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    Today, 08:56 AM
    The Syria Plan This administration is working to advance an agenda the ends of which are functionally identical not only to that of toxic Never-Trump neoconservatives like Bill Kristol and John McCain, but to Obama and Hillary Clinton as well. ... a military agenda which transcends party boundaries and remains in effect no matter who is in office surely points to an unelected power establishment calling the shots from behind the scenes. ... this administration’s plan of an invading military force holding a sovereign nation at gunpoint until its leader is replaced by someone the invading force finds more acceptable is already intrinsically evil ... 1. It needlessly keeps US troops in harm’s way. Tillerson said it plans to keep 2,000 troops in Syria to ... the real number is actually 5,000 troops plus an equal number of contractors. That’s a lot of young Americans sitting around in a region full of factions that don’t want them there, which could potentially erupt into full-scale warfare. And for what? To advance the ongoing agendas of America’s unelected power establishment. To win the geopolitical games played by a few powerful elites who do not care about US troops. ... The US power establishment has been plotting for years to topple Syria ... saturating the west in propaganda about that nation for a long, long time. ... this is about ousting a leader who refuses to bow to the agendas of a few globalist elites. That’s not worth putting US troops in harm’s way. 2. Someone needs to slam the brakes on the neocons. ...
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    Today, 08:28 AM
    And that, my friend, is exactly why Christ established a Church, and not a book, to the be pillar and foundation of the truth. It is only with consensus amongst holy, devout and faithful people, seeking unity in mind and spirit with God and one another, wherethrough the Holy Spirit works and the truth is reliably revealed. ‘For where there is two or three, I am amongst them’. The greatest heretics have come from those who use their interpretation of the Scriptures to be correct against the age old witness of the Church, putting their individual and minority view against the consistent voice of the Saints which have piously and devoutly handed down the teachings of the fathers before them. When St. Paul converted and before he went out to be the great Apostle to the Gentiles, he went first to the leaders of the Church in Jerusalem to make sure he had the right handle on the beliefs and wasn’t just interjecting his own opinions and made up theories. This is the Christian way. When the first council in Jerusalem occurred, it was the leaders (the hierarchy) coming together in prayerful deliberation whereby the Holy Spirit acted and the truth and the will of God was revealed. This has always been the mechanism established by God whereby differences in theological opinion was sorted out within the believers so that the truth may be manifest.
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    Today, 08:04 AM
    Here's your 'general welfare' :
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    Today, 12:32 AM
    Talk about "moral sewer." The thoughtomato's defense of this lunacy judicial ruling reveals the true moral sewer. Were we to start imprisoning women or men who are dishonest with their would be consensual lovers then the world needs a massively lager prison system. How many men or women have consensual sex with a partner who turns out to still be married, or in another relationship, or cheats on them, or a person that misrepresents his income or status, or who misrepresents her financial stability hiding her $100k in debt, or misrepresents their religious piety, or a pretends to be more liberal or conservative than they really are, or college students that falsely pretend to be Republican or Democrat to build rapport toward that hook up with that hot stud or that hottie, or the Spanish guy that presents as an Italian stud because he thinks the chicks will be more into him, and the list goes on. Should we imprison now half US college population? And what if the roles were reversed. What if an Israeli man went to a nightclub and presented as Arabic and had consensual relations with an Arabic woman. Do you really think Israel would be imprisoning that man for consensual sex? Not on your life. There is no equal protection in a state implemented separate and unequal apartheid judicial system. No, the real crime is the consensual relations between and Arab and a Israeli Jew. Israel's Geocartography Institute found that more than 50 per cent of Israeli Jews thought marrying an Arab was a criminal offense "equal to national treason". This is a government that kills and maims and kidnaps on a regular basis, that turns a blind eye to paramilitary organizations that invade Palestinian villages to wreak violence to "persuade" residents and neighboring villages to leave so that they can be bulldozed and converted to new settlements. It is a practice that has been going on for decades. Manachem Begin used to lead one of these paramilitary terrorist organization, and was actually wanted as a terrorist by the UK government as well as a prior Israeli government. Yet rather than face consequences for his crimes, he was founded the Likud party and the terrorist was elected Prime Minister. WTF? In just the first 2 weeks of 2018 , this government has already killed three Palestinian children and eight adults. Will any of the perpetrators end up in prison? Heck no. It is an apartheid state with a rigged judicial system with no such thing as equal protection. If the Israeli government wants complete segregation from any Palestinians than go back to recognizing the two separate states and be done with it. Otherwise insisting on the one state solution, concentration zones, police state abuses, apartheid, unequal judicial system, theft, murder, kidnapping, and more means they have an extreme and horrific human rights issue. It must end and the US government must stop supporting it.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 12:32 AM
    I didn't switch the subject- YOU did. You want more fed gov to solve your hate problems- I don't. States rights are buried and you want a complete funeral- I don't. Welcome to The Matrix- you should be nice & comfy in your permanent embryo state.
