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    Yesterday, 08:43 PM
    And all that astronomical government spending adds to the GDP. XNN
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    Yesterday, 08:35 PM
    Kinda like the multi-bladed razors. If one blade is good then twenty must be better. But don't expect politically correct and socially woke SNL to make fun of this. XNN
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    Yesterday, 08:22 PM
    I just love how informative public radio is. I found this link elsewhere and decided to share it here. Pull quote. I personally look forward to embracing the forces of restoration. I'm sure the plan to reconstruct the Red states will be carefully thought out and magnanimously implemented by the caring bureaucrats in D.C., soon to be State of Columbia.
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    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    Expect the Article 88 purges to begin shortly. I hope uniformed service members are scrubbing their social media accounts. XNN
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    Yesterday, 08:01 PM
    That's rather mild. It looks like an insurrection to me. XNN
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    Yesterday, 07:59 PM
    The Republican Party is a private organization. The legislatures in PA, MI, WI, GA, and AZ are all majority Republican. They did their little kabuki and then certified their respective state election results. Sending it back to them again was never going to happen and wouldn't change anything. This is about the uniparty not messing with the cash cow. XNN
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    Yesterday, 07:49 PM
    Cha-ching! Moderna developing COVID-19 vaccine booster shot against South Africa variant It has been interesting to see the schizophrenic take of the legacy media on this NIAID-funded preclinical work over the past couple of days. One narrative is that these results prove that the existing vaccination regimen provides protection against all the mutating strains and that there is nothing to worry about. The other theme (mostly from business-oriented journalists) are touting the market opportunity that new strains will be offering. After all, if a stick solves the problem then eventually you run out of market. But, if every new strain requires a new booster then it is a never ending cash cow. XNN
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    01-25-2021, 09:28 PM
    Clearly this is being overblown. The British Medical Journal is saying that these deaths are "in line with expectations". Covid-19: Norway investigates 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after vaccination YMMV XNN
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    01-24-2021, 06:50 PM
    Since the Senate is rubber stamping SecDefs and overriding 10 USC 113 (a) Why not just amend it to strike the language? Oh, that right! This really isn't about what is written into the law, but rather the arbitrary and capricious manner of passing a workaround to this and any other law whenever they feel like it. Both parties prefer this approach. XNN
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    01-23-2021, 08:29 AM
    This press release from the Capitol Police is priceless. The public affairs officer in charge writing it, and the entire chain of command that signed off on it, deserve a giant cookie from the incoming Congress. Statement of Acting Chief Pittman regarding National Guard Accommodations The bold underline text is from the public affairs person. Clearly meant to draw the eye away from "with the exception of" statement that precedes it in the sentence. Classic psychological manipulation of a reader's through strategic font choice. XNN
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    01-21-2021, 09:03 PM
    I'm sorry to hear about your melanin deficiency-related handicap. Not all the "we"s here have that issue. Suck it up buttercup. Maybe Pops and the KO will take pity on you and kick off Operation Dark Speed, ordering the FDA give an Emergency Use Authorization to the H 9-91-01 kinase molecule so that you and all your friends can become modern day John Howard Griffin's. XNN
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    01-21-2021, 08:46 PM
    Only one day into the B-H Administration and already soybean futures are rising on the promise of great relations with China. China’s soybean imports in 2021-22 likely to hit new high of 110 mil mt: Platts Analytics Pop's is going to make his friends in the futures markets VERY happy! XNN
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    01-21-2021, 08:37 PM
    So far he's only doing the easy stuff. He could implement executive orders to prevent replenishment of the strategic petroleum reserve with any oil from existing offshore sources. Likewise, he could prevent federal purchases of natural gas from fracked fields. Given that these commodities are fungible, the optics will be excellent and the near-term downside negligible. XNN
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    01-21-2021, 07:49 PM
    6,000 National Guard troops will stay in DC for the next 30 days At least. I wonder is these are the elite units authorized special police powers in a midnight ceremony. Interesting that one of the tags of Flicker is labeled "special temptation". I wonder if this is the two word designation for this operation. "Special" is not a permanent word but the first two letters would put the operation under United States Atlantic Command before it was disestablished. I don't know what command those letters would currently applied to as the information in this link is out of date. (Code Names for U.S. Military Projects and Operations)
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    01-21-2021, 06:57 AM
    From Bloomberg this morning. Covid-19 Vaccines May Cut Transmission as Well as Symptoms Bold highlight mine. Study published in Nature had a sample size of 14 individuals. That's not even enough statistical power to determine if the sky is blue. Link to Nature article referenced. (PDF download warning) XNN
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    01-20-2021, 06:33 PM
    Ah, the new normal. In a press conference yesterday, Gen. Hokanson would not commit to immediate removal of NG units from D.C. following the inauguration and said that it would be "conditions based". XNN
