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    Today, 06:52 PM
    You know, that was always my impression, but I just looked this up. This source shows that these foods are fairly high. I would guess the chicken mcgarbage is higher, but I thought the other stuff would be lower. Is the link right? If so, then this stuff is higher than what you and I eat.
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    Today, 06:33 PM
    I think it's funny how that goes. The simplest foods are often the cheapest, even with this country's cheap food policy. There less money to be made in food than many industries. The high cost often comes with processing or dressing up something that is simple.
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    Today, 06:10 PM
    Really? How so? I can remember prices of most everything I buy. Here is a list of what I daily and/or weekly, with rounded off prices: apples; 99 cents per pound; 6 cents per ounce raw kale; 99 cents per bunch; 9 cents per ounce watermelon; 4.99 each; as low as 2 cents per ounce bananas; 50 cents per pound; 10 cent per ounce (without peel) raw valencia peanuts; 1.69 per pound; 11 cents per ounce
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    Today, 05:23 PM
    I see it described as such in medical databases with peer reviewed studies. It's a medical subject heading (MeSH) from the National Library of Medicine. Here's a few titles from Medline, with positive effects highlighted: Vitamin U, a novel free radical scavenger, prevents lens injury in rats administered with valproic acid. Authors: Tunali S; Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Istanbul University, Avcilar, Istanbul, Turkey. Kahraman S; Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Istanbul Aydin University, Kucukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkey.
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    Today, 04:59 PM
    All presidents I've ever heard also promise that.
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    Today, 04:50 PM
    Your sources now include a collection of motley freelance writers? LOL
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    Today, 04:31 PM
    One minute vintage video. Ronnie Van Zant discusses the song Freebird while fishing:
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    Today, 02:56 PM
    Your little theory holds no water.. If Trump was part of the system there would be no reason he would be better friends with Rand than, from what I can see, ANYBODY else in DC. In fact it would be the opposite, he would totally ignore him and he certainly wouldn't be passing EOs that the insurance companies oppose.. Can you even name somebody in DC who Trump has called his 'friend'? You really need to rethink everything, because you have it all wrong. You read too many bullshit articles posted by CPUd. I told you they were all lies, and you defended them.. That makes me wanna vomit.. and now you are trying to tell me who is "pro-establishment"??? Really?
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    Today, 02:47 PM
    Sorry, dannno, but YOU are the full retard here. Trump is a spoiled brat who is, and always has been, part of the system; he just played Trumpalumpas like a fiddle, so that now everything he does that is destroying even more lives/freedom is hailed with "Oh, Hillary would have been sooo much worse." LIE. Hillary would have been obvious but Trump is possibly even more dangerous, as his adoring fans believe his lies and then make excuses for his flip-flops. Welcome to the Brave New World.
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    Today, 02:38 PM
    That's just like, your opinion, man..
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    Today, 02:16 PM
    Yes, that is correct, but in colloquial terms, whenever they talk about legalizing they want to put a bunch of regulations on it, whereas when they decriminalize they merely take away certain penalties which is why some people prefer that direction. I guess they think maybe if possession is decriminalized, then some day they might decriminalize growing and selling without instituting regulations, but I doubt that would happen.
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    Today, 02:06 PM
    She is saying that legalizing means regulating it for sale.. she has a point, it shouldn't be regulated, but it should be legal to grow/buy/sell, thus be legalized, just not have any regulations (except maybe an 18+ age limit on sales or something might be acceptable)
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    Today, 02:04 PM
    What should their position be on people who grow it and sell it to their neighbor?
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    Today, 02:00 PM
    That's not an argument. Ron Paul has a different role than Rand, Ron craps all over the shitty parts of Trump's policies, which is good, it needs to be done.. but he also calls out the establishment for the stupid Russian crap and some of the other stupid things they attack Trump on, and I have never heard Ron Paul call for Trump's impeachment or say that he would prefer Trump not be in office, because, Ron Paul knows the alternative is likely much worse. Lol, then you aren't very intelligent..
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 01:48 PM
    Huh? No, I said that you can be a "principled" progressive if you believe in theft. If you are a progressive and claim you believe theft is wrong, then you are not a principled progressive. But if you are a progressive and you claim that theft is "ok" then you might be principled.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 01:38 PM
    No, that's the whole point, IT IS BETTER TO HAVE SOMEBODY BETTER THAN SOMEBODY WORSE. Sorry, you are fucking wrong as shit on this one. Take it to the extreme, to see how wrong you are. Pretend Ron Paul got brain damage and decided that the Federal Govt. should definitely sell hot dogs in front of the White House but didn't change any of his other positions. Is that in the Constitution? No. Should tax payers pay for it? No. But is this "new" Ron Paul a million times better than Lindsey Graham? Hell ya.. So if this new Ron Paul ran against Lindsey Graham, would you vote for him even though he believes in the unconstitutional issue of selling hot dogs in front of the White House?? Of course you would!! Again, that is an extreme example, but it shows that a better candidate is preferable to a worse candidate.. Like I said, Bush was no better than Obama, who was no better than Kerry or McCain or any of them.. But Trump is BETTER than ALL of them. He is far from perfect, but he is much better, and thus preferable to those other candidates. Demonstrably... I predicted it would be true, now the facts say that is true. None of those other deep state candidates would be playing golf and working with Rand to the extent that Trump is. You were wrong. Learn to admit it sometime. Well either you are retarded or not paying attention, because Rand is currently ECSTATIC that he passed his EO and is helping make health care more free market.. if you don't think liberty is a good thing, then why the fuck are you advocating for liberty??
