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    Yesterday, 06:05 PM
    I wonder how much Stalin won by?
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    Yesterday, 05:49 PM
    Features are fine. Taking control away from drivers is not. If you turn your car left and the cars computer decides you should be turning right and the car goes right, that is dangerous. If you decide you dont have enough time to safely stop for a yellow light and the car disagrees with your decision and slams on the brakes, that is dangerous. If you decide to park your new car on your gravel driveway and the car wont let you because its not GPS mapped, thats dangerous. The real danger to freedom is the individuality that goes along with it. Stripping a person of individual choices and determining the course of their lives for them will always result in less benefits to those who are not allowed to think for themselves. This is control. They decide for you, not on what is best for you, but what is best for them. You are given an Illusion of Choice. Choose between Coke or Pepsi. McDonalds or Burger King. The choice you are never offered is to not buy either. Why? They dont care about you, they care about them. You are given a choice between which ads to watch, but never are allowed to choose no ads at all. You are given a choice of which city or state to pay taxes to, but are never allowed to choose to not pay taxes. The very idea that you have any choice at all itself is now under attack. Google decides what the temperature in your house should be. Amazon decides when it is time to go to the store and buy more milk. Now, the very choices that determine where you go are systematically being taken away until the only thing left to do is to watch the giant TV spout propaganda against the enemy of the week while you profess your eternal obedience to your overlords.
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    Yesterday, 05:31 PM
    Or maybe not drugs, but their employer went out of business?
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    Yesterday, 05:22 PM Full article on link. --- Why not just have Google do everything? Google Police, Google Prison, Google Tax, Google Food, Google Think?
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    Yesterday, 05:21 PM
    Lamp posted a visitor message on Kludge's profile
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    Yesterday, 05:17 PM Full article on link. --- Without privacy, all data can be used against you.
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    Yesterday, 04:30 PM
    Look at all the new cars with Tee-Vee screens in the dash boards......
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    Yesterday, 04:24 PM
    “My sources on this are telling me John Brennan is in a world of trouble right now,” Bongino told Fox News. “Back in August of 2016 he gives a private briefing to Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat, of course. He gives that briefing to Reid. Reid fires off a letter to the FBI. In that letter is information that clearly came from the dossier.” That means that at that point, Brennan was aware of the dossier, but in May of 2017, under oath, he denied knowing who commissioned it, said Bongino, ... “The CIA has a central role in the verification of foreign assets and information we get from foreign assets,” Bongino said. “It is not plausibly deniable that John Brennan did not know who commissioned that dossier he is in a world of trouble because he raised his right hand and he said the exact opposite.”
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    Yesterday, 03:45 PM
    John Brennan seems to be protesting McCabe criminal consequences too much. What is chronic criminal John Brennan worried about? Coming from John Brennan, the guy that supported the Communist Party US, the guy who got caught hacking Department of State passport files, and also got caught hacking US Senate computers and perjured himself before Congress (but at Brennan apologized after he got caught) and now looks like he perjured himself before Congress again with his dossier testimony. Why is Brennan not in prison for life. Prison for Brennan. 962872760883171328
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    Yesterday, 02:11 PM
    Videos 974540503143235584 974554891480739847
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    Yesterday, 01:55 PM
    Sweden prosecutes 65 year old woman for thought crimes for saying things the totalitarians forbid people to say. "65-year-old Christina faces ... eight charges of hate speech ... police had forced her into six separate interrogations and raided her home." Sweden has no free speech.
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    Yesterday, 01:45 PM
    In McCabe's death throes, McCabe exposes perjury committed by Comey: 975147001200259072 975136292261556224 From The Hill: McCabe is accused of misleading investigators about allegedly giving information to a former Wall Street Journal reporter about the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family’s charitable foundation. McCabe asserts in his post-firing statement that he not only had authority to “share” that information to the media but did so with the knowledge of “the director.” The FBI director at the time was Comey. ...
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    Right now its clear that statist secular humanism are effectively the law of the land. And ever since the 14th amendment the states are not allowed to do anything different.

    Its impossible for any standard of law to be neutral. That's the ultimate issue. And every idea of freedom that you hold dear, even if it is at some point abused or twisted, ultimately originates in Christianity.
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