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    Yesterday, 11:53 PM
    Lamp replied to a thread What's for dinner? in Open Discussion
    Fried eggs and ketchup is a heresy against fried eggs
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    Yesterday, 11:52 PM
    Lamp replied to a thread What's for dinner? in Open Discussion
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    Yesterday, 09:53 PM
    Copy cat crime... but where's the ball hair??!!-UNDENIABLY-FASCINATTING!!-American-Vandal-on-Netflix
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    Yesterday, 09:48 PM
    How can she say no if she is asleep? Pretty sure if you go up to a girl on the street and honk her boobs like that, she can charge you with assault.
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    Yesterday, 06:28 PM
    Ya I tried to answer those questions earlier and I don't really know how to answer them well. I think it should become public what he did, since she chose to make it public, and I would hope the voters would stop voting for him - if anything else for being a hypocrite on the issue. I don't think that Al Franken should definitely be kicked out of the Senate, but that is kinda up to the Senate. I suppose they could, but there are many other politicians who have done much worse so it would set a pretty low precedent. If I were the girl, I wouldn't charge him with a crime, I would just make it public and say that it was hurtful and I want everybody to know what he did. I don't think jail time is going to provide any sort of restitution for her, and it doesn't really rise to the level of imprisonment to keep other women safe. Assaulting a woman in her sleep should be a crime, technically he committed it, but there is some context that makes it a little less severe than say a guy doing the same in a dark alley.
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    Yesterday, 02:58 PM
    The fake yearbook evidence is a big part of it, but the other way you usually know is from things like he is clearly an enemy of the establishment which provides strong motivation for a crime like this, as well as the fact that none of this stuff has ever come forward about him until now.. and then finally how the establishment media has organized against him and how they have been reporting it all. If your'e paying attention, though, the media is starting to hedge on this one, because the yearbook forgery is really damning and they know it and they want to protect their brand. That is yet ANOTHER clue... Well it depends on what they can prove with the yearbook photo lady, he may be able to sue her. The other ones it would be difficult to prove unless there was some evidence that it definitely didn't happen.. but it's that process of how this all happened and how the establishment and media coalesced with not a previous accusation that makes me think the whole thing is a setup by the establishment. Does that mean there is not one woman here who is telling some vague amount of truth? Maybe he did date younger girls and made passes on occasion, but it could be none of that ever happened at all.
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    Yesterday, 02:17 PM
    The Migration or Importation Clause states that “The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.” In and of itself, the Clause does not grant Congress any additional authority. To the contrary, it is a limitation on power. However, it could be argued that the limitation on congressional power to prohibit “migration or importation” of persons until 1808 implies that Congress had such a power to begin with. The word “migration” suggests that that power extended to the prohibition of voluntary immigration, as well as the importation of slaves, which the Migration or Importation Clause was intended to protect. But the inclusion of the term “migration” was not meant to imply a general federal power to restrict migration, but was a euphemism intended to bolster the pretense that the Constitution did not endorse slavery. As John Jay – the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and coauthor of the Federalist Papers – pointed out in an 1819 letter discussing the Clause: It will, I presume, be admitted that slaves were the persons intended. The word slaves was avoided, probably on account of the existing toleration of slavery and of its discordance with the principles of the Revolution, and from a consciousness of its being repugnant to the following positions in the Declaration of Independence, viz.: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’” James Madison similarly argued that the Clause was intended to protect the slave trade against limitation prior to 1808, and that its phrasing was due to “scruples against admitting the term ‘slaves’ into the Instrument. Hence the descriptive phrase ‘migration or importation of persons;’ the term migration allowing those who were scrupulous of acknowledging expressly a property in human beings, to view imported persons as a species of emigrants, while others might apply the same term to foreign malefactors sent or coming into the country.” This suggests it is likely that the term “migration” was included only in order to avoid direct reference to slavery, and did not imply any general congressional power to restrict migration. In Federalist 42, Madison decried “ttempts have been made to pervert this clause into an objection against the Constitution, by representing it…as calculated to prevent voluntary and beneficial emigrations from Europe to America.”
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    Yesterday, 12:43 PM
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    Yesterday, 11:34 AM
    I'm keeping that one.
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    Yesterday, 08:13 AM
    Oh yeah true. I thought that this was to prevent child molesters from tracking down children.
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    11-17-2017, 10:21 PM
    There is nothing to be associated with, the accusers have already proven to be lying fraudsters.
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    11-17-2017, 10:15 PM
    Real libertarian: Roy Moore is for significantly reducing the size of government and has a non-interventionist foreign policy and will greatly benefit the libertarian cause in the Senate. The establishment GOP, who hate real small government Republicans and like war mongers setup the would-be Senator with false allegations and fraudulent evidence.. So instead of being a tool for the left and the establishment and constantly believing the horse shit coming out of the mainstream media, I'm going to go with the evidence and support Roy Moore..
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    11-17-2017, 10:09 PM
    No this is in response to another guy
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    11-17-2017, 09:22 PM
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    11-17-2017, 09:17 PM
    Anyone heard of this hip hop group called "Hamilton" I feel like more people should know what this is.
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    11-17-2017, 07:28 PM
    This wouldn't be a big deal if people had a sense of history and didn't just feel to be unnecessarily reactionary and gravitate towards government social engineering to maintain some sort of cultural hegemony because it makes them feel at home.
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    11-17-2017, 07:25 PM
    I think India would be largely better off without Christian influence from other countries without intensive screening on India's part but I am generally approving of Nasranis/Syrian Orthodox Christians since they generally refrain from stirring up communal hatred. I'm generally have a fondness for Indian literature like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, stories in general that I grew up with but I dislike when it goes over into politics.
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    11-17-2017, 07:03 PM Why should you be concerned? Who cares if they know what you watch? By having access to as little as videos you watch, you give them the ability to determine your race, sexual orientation, political bias, gender, age, and a plethora of other things about you. In and of itself, that wouldnt be an issue except that the data about you is sold to those who can use that information to increase prices of seemingly unrelated things like health, car, homeowner / renter insurance, costs for goods and services you buy online. You are the one paying for them to give your data away because when there is a financial incentive to "find something wrong", they most undoubtedly will. Now, as far as that internet ready toilet paper...
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    11-17-2017, 07:02 PM
    Except I have already admitted to eating beef BEFORE.
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    Danno thanks for the rep but he didn't get sucked in to the degree that he ignored what was important. Otherwise he would have never gotten arrested.
  3. Yeah. It sucks right now. But at least we both miss each other and he has an intellectually stimulating job. He's just not that responsible with money or investments (aside from BTC), I'll be moving there, hopefully within a month. We aren't breaking up, despite quite a few rocky patches.
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    See my 60 minute documentary video for the full story behind the subpoenaed arrest and booking records. It's aired perhaps 50 times along with its sequel, all linked from this page.

    Please download CIRCA, rather than streaming the .avi file. The friend that hosts it on that server asked that be done rather than consuming bandwidth there. The 40 minute sequel in 3 parts can be streamed on YouTube.

    Perhaps that will give you an idea of the size and scope of the conspiracy surpressing me and my information.
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    Happy Holiday.
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    So are you in KC? The rally video uploaded said the user name was Danno, so was just curious.
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