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    Who are you and what did you do with the old Kludge?
  2. Bonjour, mon amis.
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    Sounds like a good person. I recently bought a hat, I should tell you about it.
  4. I wouldn't try to find a replacement for me unless you're a very skilled engineer.

    P.S. Good evening to you.
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    [stormcommander] i broke my lawn mower just now D:
    [stormcommander] ran it into a pipe
    [stormcommander] broke the pipe too XD
    [stormcommander] well it wont start because the blad got bent
    [stormcommander] *blade
    [stormcommander] so the blade hits the side
    [stormcommander] so now i gotta go do my whole back yard with a weed wacker
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    How goes the hat shopping?
  7. Welcome, visitors.

  8. Im sorry, but the baby isnt yours. It belongs to Yongrel
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    Well, since Quakerism is a non-creedal faith, there's no official policy regarding the matter (except perhaps in the more theologically conservative branches, which do exist but are increasingly in the minority). I did find this interesting tidbit on Wikipedia:

    "Although all Quakers in previous centuries, and most today, recognize Quakerism as a Christian movement, a few Friends (principally in some Liberal Meetings in the United States and the United Kingdom) now consider themselves universalist, agnostic, atheist, secular humanist, postchristian, or Nontheist Friend, or do not accept any religious label. Calls for Quakerism to include non-Christians go back at least as far as 1870, but this phenomenon has become increasingly evident during the latter half of the 20th century and the opening years of the 21st century, and is still controversial among Friends. An especially notable example of this is that of Friends who actively identify as members of a faith other than Christian, such as Islam or Buddhism."

    In my experience, the Friends' meetings are open to most anybody who wants to attend them. I know that in the Unprogrammed Meetings, there isn't even a pastor or preacher guiding the services, and everybody just sits silently in a contemplative or meditative mindset until somebody feels moved or inspired to speak. Quakers are really big on the whole concept of "Priesthood of All Believers", the idea that how one man interprets God or truth is no more or less valid than how anybody else may interpret them, no matter how educated or schooled in theology.

    If you've got a meeting near you, you might want to check it out for yourself. Since there's no "Central Authority" governing the churches' decisions, it can be a bit of a mixed bag. One church might be incredibly tolerant toward people of different faiths, backgrounds, and even sexual orientations while another might trend in a much more conservative direction and still adhere to the old codes of Plain Dress, Plain Speech, etc. The only way to find out for sure is to find your local meetings and dive right in head-first!

    Good luck, God bless, and thanks for your interest!!!

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    haha, that game is actually fun when you don't lag. And everyone is a hacker!!!!!

    Harris is a crab nebula.

    You will think of something clever.
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Skin: Not the Oppressive Tyrant You May Think!

by Kludge on 03-28-2011 at 03:36 AM
One of the most frequent questions I receive as founder of the illustrious Anarcho-Fascist movement is "how can you call yourself a Discordian when you have skin?" I admit I do indeed don my skin, as evil its intent may be, and it's not just because it permits my entire self to facilitate more chaos in the future...

Skin, as you probably know, keeps all of your organs, fat, water, heat, blood, etc. inside and prevents those sheltered energy vessels from interactions with

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The Gospel of Chaos: Freedom & Morality

by Kludge on 02-20-2011 at 05:04 PM
Chaos is life. Chaos is all the variables which makes us human. Without Chaos, we would function as typical unintelligent animals. However, what separates us from animals is our ability to ignore our instincts -- Chaos. Without Chaos, life would be robotic and meaningless. With Chaos, however, we move beyond the drudgery of animalism, the dehumanizing repression of government, and recognize freedom as THE fundamental necessity for a purposeful life.

There is an unfortunate (and incorrect)

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Updated 03-17-2011 at 08:26 PM by Kludge

Anarcho-Fascism , ؎Philosophy

Tax Resistance Too Slow to Topple the USG? Go On Welfare.

by Kludge on 02-11-2011 at 05:34 PM
In my last post, I argued the USG is coming to a collapse and discussed the benefits of a specific strain of Agorism I call "Anarcho-Fascism" which promotes a government with mechanisms in place to reward dissenters (black marketeers, tax resisters, and slackers) and punish loyalists (tax-payers and corporations). In the United States, our government already has such a system in place. Unfortunately, many libertarians refuse to use such a system against the USG because of an "ends

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In Defense of "Sheep" and Big Government -- Anarcho-Fascism Introduction

by Kludge on 12-22-2010 at 09:24 AM
For those unaware, the term "sheep" (along with variations like "sheeople") refers to a person who follows authority (government) without question, no matter how ridiculous the command. Many who advocate minimal (or no) government blame "sheep" for having allowed the US Government (USG) to expand into the bloated, unconstitutional bureaucracy advocates of small government now rail against. However, I'm going to suggest that sheep, conscious or otherwise, are, like Barack

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Updated 03-17-2011 at 08:19 PM by Kludge

Anarcho-Fascism , ؎Politics
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