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    01-20-2021, 06:26 PM
    XNavyNuke replied to a thread Positives in U.S. Political News
    Yes, but in 3 years they will become citizens and can join the United Farm Workers union. There is some payback to be collected upon. Enjoy your cheap curly endive while you can! Joe Biden gets backing of key Latina activist Dolores Huerta XNN
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    01-20-2021, 06:14 PM
    XNavyNuke replied to a thread Unity in U.S. Political News
    Unity is you and others like you lying in a mass grave with Mayor Bates outwardly appearing shocked, while silently wondering how this will affect his re-election campaign in six years. XNN
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    01-19-2021, 07:36 PM
    Another good find. The problem with the exclusions in the absence of release of all of the trial data, for me, is not that we don't know the reasons why they were excluded. Lacking the trial data, it is not known whether the trial was sufficiently powered to account for the total number of losses to date, regardless of whether we know the reasons why they were lost. We don't even know what the total losses will be by the end of the trial. It is possible that in one or both trial arms, that the losses will be very high. If too great, the trial could be terminated due to futility and the companies will have to start over. How would futility affect the EUA? XNN
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    01-18-2021, 09:02 PM
    California State Epidemiologist Statement Recommending Providers Pause Administration of Single Lot of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Apparently the "chief epidemiologist" has never heard of packaging and shipping validations or knows how the FDA defines a "lot" under 21 CFR 210. If the disconcerting adverse events linked to this lot are true, then it is likely that other lots are affected. Lot-to-lot consistency is one measure the FDA considers when determining if a process meets the definition of control. Bureaucrats - think they are brilliant when most times they are clueless. XNN
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    01-17-2021, 10:19 PM
    Cyberattack: EMA says leaked documents ‘manipulated’ Its all about control. XNN
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    01-16-2021, 09:45 AM
    I love this bit from the CDC travel orders. XNN
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    01-16-2021, 09:39 AM
    XNavyNuke replied to a thread Buckle Up. in U.S. Political News
    The state of Maine is announcing an NG activation in case their capitol in Augusta is attacked, as well as sending units to Mordor. NY, PA, NC, OH, and CT responds to call ups with additional troops.
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    01-16-2021, 07:51 AM
    If the ogres are dancing in the entrails of elves, it must be good. ‘Law Enforcement Today,’ a propaganda page for cops, by cops, has been "blocked" from posting as part of Facebook's push to eliminate far-right and conspiracy groups. XNN
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    01-16-2021, 07:46 AM
    It is a stroke of the pen for the B-H Administration to restore Israel and Palestine to EUROCOM. This will not last the first one hundred days. Why the US Military Puts Israel, Gaza in Europe The Zero Administration considered the move and declined. Given that B-H is getting the same band back together, I can't imagine there will be support to keep CENTCOM in control. XNN
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    01-16-2021, 07:37 AM
    Jobs is dead and Woz no longer has any say. It's all good. XNN
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    01-16-2021, 07:35 AM
    XNavyNuke replied to a thread Buckle Up. in U.S. Political News
    You assume that he has full control of the military and San Fran Nana didn't put a bug in the ear of the CJCS like with the codes. XNN
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    01-16-2021, 07:33 AM
    A great question. The only precedent I knew about was the Korea case (I now know to be Toth v. Quarles) because my grandfather mentioned it to me after I joined. He was a WW2 vet and evidently the case made quite a splash at the time even though it ultimately resolved in favor of Airman Toth. GPa always said, if you screw up they will find a way to get you even if they have to dig you up from the grave. Fortunately, Congressflubbed up the language in the 1950 defense act and the Supreme Court overturned the case. So you have a SC precedent as long as Congress doesn't make any laws specifically allowing it. Kinda like Roe v. Wade - safe until Congress acts or a new SC overturns. As long as Congress loves their veterans and the USSC isn't packed, we stay in their good graces. Google'ing around a little more, I did find this link supposedly linking the exceptions allowing UCMJ prosecutions after discharge. They start in section 9. But, I'm not a lawyer. I don't play one on Netflix. I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. My original response to The Nation article was meant to be limited to the tidbits that the journalist commentator was talking about which was retirees. My comment could easily be seen as overly broad. Again, not a journalism major or member of the commentariat class. I don't do words for a living, just calculations. Thanks for the question though! Had great fun exercising the search engines. XNN
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    01-15-2021, 07:04 AM
    XNavyNuke replied to a thread Buckle Up. in U.S. Political News
    Three more states announce NG troop deployments to D.C. - New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. NC barely leaned Orange Worse Dictator Ever, so that is good to see. I'm sure they are reliable. Maybe they will give tours of the ingresses and egresses of the Capitol building. Both supporting and discrediting the geography hypothesis, two additional states - Massachusetts and Hawaii, add their NG units to the praetorian guard.
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    01-14-2021, 04:42 PM
    Learn something new everyday. Not surprised that the .mil training website I referenced is not up to date. That's the level of competence that I come to expect of the bureaucracy. XNN
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