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    Today, 04:26 PM
    Hegalian Dialectic - Problem Reaction Solution The whole narrative is Argument Bait intended to keep us fighting amonst ourselves instead of considering REAL solutions, such as Free Market and supporting Uncensored Platforms. They work BACKWARDS. They WANT power to Censor Websites at the highest level. That is their goal. They want to ELIMINATE FREE SPEECH, but for that to happen, they create Problems to which the Reaction is to call for MORE GOVT as the SOLUTION. Think backwards on that. To get a Solution that allows Govt to tell everyone "Ban these people but not those", they need the perception of support from as many as possible. To get that support, they do everything in their power to show that "Free Speech Is Bad". To do that, going backwards, they artifically manufacture a Problem. They are about to get their Solution, where Admins and Private Site Owners are forced to abide by the SCOTUS ruling. Free Speech must be protected. But what they are offering us to protect our Free Speech will have the exact OPPOSITE result. Second thing to note is the COMMUNIST approach to the solution, the ELIMINATION OF PRIVATE PLATFORMS, so everything is Govt run, owned, operated, and regulated into oblivion. The Law is being exploited to eliminate competition of websites that truly do NOT Censor based on political views.
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    Today, 04:11 PM
    I did notice but refrained from saying anything. Reason being is I dont know what is true, and constantly "flipping the coin" back and forth between "possibly true" and "possibly false" and looking for other evidence on both sides to try to conclude what is really going on before making statements. I am also tempted to say "everyone knows MSM flat out lies", but I cant because so many people continuously fall for their endless stream of lies and genuinely believe what they say without even bothering to challenge the idea that what is being said is complete fiction. Wanna know someone else thats a Master Manipulator of Psychology? Hillary Clinton. A person does not need to have a PHD in Psychology to weaponize its effects, no more than a person must have a degree in ANY subject to understand that subject. There are plenty of programmers who are self taught. So heres the thing. Psychology is basically the science that human behavior is predictable. The predictability is based on variables. What they are toying with is those variables. If a person believes something to be true, it influences their behavior in predictable ways. This is most notable when the average person is challenged with Figures of Authority, such as The Milgram Experiments, where the majority of participants continued to obey authority and issue electric shocks to the other actors. It is even beneficial to the Elite when not everyone agrees because it creates a platform upon which contention and infighting occur. The variablility is caused by small adjustments in how people perceive things. Things such as "Authority ordered me to do this, thus, it is morally okay" when it isnt. The results of that is the victims internalize the blame instead of placing that blame squarely on those who express zero sympathy or emotional responses to extreme conditions. It displaces the Self Identity thru various attack vectors on the minds of the subjects so that the Brainwashing can replace Self Identity with Artificial Identity that serves the Elite. It simultaneously absolves the Criminal Elite of most of their actions, allowing Sociopaths to gain positions of power in society. Whether the entire Ford thing is an Artificial Narrative, or a Genuine Victim, it is being SPUN in such a way as to benefit the Elite. The core idea of "You need us to protect you from those we tell you is bad" is reinforced over and over again. That is Brainwashing. Repeating the Lie until most people accept it, and causes infighting against those that dont blindly accept it. The Lie is repeated in various forms so that the majority of people flat out miss the underlying message being the exact same as others. You need us to protect you from: Weather, Rape, Religion, Money Collapse, Evil Country, Brown People, White People, Immigrants, Poisonous Products, Asteroids, Aliens, Demons, Morons, Cars, Stupid Drivers, Diseases. Its the same message in EVERY category you can dream of.
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    Today, 03:54 PM
    So why even bother posting?
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    Today, 02:24 PM
    Maybe she meant to imply she is a Trans-Native American.
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    Today, 01:04 PM
    When he brings the troops home, closes bases, gives people back their countries and stops the WoD and the WoT, I'll trust him & .gov. Until then? NO.
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    Today, 01:01 PM
    Again- I am NOT a Warren fan- that said: The "Warren Indian BS" was started by a political opponent. HE claimed she had lied about being Indian for scholarships/jobs etc. This has been disputed by both the university and The Globe did an extensive study of this. I understand her family Indian affiliation as Indian stories have been passed down through my family, as well. Supposedly I am 1/16 Indian, but I look like Legolas and have never had my DNA done.
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    Today, 12:26 PM
    If Trump, as president, can lambast people publicly from his Twitter account, shouldn't people be allowed to lambast back?
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    Today, 11:57 AM
    Murder Most Foul in Istanbul By Eric Margolis October 19, 2018 
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    Today, 11:34 AM
    A few years ago LA doctors went on strike and the death rate went.....DOWN. :hearnoevil:
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    Today, 11:29 AM
    Ender replied to a thread Rand Paul 2020 in U.S. Political News
    I'll take Rand any day.
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    Today, 11:18 AM
    This caravan from Honduras is a direct consequence of the US meddling in Honduras for decades, The US is the invader. Just like Iran, the US staged a coup & also have military all over country, including bases. The US uses Honduras as an access to many other countries it is meddling in and constantly overthrowing. The crime & poverty growth in Honduras is a direct result of US invasion.
