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    Yesterday, 09:50 PM
    Maybe he should take the hint like Jules Winfield and drop out of the race.
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    Yesterday, 09:48 PM
    Oh, they're very effective at keeping the planet safe from living humans, just like they were designed.
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    Yesterday, 09:37 PM
    Likely CIA psyop bitcoin has successfully conflated the idea of digital CURRENCY and digital BANKING in people's minds. Even I feel Hayek, Rothbard and others missed the boat on the actual missing component of sound money solutions for the common man to fight the banksters. The solution is more related to banking than currency. Bitcoin is a good bank with a bad currency. But even if the currency was good (i.e. 'sound') it's still missing a reserve distribution layer, a.k.a. the "clearinghouse". I've been in software development for a couple decades and spent a good decade obsessing about 'money' systems. The blockchain is good for cutting down theft in a global system, but honestly you don't need all that if you were just trying to get something grassroots going. You could build a gold-backed reserve banking system with paper ledgers just as easily. Palantir doesn't look like anything special to me. "Data analytics". Ok, so like SSIS servers? A data consolidation and transformation concept that's been kind of standard since the 1990's? Palantir just looks like a shell company organized by a bunch of rich insiders who have lobbied enough people that they've accumulated a significant market share of government and private sector tech contracts.
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    Yesterday, 09:20 AM
    From Grok: Here is the tweet Grok is referencing: 1812933688226902460 I'm really loving Grok as a Twitter news junkie. Saves be a butt-ton of time.
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    Yesterday, 07:18 AM
    seemingly.... What Republican administration ever ran on a pro-interventionist policy and got elected? The platform of all these insiders is the same. It is called lying.
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    07-16-2024, 06:54 PM
    His whole schtick seems to be "There's only so many weapons. We can't help out Israel as much as we should be because we're wasting bombs in Ukraine." Other than that, and not having a rock-hard boner to bomb Iran, he's basically Lindsey Graham.
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    07-16-2024, 05:44 PM
    It's like Obama running as a Republican. I'm gettin' the Bush/Cheney feels with this arrangement. Trump is P.R., Vance runs the country. I give this write-up an F. It's sounds more like how an actual libertarian might criticize an anarchist. "Just do whatever you want? Political power is bad? How's that gonna work?" Not a single mention of the role of government. Judging from this writeup, I'd assume the purpose of the federal government is to 'fight evil' I guess and implement a nanny state? This tactic seems to be more and more prevalent. "All right commies! New plan! Everybody needs to register Republican, grow a beard and reference books by smart people. Anyone who disagrees, you call them what you are."
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    07-16-2024, 03:00 PM
    Anti-christ talking there. If you do not acknowledge Jesus Christ the Father don't give two squirts of piss about your prayers. Especially when you are using clearly biblical phrases like "Light of the World" which is a clear reference to Christ in the Bible and applying it to this violent and sinful nation. Woe to you crazy lady.
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    07-16-2024, 11:10 AM
    I used to believe the federal reserve thing for a while too. Then I saw "NUMEC: How Israel stole the bomb and killed JFK" https://ryandawson.substack.com/p/numec-how-israel-stole-the-atomic-fde?utm_source=publication-search This is a much more convincing analysis of the historical facts surrounding both the deaths of Bobby and JFK. In short, JFK and Bobby were both involved in trying to force AIPAC (maybe not called that back then, video has details) to register as a foreign agent. How is Bobby involved? Well, at the time he was Attorney General. Also, there was significant investigation into Israel affiliated agents stealing fissile material from U.S. uranium enrichment plants and smuggling it into the Israel nuclear facility in Dimona. In short, these Americans were attempting to prevent Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons. They were also murdered. Ryan makes a great case that this is all connected.
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    07-16-2024, 08:10 AM
    Supposedly posted by RFK Jr's son? I heard anyway. 1813183328796705058 RFK claims it was done without permission. 1813198830281593269 ...
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    07-15-2024, 10:23 PM
    Nope. Obama was a statesmen by comparison, serving as Illinois state senator from 1997-2004 before being sworn into U.S. senate in 2005.
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    07-15-2024, 08:43 PM
    Sure....Mike Johnson was a darling too...until "Muh classified briefings"
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    07-15-2024, 07:38 PM
    So, did a little research as I literally did not know who this guy was, though I feel like I had heard his name thrown around. So he grew up lower-middle class. Joined marines. I assume GI billed his way through Yale (which means his IQ is high). Met an Indian chick who he married and who clerked for John Roberts. Graduated in 2013. Wrote Hillbilly Elegy in 2016 which sounds like a boring ripoff of themes outlined in Thomas Sowell's "White Liberals and Black Rednecks". Then got bankrolled by 213th richest man in the world who made him partner in venture capital firm. Converts to Catholicism (wife remains Brahmin Hindu but 'supports him').
