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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 04:58 PM
    Unless you're Ender Wiggins who saved the earth with video games. ;) These taxes are most likely unconstitutional which most taxes are- so we should all be somewhat concerned that everything is getting additional taxes upon taxes upon taxes.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 03:52 PM
    Paraphrasing SwordSmyth, but if I self identify as a 10 year old oriental female, does that mean that I will be prohibited from buying menthol vapes? Dutch man, 69, who 'identifies as 20 years younger' launches legal battle to change age Yes, people are actually trying to get away with this shit. They want all the Benefits of Self Identity as what ever the fuck they want, but NONE of the Consequences. Not to mention the flat out destruction of units of measurement. I mean why not self identify as a penis where inches are measured in centimeters, so I can make it sound like I got a massively huge johnson, and Americans cant seem to figure out the metric standard anyway?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 03:42 PM
    Money Printing is Counterfeiting Yes, this does relate to "Amusement Tax". First, we need to understand how our money works, as simply as it can be put: Monetary Policy - "Print" The Money (via Loans) Fiscal Policy - "Destroy" the Money (via Taxation) All money printed must be destroyed. Every dollar in your pocket and bank acct represents someones debt to someone else. Welfare is no different, but instead of that Debt representing one person, it represents everyone who uses the US Dollar by using Inflation as an Invisible Tax on the Value of that dollar.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 02:46 PM
    MofA: Acosta and Assange CNN asked the court for a preliminary restraining order against the White House revocation of Acosta's 'hard pass'. It was granted today based on case law related to the Fifth Amendment due process argument. Preliminary orders are not final judgments. … left open the possibility that the White House could seek to revoke it again if it provided that due process, emphasizing the "very limited" nature of his ruling and saying he was not making a judgment on the First Amendment claims that CNN and Acosta have made. The judge seems to thinks that the White House was justified but acted in a too chaotic manner when it revoked Ascota's 'hard pass' without citing rules or regulations. It is most likely that the White House will now create such rules pertaining White House access and press conferences. It will then use those to again limit Acosta's access. … A number of other media organizations supported the CNN case by filing amicus briefs. … The more the media engages on his site, the more will the White House push back by creating stricter regulations. These regulations, once they are laid out, will be used against all media. If not by this administration then by the next one. It would also be nice if these first amendment defenders would take up a real first amendment case … Julian Assange, the publisher of Wikileaks, has been indicted by the Justice Department for publishing truthful information about illegal and outrageous behavior of the U.S. government and U.S. politicians. I don't see any of those who defend the obnoxious behavior of Acosta, taking a first amendment stand in the case against Wikileaks and Assange. … The indictment of Assange is a grave threat to press freedom. Where are the editorials defending him?
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 02:15 PM
    Glenn Greenwald: As the Obama DOJ Concluded, Prosecution of Julian Assange for Publishing Documents Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedom THE TRUMP JUSTICE DEPARTMENT inadvertently revealed in a court filing that it has charged Julian Assange in a sealed indictment. The disclosure occurred through a remarkably amateurish cutting-and-pasting error in which prosecutors unintentionally used secret language from Assange’s sealed charges in a document filed in an unrelated case. Although the document does not specify which charges have been filed against Assange, the Wall Street Journal reported that “they may involve the Espionage Act, which criminalizes the disclosure of national defense-related information.” Over the last two years, journalists and others have melodramatically claimed that press freedoms were being assaulted by the Trump administration due to trivial acts such as the President spouting adolescent insults … or banning Jim Acosta from White House press conferences due to his refusal to stop preening for a few minutes so as to allow other journalists to ask questions. Meanwhile, actual and real threats to press freedoms that began with the Obama DOJ and have escalated with the Trump DOJ – such as aggressive attempts to unearth and prosecute sources – have gone largely ignored if not applauded. But prosecuting Assange and/or WikiLeaks for publishing classified documents would be in an entirely different universe of press freedom threats. Reporting on the secret acts of government officials or powerful financial actors – including by publishing documents taken without authorization – is at the core of investigative journalism. From the Pentagon Papers to the Panama Papers to the Snowden disclosures to publication of Trump’s tax returns to the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, some of the most important journalism over the last several decades has occurred because it is legal and constitutional to publish secret documents even if the sources of those documents obtained them through illicit or even illegal means. The Obama DOJ – despite launching notoriously aggressive attacks on press freedoms – recognized this critical principle when it came to WikiLeaks. It spent years exploring whether it could criminally charge Assange and WikiLeaks … It ultimately decided it … could not do so, consistent with the press freedom guarantee of the First Amendment. … such a prosecution would pose a severe threat to press freedom because there would be no way to prosecute Assange for publishing classified documents without also prosecuting the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian and others for doing exactly the same thing. …
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 01:52 PM
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM
    And we see this happening on a daily basis- worldwide, the US, local communities, and this forum.
