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  • Bryan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:31 PM
    Does the LP have any published code of conduct or similar rules? This is all I can find and I didn't see anything about conduct: So perhaps that could help set expectations in the future.
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  • CaseyJones's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:39 PM
    I know how to make successful MB but I would not piss on Gary Johnson if he were on fire
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  • Rothbardian Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:18 PM
    Is this who I think it is?
  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    Enchiladas are ultra easy to make. Just make sure you season the meat and sauce super well. There are great make-your-own red sauces out there, though this is one occasion when I am fine with using canned/jarred and adding to it. For meat I will use ground pork sometimes, but most of the time it's chicken that I've previously cooked in the oven in a little foil pouch with very heavy-handed seasoning (garlic powder, chili powder, salt, black pepper, oregano, cumin, cinnamon (very small amount). Once that cools, I shred up the chicken. I brown some onions in a skillet until they're cooked but not limp (think fajita texture), add a half a roasted red bell pepper all diced up, some green chiles or a small bit of jalapeno, the chicken, and a splash of whatever sauce I'm using. Some sauce goes in the bottom of the casserole dish, then tortillas with some of the filling, then once there's no room left it gets topped with more sauce, and a first layer of cheese. There is no such thing as too much cheese, but you don't want a mountain on there that does not melt, so I let the first layer melt, then add another layer, then crank it up to a broil for a moment or two to get that nice brown top (which your photo lacks... hell the cheese does not look entirely melted in spots). You can add the little sprinkle of cilantro for color, but I just serve it up next to some sour cream and that's that. It's interesting that your photo does get one thing right: I am a "seam up" enchilada maker. I've never understood why people put them seam down. It's a mess to get them out of the pan in one piece. I put them seam up with a toothpick if it's needed. The cheese tends to seal them once it melts.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    Her mom is the one who brought forth the point about being trafficked before.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:20 PM
    Ten minutes after this post, the power went out :( We went to Yummy House and I will make the eggrolls and char siu on Wednesday or Thursday. Tomorrow is chicken enchiladas :)
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:16 PM
    So it's only Atlantic hurricanes that are Category 5 and make landfall as hurricanes and they have to have hit the US? That's a rather narrow path compared to "no major hurricanes." Even then, however, several of the hurricanes on your list were since Katrina, and disprove the earlier assertions.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:30 PM
    homemade eggrolls and char siu
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:24 PM
    Not a clue what that means. Your original quote was about global climate change. Is there a specific part of that which states the climate change would be localized to North America? Even if I humor that, what about Hurricane Patricia?
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:21 PM
    Correct, and the assertion was that there had been no major hurricanes since Katrina. Given that the above quote was about global climate change, your chart only seems to bolster my point that there have been major storms since.
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  • brandon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:04 PM
    he does look a bit unkempt but I can't point out exactly why. Maybe he just has too many wrinkles under his eyes that it makes him look like he just woke up? I guess buttoning his collar and putting a tie on would help too. Why didn't he do that?
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  • brandon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:00 AM
    Gary has said a few really stupid things, and I know almost nothing good about Weld, but I'll probably vote for them. If they run a reasonable campaign over the summer maybe I'll even put a yard sign up.
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  • luctor-et-emergo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:25 AM
    Sure. I do not care much for cultural things or general formalities. I care about people and having fun together. Which is how I strive to live my life.
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  • luctor-et-emergo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:32 AM
    I think we should do a kickstarter type campaign to get people back to the moon and onto mars. Something international... I think it's something that's definitely possible. The private sector is good at these kinds of things. It doesn't have to be for profit if there's a large backing of individuals who are willing to give some money for the general interest of every individual. I would certainly donate to a serious effort.
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  • luctor-et-emergo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:20 AM
    Meatballs with lots of gravy, grilled broccoli, fried taters w/skin on of course and apple sauce/mousse, idk whatever you call that in the US, I put apples with a bit of water and maybe some lemon or banana or kiwifruit in a pan and heat it a bit, then mash it until it turns to a nice mousse. (maybe add some cinnamon or mint or whatever depending on your mood) Simple food, the kind of thing I grew up eating.
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  • CaseyJones's Avatar
    05-29-2016, 09:33 PM
    Draft Kurt Russell and Vince Vaughn Russell/Vaughn 2016
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    05-29-2016, 04:50 PM
    Not to give them any ammo, but I would hardly say there have been no major storms since. There have been a number of them --- some records broken --- but few major hurricanes making landfall in the US. Expand your parameters globally and take another look.
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Marching to War Requires Two Feet

by malkusm on 03-21-2011 at 11:48 PM
Marching to War Requires Two Feet
by Matt Malkus

America has become a nation marching to war in lockstep, left foot following right foot towards the all-too-certain future that has already befallen the body's other half. Crushing electoral defeats serve as little deterrent in a political system where the pendulum swings comfortably on the same axis, the defeat coming at the hands of the opposite extreme which just as aggressively pursues the same noble goals via the same dead

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UPDATE: S.3992 (DREAM Act) - Victory!

by malkusm on 12-18-2010 at 10:52 AM
From the thread here:

Legislative tracking page on my blog has been updated to reflect this victory. You can find my updated legislative tracking page here:

OPPOSE: S.3992 - Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM Act)

by malkusm on 12-17-2010 at 01:03 PM
S.3992 - Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM Act)
Sponsor: Sen Durbin, Richard [IL]
Introduced on 11/30/2010

Sen Leahy, Patrick [VT]

This has been added to my Legislative Tracking page, which can be found here:

UPDATE: H.R. 3082 (Omnibus spending) - Minor Victory!

by malkusm on 12-16-2010 at 07:57 PM
From the thread here:!

Legislative tracking page on my blog has been updated to reflect this (minor) victory. You can find my updated legislative tracking page here:

OPPOSE: H.R. 3082 - Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

by malkusm on 12-16-2010 at 09:59 AM
H.R. 3082 - Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011
Sponsor: Rep Edwards, Chet [TX-17]
Introduced on 6/26/2009

**NOTE: This bill contains appropriations for 2011, and INCLUDES the "Food Safety Modernization Act" (formerly S.510) as an amendment in an attempt to gain support for passage. S.510 should be VEHEMENTLY opposed by anyone who likes small farms, locally grown food, or personal choice in their diet.

Read more about S.510 here:

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