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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 AM
    The FBI is a terrorist organization. If the various incitements to violence mentioned in the OP article are not sufficient to demonstrate this, then there's the 1993 World Trade Center bombing ... The bomb would have been a dud if the FBI had not explicitly instructed the bomb maker (who was an FBI informant) to make certain that the bomb would actually work. Several people died as a result.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 10:10 AM
    From 2011, Chronic FBI law-breaking: Compelled by a lawsuit, the government was recently forced to release files detailing abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in investigating cases between 2001 and 2008. … the 2,500 heavily redacted files show evidence of chronic abuse at rates far surpassing any previous estimates … In a recently released report analyzing the files, the EFF asserts that between 2003 and 2006 there is evidence that as many as 17,000 abuses may have occurred, “or an average of 4,250 serious intelligence violations per year.” … the FBI “engaged in a number of flagrant legal violations,” including “submitting false or inaccurate declarations to courts; using improper evidence to obtain federal grand jury subpoenas; accessing password protected documents without a warrant.” … Government protocol requires that when such potential or actual abuses are discovered internally, they must be investigated, and a report documenting the abuses needs to be filed with the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) … in response to evidence of rampant violations in the FBI’s investigations … “…n average, 2.5 years elapsed between a violation’s occurrence and its eventual reporting to the IOB,” … Further, which abuses are reported is clearly at the FBI’s discretion…
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 10:07 AM
    Praetorians gonna praetorian ... FTA:
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 09:43 AM
    And this does not even include the FBI's current crimes, corruption, attempts to rig the United States presidential election, political espionage, and felonious cover-up up, and concealment and collusion of their own crimes as well as the crimes committed by the Bureau heads' championed candidate.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 09:32 AM
    Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI: A Brief Overview of FBI's Long History of Law-breaking and Abuse of Power A 1924 American Civil Liberties Union report warned that the FBI had become “a secret police system of a political character.” In the 1930s, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court feared that the FBI had bugged the conference room where justices privately wrangled over landmark cases, as Tim Weiner noted in his “Enemies: A History of the FBI.” In 1945, President Harry Truman noted that “We want no Gestapo or Secret Police. FBI is tending in that direction.” And FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover compiled a list of 20,000 “potentially or actually dangerous” Americans who could be rounded up and locked away in one of the six detention camps the federal government secretly built in the 1950s. From 1956 through 1971, the FBI’s COINTELPRO program conducted thousands of covert operations to incite street warfare between violent groups, to get people fired, to smear innocent people by portraying them as government informants, to sic the IRS on people, and to cripple or destroy left-wing, communist, white racist, antiwar, and black organizations (including Martin Luther King Jr.). These operations involved vast numbers of warrantless wiretaps and illicit break-ins and resulted in the murder of some black militants. … Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) issued a damning report on FBI abuses of power that should be mandatory reading … we learned five years ago that the FBI explicitly teaches its agents that “the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others.” … an FBI academy ethics course taught new agents that subjects of FBI investigations have "forfeited their right to the truth." … the 2015 Washington Post bombshell about false FBI trial testimony that may have sentenced 32 innocent people to death? … the Branch Davidians — 80 of whom died after the FBI assaulted their ramshackle home with tanks and pyrotechnic devices and collapsed much of the building on their heads even before fires burst out. …
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  • Root's Avatar
    Today, 07:34 AM
    This thread needs pictures and examples. Perhaps a chart or two.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Today, 06:38 AM
    My resposes in bold, too much of a pain to do it otherwise on a tablet. Computer down...
