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    Today, 05:28 AM
    April is also Income Tax Deadline Month. Coincidence? I think not ...
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    Today, 05:12 AM
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    Today, 02:45 AM
    You can, but you didn't. You got cuck trolled in the thread. I even told you where it happened, and you still don't get it. You got mashed by some machinations and you're still involved in some high school debate.
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    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    Well, I'll buy you one. :)
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    Yesterday, 07:33 PM
    I'll try not to spill my drink. Don't want to get in trouble for alcohol abuse.
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    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    Reported- you've posted this a million times while misrepresenting his statements on purpose.
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    Yesterday, 06:59 PM
    written by neil clark saturday april 29, 2017 What would have happened had there been no Iraq War in 2003 and Saddam Hussein had stayed in power? Where would we be today? It’s the 28th of April 2017. Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq, now a member state of the newly reconstituted United Arab Republic (with Syria and Egypt), is celebrating his 80th birthday. There are big processions on a gloriously sunny and very hot day in Baghdad. Among visiting foreign heads of state was Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe, who joked that if Saddam gave up smoking Cohibas and started drinking herbal teas he might even live to be as old as him. However, Western leaders boycotted the celebrations, with British Prime Minister Theresa May – who says (at least ten times a day) that she supports a “strong and stable government” in the UK, denouncing Saddam as a “despicable tyrant.” Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson went even further, calling Saddam “a dreadful mugwump thingymujig.” State television shows Saddam’s favorite movie, The Sound of Music, on a loop. In his address to the nation, the grey-haired Iraqi strongman, now appearing old and quite frail, looks back at his time in power and identifies the avoidance of war in 2003 as a major turning point. A planned US-led invasion of Iraq was averted by mass public protests, an unprecedented level of civil disobedience in Western countries, and threats of mutinies from soldiers, who refused to take part in an illegal enterprise.
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    Yesterday, 06:57 PM
    A true patriot.
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    Yesterday, 06:49 PM
    written by veteran intelligence professionals for sanity saturday april 29, 2017 AN OPEN MEMORANDUM FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE From: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) Subject: Mattis ‘No Doubt’ Stance on Alleged Syrian CW Smacks of Politicized Intelligence Donald Trump’s new Secretary of Defense, retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, during a recent trip to Israel, commented on the issue of Syria’s retention and use of chemical weapons in violation of its obligations to dispose of the totality of its declared chemical weapons capability in accordance with the provisions of both the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions.
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    Yesterday, 06:42 PM
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    Yesterday, 05:33 PM
    Zulka sugar from Mexico is a great sweetener and healthy. I muscle test stronger on it than I do honey. AND it's cheap and you can buy it at WalMart. ;)
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    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    Don't hold your breathe. ;)
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    Yesterday, 05:25 PM
    You're the one with the temper tantrum, lady. Why not just accept that both choices were shit.
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    Yesterday, 05:19 PM
    By who? Government?
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    Yesterday, 05:18 PM
    ^^THIS^^ Plus the Persians are some of the smartest people on the planet and have probably already out thought Washington, in terms of defense.
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    Yesterday, 04:40 PM
    I doubt it would be the cakewalk you envision. And it is not as simple as simply counting beans. Its more a comparison of apples to oranges. Despite its advanced weapons and money, remember Washington’s great war machine lost in Korea and Vietnam. After 16 years, it is losing in Afghanistan. It’s proxy war to overthrow Syria is now all but embers. Let’s compare some of the differences from Iraq. Iran is more than three and a half times the area of Iraq. And it is far more mountainous and varied terrain. It does not allow for easy fast ground invasion, and more lengthy, risky and difficult air raids. It is far more defensible terrain. Iran is also more than twice the population of Iraq, and the population is unified. Iran is not the fractured Sunni – Shia – Kurds factions that were in Iraq. Iran is an ancient nation. Iran is not a made up country of artificial borders dreamed up by Western nations squeezing together a mish mash hodge podge of separate nations and varying groups. Washington would not have Shia and Kurd factions rising up to fight the government forces during the invasion. Iran has a population that is overwhelmingly ethnically and religiously homogeneous. Nor would you likely have generals and military so quick to surrender like many of the Baathist of Iraq that had little true loyalty to Saddam. The population would be effectively unified in resisting the invaders. Also, Iran’s military is not the backwater brigades of the 1980s when Washington instigated and supported Saddam Hussein’s failed invasion of Iran. Since that time their defenses are substantially improved. Plus Iran and other nations have had the past two decades of opportunity to watch study and plan for Washington's military tactics, chain of command, logistics, assault, invasions, weapons, coordination, SOP, in action because Washington has actively been invading, attacking and warring with other nations continuously since that time. First Washington’s modus operendi of bombing of nations with no effective air defense against Washington’s air superiority would not exist. While Iran has a modest air force of over 450 operational jets and military aircraft, it would not scramble them to go toe to doe with US air force. Over the past twenty years, Iran has hardened, buried and concealed the most valuable military, government and civilian targets. Washington would not simply obliterate all targets in 24 hours. Remember Washington launched the most concentrated bombing raids for 78 days straight against Yugoslavia yet Serbian forces survived virtually unscathed. That is when Washington decided to really up the rain of terror by targeting civilian targets while offering a deal to Milosevic. Basically Washington resorted to openly using terrorism to get the deal it wanted.
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    Yesterday, 02:06 PM
    But without cash, how can we buy dope? :p
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    Yesterday, 12:00 PM Full article on link.
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    Yesterday, 11:06 AM
    This whole interview is incredible.
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    Yesterday, 11:01 AM
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    Yesterday, 10:58 AM
    Excellent question.
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