and make up their own mind. I have better things to do than argue with someone for hours on the net. Just because you didn't use exact terms doesn't mean shit.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:17 PM
    Oh schucks, you're going to make me me cry you big meanie. Lol, blow it out your ass dickhead. I think you would be more at home with the freepers if they're still a thing.
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    Yesterday, 10:58 PM
    And your acting like something positive has come out of our interventions is making mine hurt. So give it a rest.
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    Yesterday, 10:45 PM
    Like the US military industrial complex?
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    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    Important to who?
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    Yesterday, 10:35 PM
    Trump ended up looking like the sham wow salesman that he is. Serves him right for caving to the neocon leftist war pigs.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:30 PM
    Mmm, mind loins.....that's better than brain worms.
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    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    Fake news, US backed forces didn't defeat anything in Syria. All the US did was back terrorists.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM
    People should know about what wacko-birds like this guy are saying. (How can 'Murrica defend against enemies and traitors if we don't know what they're thinking?) "Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Official TruthTM by the U.S. Government." Or something like that ...
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:04 PM
    Did he actually point the gun out the window? Or was he merely seen through the window from outside while he was handling the gun inside the room? I was under the impression that it was the latter, though I may be wrong. If he was pointing it out a window, then it is not entirely unreasonable for an onlooker to have thought that he might also have been about to fire the gun. (Why else point a gun out a window?) This raises an interesting question: what if you were an open-carrying mundane (or a concealed-carrying mundane, for that matter) and you saw someone waving or pointing a gun out a window? What would you do? Yanking out your gun and popping off rounds at the guy might be an overreaction (or maybe not, depending on what else you think is going on), but nonchalant indifference doesn't seem appropriate, either. Whatever one might do in such a situation, the upshot is surely that it not wise to point guns out of windows ... (especially in publicly trafficed areas like hotels ...) (DISCLAIMER: As anyone familiar with my posting history will already know, none of this should be construed as an attempt to suggest that the actions of the cops were in any way justified or excusable - or indeed, that their actions were anything but those of rabidly deranged killers.)
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    Yesterday, 07:24 PM (I havent seen this episode yet, but figured might as well start at the beginning) We've probably all seen video compilations of idiots doing stupid things on the road and see them constantly on the roads ourselves. One of the issues with those types of videos is the same thing we say every time we see an idiot driver: "What were they thinking"? So thats something I actually do like about this show so far in that we actually get to see the drivers in action instead of only being able to look at the results of their stupidity. Show is Canadian so Ive never heard of it before. If you havent seen it, enjoy, if youre interested... But, be forewarned, these people are true idiots. Next video is MUCH more interesting since it shows how much of a true idiot people can be. Its the first one of the series I watched...
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    Yesterday, 07:13 PM
    The same people that want knives to be dull, yet, still be perfectly sharp to cut avocados with.
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