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    Today, 03:52 AM
    Excerpts of the Chinese Government Response to Trump's "Totally destroy North Korea" speech - from the Global Times publication. The response speaks for itself: Trump’s UN address reduces hope of peace on Korean Peninsula "US President Donald Trump vowed to “totally destroy North Korea” at his UN address Tuesday. This is not what one expects from a US president. … it’s increasingly clear that pressure alone cannot address Pyongyang’s nuclear issue and actions should be taken to alleviate tensions on the peninsula. Vowing to “destroy” North Korea, Trump’s UN remarks dampened public hopes for the US to ease the situation. Facts prove Pyongyang won’t yield to pressure. Pushing North Korea to its limit may eventually trigger a bloody war.
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    Today, 03:33 AM
    Excerpts of the UN (Newspeak) Speech, : And it has just been announced that we will be spending almost $700 billion on our military and defense. Our military will soon be the strongest it has ever been. … I intend to address some of the very serious threats before us today but also the enormous potential waiting to be unleashed. … each day also brings news of growing dangers that threaten everything we cherish and value. Terrorists and extremists have gathered strength and spread to every region of the planet. Rogue regimes like Washington] represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other nations and their own people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity. Authority and authoritarian powers seek to collapse the values, the systems, and alliances that prevented conflict and tilted the world toward freedom since World War II. International criminal networks traffic drugs, weapons, people; force dislocation and mass migration just like sponsoring proxy rebellion and overthrowing government and bombing nations]; threaten our borders; and new forms of aggression exploit technology to menace our citizens. …
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    Today, 01:04 AM
    Zip & Co. most recent misspellings are pursuit (persuit) and truly (truely). See directly below. That avatar is disturbing.
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    Today, 12:21 AM
    They use this footage in the show.
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    Yesterday, 11:58 PM
    Part 5 just aired. It resumes on Sunday night with Part 6. There's some very riveting interview footage and other footage. Short interview excerpts: Short interview excerpts from multiple people, 2 1/2 minutes
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    Yesterday, 11:28 PM
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    Yesterday, 10:59 PM
    Next up, muslim 007.
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    Yesterday, 10:56 PM
    I have a better idea. Quite giving the government money and starve the beast.
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    Yesterday, 10:32 PM
    If North Korea would quite spending so much developing nukes and ICBM's maybe they would'nt have so many hungry kids. But then again if we weren't so hell bent on being world police maybe our grandkids wouldn't be in debt.
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    Yesterday, 09:59 PM
    Good question. I just copied the article but I agree.
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    Yesterday, 09:49 PM
    Food, Medical Aid Destined for Children, Pregnant Women Jason Ditz Posted on September 21, 2017 In a move no one expected, and which puts them squarely at odds with the US, South Korea today announced the provision of a new $8 million aid package for neighboring North Korea. The provision of humanitarian aid is directly in contrast with US calls for “more pressure.” South Korea’s Unification Ministry says that there is no risk of the aid being diverted to military use, and will not include any cash payments. Rather, the aid is to wholly be in the form of food and medicine for children and pregnant women. This is particularly timely, as North Korean Ambassador Han Tae Song was complaining to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Wednesday that the mounting UN-imposed sanctions are endangering local children, and forcing cuts in both health and education for them. That UN sanctions are predominantly hitting children is hardly a shock, as it’s generally the case with major sanctions against any country. That South Korea is mitigating the worst of this harm risks fueling leading to a US backlash, as the US and South Korea have long been on different pages on North Korea, as to whether to continue escalating tensions or try diplomacy.
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    Yesterday, 09:37 PM
    This comes as a surprise to you?
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:11 PM
    Turmeric is absolutely amazing. Had a friend that got Bell's Palsy and cured himself with Turmeric.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 PM
    This thread has gotten way crazy. dannno mentioned that Tulsi was similar to Kucinich and Madison320 started ripping on Kucinich- my response was: That both parties were meh- but Kucinich did agree with Ron Paul on some things and they both liked working together. Then suddenly I was a "communist" because I showed links that supported this. :rolleyes: I am a libertarian and I believe that there is no TWO PARTIES. It's all lies to make the sheeple concentrate on crap like this and miss what's actually going on.
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    Yesterday, 08:25 PM Full article on link. I think the real question here is can those things be "naturally" repaired too?
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    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:16 PM
    Good point. Politicians sell their votes.
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    Yesterday, 07:32 PM
    From ArmstrongEconomics September 21, 2017: "Spain has invaded Barcelona sending in an army of 16,500 as pretend riot police to effectively suppress and intimidate the people. Armed police have seized almost 10 million ballots … showing the entire world that Spain is still fascist … The Spanish police have beaten citizens as if this were some third world dictatorship ... The Spanish police have raided several print works and newspaper offices in Catalonia hunting for voting papers, ballot boxes and leaflets to be used in an October 1st independence … Madrid has revealed its true nature to the entire world on center stage and this is starting to show up in our models for Europe. … Thousands have taken to the streets in protest of what is clearly a full blown restoration of Spanish fascism. … shorting Spanish bonds has been outlawed. The free markets have been utterly destroyed. The ECB is buying all Spanish debt trying to pretend that confidence in Spain is strong. ...
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    Yesterday, 07:01 PM
    What's scary to me is that people who know how to use an X-Box controller are operating ANYTHING on a nuclear sub...
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