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 AM
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  • TER's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 AM
    It’s not about winning for the sake of winning. It’s about avoiding the costs of allowing a greater evil to take hold. And not for my sake primarily, but the sake of my family and loved ones. That is the fight we have, the struggle we face, the cross we carry. Namely, to turn away from the darkness and towards the Light. Trump is not our Savior. Jesus Christ is. Whoever thinks Trump is our Savior is sorely mistakened.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:50 PM
    Greetings my good friend. Sessions is not Ron Paul. Nevertheless, he has a role to play, and in time, I believe you will remember him fondly not for the things he did which you disagreed with, but for the things he did which you did in fact agree with.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:48 PM
    Trump’s pissing is better than the globalist, elitist, Soros-bought, satanic shitting that has been dropping on us for some time now. His is a boot I much rather prefer than the one whose ‘leaders’ and their Marxists idealists have been choking us with and destroying this nation.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:45 PM
    I'll have to disagree with you on that, but good to see you here again.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:34 PM
    If we are dead inside, it is our own fault. It is we who choose death instead of life. I want neither one world government or the end times, so in my single case, you are completely wrong. What I want is freedom, however, because of the evil in the world, “freedom” has been subverted into acceptance and glorification of debauchery, selfishness, and all sorts of moral depravity. All these enslaving passions and base desires under the guise of “freedom”, when what they really are is death and darkness. True life, true freedom, only comes with obedience to Him Who fashioned us out of dust and Who grants us Resurrection. All other paths lead to emptiness, to corruption and to a name which is forgotten.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 PM
    Pray for me, a sinner, and pray for our President, just as we do every Lord’s Day. Pray that the Lord blesses him and helps him do what is right and to the glory of God. Trump is a sinner, as we all are, but what he is fighting against is much more sinister. I hope you are well my brother. Stay strong and stay safe. Pray often.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:21 PM
    Yes, but in death, not everyone will inherit eternal life. Neither the fornicators like Drudge who is compromised, nor the deceivers.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 PM
    Trump is not the Savior. Jesus Christ is. Nevertheless, he is the best President in a hundred years. I don’t know much, but I feel certain about at least this one thing. In the future, the trolls here and elsewhere will be known by name.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:16 PM
    Long time no see Clyde. It sounds like he's one of the good guys, no doubt there will be a bimbo explosion in short order. I'm sure the press will fabricate some outrage he supposedly commited.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:05 PM
    Sessions is a white hat. He is one of us. All in good time.
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:04 PM
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  • TER's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:58 PM
    The clouds are gathering and the Storm is arriving. Woe to the Shareblue trolls and paid shills who commit subterfuge through deceit on election ballots and also on the internet. They will answer for their sins. 4000+ sealed indictments. Tick tock indeed...
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  • ClydeCoulter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:39 PM
    John, he has documented his stances on every issue over the years. You'll find a lot of reading, including his annotated U.S. and Indiana constitutions, at his wordpress site at the link in the OP.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:06 PM
    This is worth watching
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:01 PM
    Corrupt Comey posts "insightful" tweet and gets blasted with metaphorical mirrors. 940972563332780032 940972804844998656 940972687484182534 940972809274187777
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
    This just confirmed today: A co-founder of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS acknowledged in a new court document that his company hired the wife of a senior Justice Department official to help investigate then-candidate Donald Trump last year. The confirmation from Glenn Simpson came in a signed declaration filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., and provided a fuller picture of the nature of Nellie Ohr’s work … Her husband, Bruce Ohr, was demoted at the DOJ last week for concealing his meetings with the same company … Simpson said he … met personally with Bruce Ohr, “at his request, after the November 2016 election to discuss our findings regarding Russia and the election.”
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:37 PM
    Rep. Jim Jordan: Listen you can’t make this stuff up. It gets worse each and every day … if this actually happened the FBI had a concerted effort with the people at the top to go after one party’s nominee to help the other party’s nominee. If that actually happened in the United States of America and everything each and every day points to more and more likely that that is what took place, it is sad for our country if that took place. And I think it did based on everything I am seeing. All the evidence points to that. ...
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    Well isn't that special. Here's Trey Gowdy blasting Rosenstein on the mountain-size avalanche of overt corruption and conflicts of interests uncovered among Mueller and his team, and the corruption and conflicts just keep accumulating virtually by the hour. Trey: the whole purpose of a special counsel is to avoid conflicts of interest and corruption in the investigation, yet we've gotten nothign but corruption and conflicts from Mueller and his team.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:31 PM
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:28 PM
    Someone needs,an intervention, it's called the MIC.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:52 PM
    heavenlyboy34 - Any luck by changing the Boot Order in BIOS?
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