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    Yesterday, 11:45 PM
    This is the type of irrational mindlessness one often hears from other state worshipers. For instance one may explain the virtues of free market, or elimination of the income tax, or vastly shrinking government. In response, rather than any sort of rational thought, one receives bizarre knee jerk labels like "you're racist" for wanting low taxes, or "you're fascist" for wanting smaller government or some other equally ludicrous non sequitur. Or one exposes the asinine totalitarian abuses of a despotic statist government and the thoughtomato with the same "moral sewer" willfully ignorant mindset defending such radical and evil statism, murder , theft, makes an equally unintelligent and bizarre non sequitur that one is a "Marxist" for exposing truth and such statist abuses.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:42 PM
    I'm not distressed, it's not about me. It’s that unbelievers or people who are on the fence are continually being misled by this religion section. There's a lot more to be said about that, but the last thing I feel like doing right now is getting into an argument with you. Thank you for sharing your testimony. And thank you for speaking out on these threads. You're absolutely right that God is not a capricious, monster control freak puppetmaster, as Calvinists portray him. The funny thing is, they sound exactly like Christian hating hard-core atheists. Exactly.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:36 PM
    Damn Ruskies, always sticking their nose in other people's business.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 PM
    So, you want more fed gov to take care of states rights that you don't approve of? Just what we need more gov control over everything. What we need is .gov out of everything- including entitlements, education, medicine, property, et al. Then, guess what? FREEDOM.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:00 PM
    As usual with this type of controversial subject, I'll keep my big mouth shut until later in the thread so I dont edge anyone elses opinion out in the OP, or cause unintentional bias. Debate!
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:25 PM
    YOU brought up the 10 Amendment. The 10th Amendment is to INSURE STATES RIGHTS. Under the 10th, the feds have no right to invade a state and tell them what they can or cannot do- especially when common law prevails. The "Civil" War took away the remaining rights of States and made the US into a corporate entity with elites who are only there for themselves. This is completely AGAINST the 10th Amendment that you brought up.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:49 PM
    I think that a true Christian society would be completely voluntary, so from the outside it might look a bit like socialism/communism. But as a voluntary society, people would help each other and provide needs for each other because they wanted to- not because they were forced.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:39 PM
    Lookin' in the mirror Mr Name-Caller? I posted exactly from the 10th Amendment Center: Got it now?
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    Dems are having a field day with this on social media... 954582373303308294
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  • lilymc's Avatar
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
    I'm thinking NC was right and that we should throw out the whole religion section. It likely does more harm than it does good. And things never change around here.
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:52 PM
    Lol, I can see this thread is going nowhere here. + rep anyway.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:39 PM
    Ender replied to a thread Target: Iran in World News & Affairs
    Exactly- But that evil Iran is baaaaaad for wanting to have it's oil profits go to the Iranian people and for taking back it's country from the US/Brit coupe, in 1979.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:35 PM
    Liberty. And I'd +rep you if I could.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:34 PM
    I absolutely addressed the subject of the thread- which is STATES RIGHTS. And I am not an anarchist and have hardly ever responded to your threads.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:20 PM
    Yeah, I've been hoping for a smaller government. It's too bad this isn't really one of those things that causes smaller government. They just say they are shutting down, but they keep spending the money anyway.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:15 PM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Iran in World News & Affairs
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:14 PM
    Germany ends weapons sales to Saudi.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:05 PM
    Enough with the political circus and show-boating. Someone needs to go Adam Schiff and just leak the memo and the supporting evidence.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:48 PM
    Article from ZeroHedge: Washington And Allies Go Orwellian On Korea Peace Talks Just as North and South Korea achieve important peaceful exchanges, Washington and its NATO allies appear to be moving with determination to sabotage the initiative ... Further, the reckless, gratuitous provocations beg the conclusion that the United States is indeed trying to start a war. ... Meanwhile, unprecedented accusations this week by US President Donald Trump that Russia is supporting North Korea to evade United Nations sanctions also point to the danger that any conflict could spiral ... Trump’s verbal broadside suggests that Washington is trying to undermine the nascent talks between the two Koreas, talks which Russia and China have both applauded as a long-overdue diplomatic effort ... The conference, co-hosted by Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, issued a stridently bellicose statement, calling in effect for North Korea to surrender its nuclear weapons or face US-led military action. Significantly, and pointedly, China and Russia were not invited ... The anachronism of countries like Britain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands and Norway attending a conference on the Korean crisis while Asia-Pacific powers Russia and China being excluded ... is not only absurd ... it reprises a provocative “war summit” message. ...
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:21 PM
    Same. Miss Grigg, tons. :(
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:18 PM
    The US has been doing that for a century- shocker.
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