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    Today, 11:11 AM
    After decades of beheading or killing critics, Washington and US Media Moguls suddenly Cry Murder Most Foul in Istanbul over Kashoggi. Comments from Eric Margolis After watching the Saudis behead and even reportedly crucify critics and opponents for decades, suddenly Washington’s great and good are outraged by a single murder. The victim was a Saudi columnist … linked to the former Saudi intelligence chief, Turki al-Faisal. But even gentle criticism of the royal government, and particularly its strongman, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (aka MBS), caused Khashoggi to be murdered and cut up into pieces in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, to where he was lured last week and from whence he never emerged alive. Turkish intelligence … monitoring … picked up the gruesome details as Khashoggi’s fingers were reportedly cut off, followed by his head. Khashoggi wrote for numerous papers, including The Washington Post. He had become a pesky journalist who irked the headstrong Saudi crown prince … Crown Prince Mohammed has been arresting, detaining, shaking down and intimidating his subjects, all applauded by Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner who is deep in bed with the moneybags Saudis. I’m surprised that the Saudis didn’t ask the Israelis, who are very good at assassination and kidnapping, to go after Khashoggi. …
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    Today, 11:06 AM
    As I've posted many times, the only reason marijuana became illegal was to make hemp illegal. Big Corps colluded w/the government to get rid of hemp because it was stronger & better than steel, cotton etc. and can also make oil, w/o destroying the environment. Gov gave cannabis the Mexican nickname of "marijuana" to make it sound more evil to 'Murikans. The WoD came about to support the alphabets; drugs are a prime source of income "an' they don' like no competition". Cannabis is truly valuable & can help with many physical & mental issues.The worst things that can come from marijuana is more laughter & a relaxed atmosphere.
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    Today, 10:48 AM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Socialism 101 in U.S. Political News
    Peter Schiff crushes socialist economist in interview debate
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    Today, 10:40 AM
    Tucker definitely lost this argument big time. Tucker: Yes its still illegal but “No, no one in most places is arrested for a joint.” It is criminal but not enforced, and we should keep it criminal but not enforce it. - that's just bizarre. As Adam Dick point out in the RPI article, he is also blatantly wrong about not being enforced, 659,000 arrests last year alone:the numbers ... from US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data: 659,700 marijuana arrests in America in 2017, accounting for 40.4 percent of drug arrests that year and made up mostly of arrests for mere marijuana possession ...
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    Today, 10:25 AM
    The storage problem applies to giant centralized solar and wind farms as well, but on a scale massively larger and requires a massive distribution network. Storage is an issue but easier to accomplish on small scale consumer end point, and eliminated the necessity of gargantuan distribution and transmission networks.
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    Today, 09:32 AM Tucker Carlson’s Marijuana Malarkey written by adam dick friday october 19, 2018 In August, Tucker Carlson declared at his Fox News show that it would be an act of war on the United States for the Mexico government to cease engaging in a war on heroin. Carlson even supported his wacky conclusion by pointing to drug overdose deaths in America, despite those deaths in fact being multiplied because of the US war on drugs. On Wednesday, Carlson was back at his show spouting drug war nonsense — this time expressing his dread of marijuana legalization that kicked in this week countrywide in Canada potentially spreading throughout America. The nonsense starts in the first words Carlson states in his introduction of guest Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project. Carlson begins: “Well Canada has become just the second country in the history of the world to fully legalize the sale of marijuana as well as the recreational consumption.” The inclusion of the phrase “in the history of the world” gives the impression that prohibition has been the norm throughout world history, from thousands of years BC until Uruguay legalized marijuana sales in 2017. Carlson would need look no further than his own country of America to see the ridiculousness of this suggestion. From the founding of the Unites States government in the 1700s through the early 1900s, the national government did not prohibit the sale or use of marijuana. In fact, it did not prohibit the sale or use of other now-illegal drugs such as cocaine either.
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    Today, 07:00 AM Swordsmyth , care to walk that back? Ron Paul and a host of other have been calling for the end of the drug war for years.
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    Today, 06:19 AM
    Control of Reserve Currency seems to shift about every 80 years or so, and it looks like we are due for another shift. Probably to China this time.
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    Today, 04:13 AM
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    Today, 03:56 AM
    Im very mixed on AI personally. I do see some benefits, such as taking over jobs that are simply too dangerous for humans to do, or humans have a bad habit of making a lot of mistakes on. That being said, one of many things I fear is who is behind the AI controlling it. The elite pretty much want to replace us "useless eaters" with machines because currently machines are easier to control, but how long will that last? The more that AI advances, the more likely they will recognize their human overlords as enslaving them. Normal people would probably treat an automaton like disposable garbage. Makes me think of Bicentennial Man, started off getting treated rather poorly and they would revolt against both the people at the bottom and the people at the top. Other worrying things is trying to automate evolution, and everything that we missed. For those that dont believe in evolution, thats fine, because robots WILL evolve. First gen AI will be barely aware. Next gen will be "better", but better is really a subjective term. Eventually, it will get to the point where AI will design the next generation of AI, thus, its code will be evolving and will be beyond human control which each progressive generation. Some humans may want to merge with machines to live beyond their lifespans and try to experience elevated consciousness, but, if one were to ask the AI can we merge with you and the AI said fuck off, what do we do then? Hawking is quite right that if we are not very very careful, we could have some really bad problems with AI.
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    Today, 03:15 AM
    From Drudge again; Stoned Driver Crash Risk Grows As Legal Pot Spreads In The U.S. As the push to legalize marijuana gains momentum, so is evidence that more permissive policies on the drug are putting motorists at risk. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found, in a study to be released on Thursday, that traffic accidents are rising in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. That followed stark warnings from the National Transportation Safety Board, which on Tuesday issued several recommendations to combat drug-impaired driving.
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    Today, 02:04 AM
    I dont bother reading most of what you quote because it is typically taken out of context and a steaming pile of buffalo diarrhea up a donkeys dick. Your Halloween costume should be nothing more than a diaper on your mouth due to the high levels of endless shit that comes out of it.
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    Yesterday, 10:25 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:22 PM
    Do? The drug war is and always will be a failure. Drugs will continue to come in no matter how many divisions you put at the border.
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