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    Today, 06:12 PM
    Keep a copy of "War & Peace" by Tolstoy by your bedside and start reading it every time you can't sleep.
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    Yesterday, 06:17 PM
    If I was young in this era I would own half the world and you would own the other half.
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    07-23-2017, 08:18 PM
    The only proof that modern medicine will accept is the double blind placebo controlled study. Until they do one of these studies on vaccines I for one will continue to say that they have not proven them safe or effective. Every study that has been done comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated child shows that vaccinated children are by far more unhealthy than unvaccinated children. So modern science has the burden of proof and until they do prove it I am going to go with my own experience with vaccine making me sick and injuring children in my family. People who want real proof that vaccines are safe will stick together. I don't think they realize the fight they will be up against if they want to start putting people in jail over it.
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    07-23-2017, 07:19 AM
    I am sorry you are having hard times. Prayers going out for your highest good to be reached.
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    07-22-2017, 10:28 AM
    This is how physicians should practice medicine if they did it the way Hahnemann did it there would be no need for health care insurance.
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    07-21-2017, 07:59 AM
    I wish congress would come up with a bill to end spending on war. I would rather see them take from the war budget and give it to the art budget. MFers!!
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    07-20-2017, 06:27 AM
    I enjoy the Corbett Report. James is refreshingly sarcastic I like that.
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    07-20-2017, 05:44 AM
    The thing is men have a right to buy tampons and should not be discriminated against:cool:
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    07-19-2017, 08:40 PM
    Maybe he will retire now.
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    07-19-2017, 06:35 AM
    IMO Sessions needs to go.
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    07-18-2017, 07:09 PM
    I hope one day it will be legal in my state so I can try to smoke until I get sick.
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    07-17-2017, 10:05 AM
    Thanks to God and all the prayers my H is improving he is still on ventilator but is able to respond to questions and commands. Today is my mom's birthday and that is hard for me right now too. I am going to stay away from the hospital for a few more days until he is off the vent. He still is facing by pass surgery. He may know he is in the same hospital as my mom. We had a appointment scheduled with immigration today that had to be canceled due to his condition. We were planning to go see his lawyer the day after this happened and had talked about the appointment for the next day shortly before he had the heart attack. Last year he had hired a lawyer to handle his immigration case who was disbarred shortly after he was paid in full by us. We had to find this out on our own after we tried to contact him and were unable to even leave a message. I called the Barr Association in our state and found out that he had been disbarred. I know we was nervous about his case because we had to go thru the whole process again. I think he was more stressed about the immigration thing than I realized and feel that talking about going to the lawyer the next day may have brought on the attack. The doctors say that the attack was inevitable because of his advanced heart disease but I still think stress made it more likely. We are not sure if he knew he had this condition. I never went to the doctor with him when he would go for his check up to have his high blood pressure meds refilled. So I am not sure if this doctor had found it and told him. He is the strong silent type of guy and may have not wanted to worry his family. He was planning to go see his parents in Brazil after he got his green card and we think it was possible that if he knew he had this arterial blockage he may have felt more comfortable having the surgery done in Brazil. Thanks for all your support I love you guys! This is the only place I felt comfortable sharing what is going on because I know you guys care about me and that means a lot to me.
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    07-14-2017, 07:29 AM
    His children made the suggestion that I stay in this morning and try to relax. They realize I am still in deep mourning for my mother in the same hospital and room. I keep wanting to call her and have to remember she is not here. He is as stable as he has been since the HA happened. He is holding his own. Thank you so much for your support and prayers it really helps.
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    07-14-2017, 06:32 AM
    The FDA says it is safe. Also all sodas now contain GMO HFCS not sugar and if not that aspartame if people are using diet soda. My H uses a lot of sugar in his coffee and also drinks sodas. I have tried to get him to stop using so much sugar now he is in ICU struggling for his life. His is Hispanic from Brazil.
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    07-13-2017, 08:45 PM
    I have solar, wood heat, out door cooking facilities, deep well w/solar pump, save seeds, blueberry, blackberry, peaches. Need to get stocked up on toilet paper.
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    07-13-2017, 08:37 PM
    I know children can be raised to be decent human beings without a father. However, there ain't nothing wrong with having a father present in ones life. Is there any studies about how children do in a home without a mother?
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    07-13-2017, 01:14 AM
    When he was brought out of sedation he became very active and tried to rip out his IVs and breathing tube and he tried to get out of the bed. He had to be re-sedated. They transferred him to the main branch of the hospital system. He is in the same room my mother died in. Before he was transferred I went home because I was getting really stressed. His son did not call me to tell me this transfer was happening. When I found out they put him in the same room that my mom died in it really freaked me out. I have not told his children about this. l feel like this could really bother me. His children did not know my mom so they did not go visit her in the hospital this last time. They found 2 small blood spots on his brain but do not know yet how significant this is. He injured his lungs with all the movement because of the breathing tube and has developed an infection in his lungs. He coded and they shocked his heart. They told me if they have to shock his heart one more time that he may not survive. On top of that 2 of my siblings are having a major war over my mother's property. My brother called me threatening to go kill my sister and then commit suicide. That's not all but I just can't think about the rest of the crap right now.
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    07-12-2017, 11:16 PM
    Looks like he still has it, URL still goes to his site and the whois shows his name...
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    07-12-2017, 06:40 AM
    Ya'll are awesome!! They are taking him off some of the meds and bringing up his body temperature and bringing him up out of sedation today. The reheating is going to be very gradual.
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    07-12-2017, 05:12 AM
    Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on earth no amount of mercury is actually safe for consumption in the body.
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    07-12-2017, 05:07 AM
    He has swelling on his brain. They say they must get that down before they can do the surgery. They are cooling him and keeping him sedated so he doesn't try to pull out the respirator. They say his heart is okay he has 2 blocked cardiac arteries hence the need for by pass surgery. I am leaning towards a second opinion.
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