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    07-15-2024, 07:09 PM
    Ryan's take... 1812824721903517991 ... 1812844261966311662 If you're not familiar with Ryan and his work, the subtext here is that the "deep state" that tried to murder Trump is the same entity that did 9/11 and killed JFK.
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    07-15-2024, 08:45 AM
    I had already been here 9 years when all the Trump-humpers showed up. Conspicuously accompanied by a gaggle of racist neo-reactionaries that our poor moderators had to systematically remove like the public lice they were. Trumps rise was about as organic as the waste dumpster in the back of an off-grid Pfizer waste facility. But you do you anonymous rando.
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    07-14-2024, 10:42 AM
    With regards to event, I agree with Elon, either it was incompetence or deliberate. Also confused by the "all clear" so soon, but perhaps that was just to move to next protocol action (e.g. move to transport). But it's great that someone posted this Pulp Fiction video in this thread, as it relates to the point I want to make about repentance. I think I have a thread on here still about how the story of Jules and Vincent is a great parable of repentance. Long story short, Jules got the message, repents and lives, Vincent did not get the message, remains defiant and dies on a toilet. The message from God to America is that He has removed our protection. We are not under His grace and nationally (this is different than personally) we need to repent. However, our leaders never yield, no matter how many signs He sends our way to humble us, the biggest ones I would say would be 9/11 and Covid.
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    07-11-2024, 06:31 PM
    It's funny he says "control bullets not girls" and then immediately afterwards says angrily, "the leading cause of death among children is guns!" I'm pretty sure the leading cause of children dying is abortion...you know, that thing you just referred to. Maybe be angry about that.
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    07-11-2024, 06:13 PM
    I just noticed him doing the nose-itching thing that I first heard from Carvey. So on-point...
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    07-11-2024, 06:03 PM
    The "Findelization" of Ukraine (instead of of "FinLAND-ization") The "sweeze" instead of Swiss. I love the posturing about stickin' it to China "ecomonically". Don't make me laugh. Chinese are money whores out-whored only by the USA.
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    07-11-2024, 05:52 PM
    He called army chief of staff the "commander in chief". Painful to watch.
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    07-11-2024, 04:04 PM
    Thanks for saving me time, I guess.
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    07-11-2024, 02:48 PM
    Here let me help with the "does Trump claim to be Christian" question: I would say you yourself are untrained if you think my saying "you ain't Christian" means that I'm "remote diagnosing" anyone's soul. Not being Christian does not mean you are hellbound anymore than a false Christian, per se. In general, American's have a severely warped Calvinist-inspired concept of hell that is not biblical. Christ references the Queen of Sheba, the Ninevites, and the Sodomites as "rising up to condemn this generation" in the last days (i.e. the 2nd resurrection). Do you think the Queen of Sheba was a Christian? Yet, clearly she and other non-Christians will not be in eternal hell in the world to come unless Jesus was a liar.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    07-11-2024, 01:37 PM
    For that matter, the forum as a whole, right? Why just my post? I define "virtue-signaling" as self-identifying with something that is not actually part of your character. So what I'm doing is pointing out that most of these so-called Christians aren't actually Christians. For instance, Donald Trump and most of Americans. They don't actually believe or follow it, but they feel like they are betraying a sense of identity and culture if they disavow it. The standard for being a Christian is pretty lenient in terms of where you are morally (i.e. sancitification) but it's pretty cut and dry in terms of how you should talk and behave if you are actually professing faith. In my experience, most people who go to church and claim a Christian faith do not meet the biblical Christ-based standard. Is this answer sufficient?
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    07-11-2024, 01:15 PM
    Christian populism is anti-Christian. Originally, Christian's (and some Jews) tried and ultimately failed to form a government that protected Christian's right to exist. Now fake Christians are banding together to seize the power of the State to help them fight the trannies and commies. Trannies and commies didn't ruin this country, God did. Pimpin' His Name for virtue signaling is only pissing him off more. National repentance is what is needed. Who in power is even close to calling for this? Too dark anyway. I'm staying by the campfire til morning. John 9:4 “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”
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    07-10-2024, 05:24 PM
    Stale hope smells better than fresh bullshit, which is what the rest of the internet usually smells like. Count your blessings brother.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    07-10-2024, 02:59 PM
    Old threads like this smell like stale hope.
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    06-28-2024, 03:21 PM
    Your prayer is better than I could ever write it my dear friend. I only wish to add an “Amen”.
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