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 01:35 PM
    Personally, I don't want ICE or any Fed/alphabet org to have any say on what a state can do. THAT is totally unconstitutional.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 01:32 PM
    Can we PUHLEEESE get over the "Hillary would have been worse" shit? And I NEVER agreed that Trump was better in any way than Hilary. They are both dung heaps- just some here like one flavor of dung better than the other. I do not like EITHER. GOT IT? And nobody ever really dissed TheCount, that I can recall, until he was obviously anti-Trump- before he was just fun sarcasm- now suddenly he's baaaaaad.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 01:31 PM
    At a totally different stadium (the newer Petco Park is downtown, the old Qualcomm aka Jack Murphy Stadium was in Mission Valley)
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    Today, 01:27 PM
    shit bump
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    Today, 11:51 AM
    I would just be happy he is playing golf with Rand and not with Lindsey Graham and stfu..
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    Today, 11:46 AM
    Rand disagrees that this is a small bone, so do I. When people are making mortgage sized payments for their health care premiums, and then still have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket when an incident occurs, giving health care back to the free market is a HUGE deal. Minimizing that is really foolish.. And to pretend that Trump is doing any worse in the arena of foreign policy than where we would be with Hillary is also very, very foolish. I am so glad we have a Senator in office who is on our side and who doesn't squander amazing opportunities over foolish nonsense.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM
    President Trump Beats War Drums For Iran By Ron Paul - October 17, 2017 President Trump has been notoriously inconsistent in his foreign policy. He campaigned on and won the presidency with promises to repair relations with Russia, pull out of no-win wars like Afghanistan, and end the failed US policy of nation-building overseas. Once in office he pursued policies exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on. Unfortunately Iran is one of the few areas where the president has been very consistent. And consistently wrong. In the president’s speech last week he expressed his view that Iran was not “living up to the spirit” of the 2015 nuclear agreement and that he would turn to Congress to apply new sanctions to Iran and to, he hopes, take the US out of the deal entirely. Nearly every assertion in the president’s speech was embarrassingly incorrect. Iran is not allied with al-Qaeda, as the president stated. The money President Obama sent to Iran was their own money. Much of it was a down-payment made to the US for fighter planes that were never delivered when Iran changed from being friend to foe in 1979. The president also falsely claims that Iran targets the United States with terrorism. He claims that Iran has “fueled sectarian violence in Iraq,” when it was Iranian militias who prevented Baghdad from being overtaken by ISIS in 2014. There are too many other false statements in the president’s speech to mention. How could he be so wrong on so many basic facts about Iran? Here’s a clue: the media reports that his number one advisor on Iran is his Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. Ambassador Haley is a “diplomat” who believes war is the best, first option rather than the last, worst option. She has no prior foreign policy experience, but her closest mentor is John Bolton – the neocon who lied us into the Iraq war. How do these people live with themselves when they look around at the death and destruction their policies have caused?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 AM
    No, the part about people "wondering where I am". I've already made it perfectly clear I don't agree with Trump on everything, but I don't see how Trump is any worse on Iran than Hillary.. and Hillary NEVER would have signed Rand's EO on health care, she NEVER would have tried lowering taxes, picked a Constitutional Supreme Court Justice or would try and reform and reduce welfare. She would be taking us in horrible directions in a million different ways, PLUS she would have been just as bad on foreign policy. Sorry, but there is a huge difference between these candidates, enough to where it actually matters, enough to where it is actually highly beneficial to have one person in office over the other. Sorry, but you were wrong. When you said that Trump being better than Hillary is no reason to be supportive of him, you were wrong. PERIOD. TheCount is on vacation in Morocco.. what a coinkeydink.. I went on vacation in the eastern sierras two weeks ago, the week that the Vegas shooting happened. I tried keeping up with the thread but wasn't really able to post much. That is one week I REALLY would have liked to be able to pay more attention to what was going on because I think there was some weird stuff going on, but I was trying to keep it to a minimum. TheCount takes his vacations when Rand convinces Trump to completely overhaul the health care system. Again, strange coinkeydink.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 08:40 AM
    You mean like this shit?
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