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  • Root's Avatar
    Today, 11:26 AM
    The wuss-i-fication of Harley Davidson.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Today, 11:20 AM
    They just need to put some speakers on it with a 1000 watt amp, playing the sounds of a locomotive.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 10:08 AM
    2 Navy SEALs, 2 Marines Charged with Murder of Green Beret Two Navy SEALs and two Marine Raiders are facing murder charges in the 2017 death of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in a house in Mali, according to charge sheets obtained by USNI News. The SEALs and Marines are all charged with murder and obstructing justice in the June 4, 2017 death of Melgar. The charge sheets accuse the four of breaking into Melgar’s room, binding him with duct tape while a SEAL choked Melgar to death and then lying to investigators about what had happened. … While the redacted charge sheets provided to USNI News neither identify the SEALs nor the Marines, a 2017 Army Criminal Investigation Command report identified the SEALs involved in the incident as Petty Officer Antony DeDolph and Chief Petty Officer Adam Cranston Matthews. According to the CID report, a witness said DeDolph admitted he had “choked Logan out” after he and Matthews bound Melgar with duct tape. A medical examiner ruled Melgar’s death a homicide by asphyxiation. None of the suspects are in pretrial confinement.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 AM
    Mali: Two Navy Seal Team 6 Members Under Suspicion of Strangling Army Green Beret in Mali "No one has been charged in Sergeant Melgar’s death, which a military medical examiner ruled to be a homicide — strangulation, said three military officials ... The death has been shrouded in mystery, and the biggest unanswered question is why Sergeant Melgar was killed. “NCIS does not discuss the details of ongoing investigations,” Ed Buice, the agency’s spokesman, said ... The uncertainty has left soldiers in the tight-knit Green Beret community to speculate whether the killing might have been the result of a personal dispute among housemates gone horribly wrong or whether Sergeant Melgar might have stumbled upon some illicit activity the SEALs were involved in, and they silenced him. ..."
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:59 AM
    The idiot cop was far more of a menace than the guy he pulled over. Passing on the shoulder doing 130? He's lucky he didn't kill somebody. But hey, with a little more training he'll be just fine.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 07:10 AM
    Its never about the kids. Its about politicians selling themselves and tricking people to give up rights to protect kids. Those that surrender liberty in exchange for security receive nor deserve neither.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 03:31 AM
    Crying shame.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:47 AM
    Small potatoes compared to drugs. The influence would be drastically reduced.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 AM
    Well, her daddy is quite the ribbon cutter, it runs in the family.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 AM
    If it wasn't a crime there would be no opportunity.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:19 AM
    I believe you have (slowly) learned to modify your activity to reduce criticism.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:11 AM
    Dude, you're arguing with a true believer. You might as as well be trying to convince a devout Catholic the Pope is fallible.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM
    I would feel a lot safer if the government wasn't there to protect me.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:55 PM
    by Maj. Danny Sjursen Posted on November 16, 2018 This article originally appeared at TruthDig. The whole charade plays best as farce. Absurdity incarnate. The sight of former President George W. Bush receiving a medal from Democrat Joe Biden – once an ardent opponent of Bush’s war policy – in Philadelphia for “his work with veterans,” on Veterans Day no less, induced nothing short of a gag from this veteran of two Bush wars – Iraq and Afghanistan. George W. Bush, after all, led the U.S. military – to which I’ve dedicated my adult life – into two ill-advised perpetual wars, one of which was objectively illegal and immoral. In that war, in Iraq, some 7,000 American troops – including three of mine – were killed fighting in an unwinnable quagmire. Furthermore, though it slipped the attention of an American citizenry best known for its provincial inwardness, at least 250,000 Iraqis – mostly civilians – were killed. In a just world this would be labeled what it is – a war crime – but in this era of American hegemony, the populace simply sighs with apathy. Now, we are told, it is time to congratulate Mr. Bush on his post-presidency work with the very veterans he created. Somehow, his choice to spend his retirement painting the faces of the misemployed, and often damaged, veterans he brought into being absolves him from the crimes of what this author is certain will be remembered as one of the worst presidencies in history. This fanfare is post-factual and illogical, but it certainly reflects our times. Only in the era of Donald Trump could such a flawed and ignoble figure as George W. Bush appear gallant. Then again, we should have seen it coming. When a bipartisan consensus of warhawks turned out to share candy and venerate the militaristic legacy of Sen. John McCain – complete with both Barack Obama and George W. Bush as keynote speakers – it was only a matter of time until Bush and his murderous administration were rehabilitated.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:38 PM
    "you people"? Get a job you leech.
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