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    Yesterday, 09:13 PM
    Sadly I do agree with you about Putin. His people love him mostly. Russia is not what I would call a Free Country. What we can do is try to observe them as objectively as possible and see whether or not we see the outcome as being either "good" or "bad" for what we have here. What worries me is that we have become almost just as Statist, maybe not in our form of government, but definitely in our Application and Culture. All these damn Snowflakes claiming "should not have a right to hurt my feelings", like the ass mongers that get all butt hurt when they cross dress and the person talking to them literally does not know wheter to call them Sir or Ma'am or whatever their bullshit words are to describe in between.
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    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    Out of curiosity I wonder how much the teens make on this deal? I bet there is some hellacious consequences.
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    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    Effects of Propaganda and Brainwashing. It also shows why governments continue to use these tactics, which is because THEY WORK.
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    Yesterday, 09:07 PM
    Raisins too! Lot of stuff they cant eat because its VERY toxic. One big thing to watch out for... oddly is GUM! A common sweetener in these sugar free gums is called Xylotol, and it WILL put a dog into seizures. Lot of people do not know that.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:04 PM Well, its Russia. But make no mistake the way they are going is the SAME way as WE are going. But what is important is that controlling the flow of information is the primary reason we need the First Amendment. Its there to protect the Right of people to express the Controversial things, not the things everyone doesnt give a shit about.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:38 PM
    Wow, I don't see how coming here to promote your liberty oriented economics podcast that is available for free on youtube once a week is spam..
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    Yesterday, 06:28 PM
    So many Idiocracy jokes in that one.. How much of that $6.3 million went toward infiltrating prostitution rings?
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    Yesterday, 02:06 PM
    Wouldn't you guys feel like idiots if you found out that most of them were pro-vax trolls trying to make anti-vaxers look bad? Or would you agree with their tactics of making anti-Vaxers look bad because you think it would be better if everybody were vaccinated and you don't really see a huge problem with the campaign to force vaccines on everybody?
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    Yesterday, 01:49 PM
    If I were the parent receiving that type of harassment, I would completely understand and have no problem with it.. There is a campaign to force vaccinations on not just children, but everyone, and that is wrong. Part of that campaign could potentially be false information, fake deaths, etc. I don't know if it has come to that, but I wouldn't put it past them and presume it has gone on at some level. With the growing number of people who are skeptical of vaccines and who oppose mandatory vaccinations, it is totally reasonable to see this type of pushback. What I don't understand is why these parents take it so seriously. Who cares? These are random people on the internet. If your kid actually died, then just ignore it. There is good reason for them being out and being skeptical. They aren't the enemy. The enemy is the state and the campaign to force vaccinations on everyone. Same thing with Sandy Hook. If your kid died in Sandy Hook, then that is awful. But the fact is there are false flag incidents like Sandy Hook and some of them do include crisis actors and such. It should be reasonable to question that sort of thing especially when that sort of thing happens relatively often.
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    Yesterday, 01:37 PM
    Exactly- they gave it to him for that exact purpose. Trump was their man.
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    Yesterday, 01:14 PM
    Nay- he and timosman have become conjoined twins. :smirking:
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    Yesterday, 12:48 PM
    Plus anyone with half a brain knows who runs the mafias & drug cartels.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:41 PM
    Exactly- if the press/PTB are against you, you get NO coverage. Lottsa coverage- positive or negative- is always good, as there's no such thing as "bad" press if your name is continually in the spotlight. As for the OP- we haven't had a republic since the "Civil" War.
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    Yesterday, 12:03 PM
    Dyslexics untie!
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    Yesterday, 11:44 AM
    Never really understood the need to bash a dead person. They can't hurt you any more. They're dead.
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    Yesterday, 10:58 AM
    If you want quality, then I suggest staying away from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmarx, and all the big box stores. I stay away from them more and more. I examine things I buy when it's visible. The specs on many, many of their items are reduced. They use thinner metal, plastic where there should be metal, etc. Just some examples: I was foolish enough to buy a Toro from Home Depot 10 years ago. The self-propel went out a few years later. I was foolish enough to buy a water heater from Lowes around 2010. I changed the anode rod 2015 with a rod from an independent hardware store. The factory anode rod had 14 inches left out of 42 inches. I checked the rod again Jan. 2019. Do you know how many inches were lost on that independent hardware store anode rod? None. All 42 inches were still there.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:50 AM
    Why? Because being gay has more impact on history than... oh, say, something like FREEDOM, or Taxation Without Representation, Marxism, yeah, being gay is so much more important. Whats important here is that it should be blatantly obvious that schools of ANY kind are no longer about Education, but obedience and thinking what students are told to think, thus, what is important is not Fiat Currencies or the significance of the Magna Carta, but wanting to go for a ride on the Baloney Pony. Think only about what you are told to think about, and nothing else. There is only one point of view, and that is the point of view of Authority. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Nightly Fear Report so you get all hysterical if Trump says something about "dont ask dont tell dont hump my leg" or some such nonsensory bullshit.
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    Yesterday, 05:28 AM
    Yes they do. They have their own personalities and quirks and so many things that we can not even begin to understand because we cant "just ask" them. I think one learned leaving a bit of food a lot thru my interactions with them. I free-feed both of them in order to build Food Confidence. They eat dog food until they are full, and have learned to stop and control their own eating habits. I have done my best to make sure that neither one of my dogs ever had a fear of not knowing where the next meal is coming from. At dinner, I leave something on my plate and put some food down for both of them equally and fairly. They are both older dogs, and I think they may have learned to share with each other as a lot of dog behavioral problems come from food. They are brother and sister, so I couldnt breed them. They came from different litters so I dont really know if they know they are brother and sister, but one thing is for sure, they have bonded with each other.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:24 AM
    I ran a business for years. I always felt that women in power liked to purchase from women. I also thought that gay people would purchase from gay suppliers. It seemed like certain groups had advantages over others. It is okay for people to advance the careers of those they like so long as liberals agree with who you are supporting.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:16 AM
    No I am forgetting or unable to list them all. Any Person with pride except for white people = Good White Pride= Racist
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:14 AM
    Trump is and has been under constant assault since before taking office. I do not know enough about the ongoings of POTUS. Supposedly he is planning on running again in 2020. Every person has secrets and scandals. It takes a different type of person to deal with what Trump deals with daily and not quit. I don't think any president has ever been treated, degraded, assaulted, conspired against..... as much as Trump. Liberals have gone all out crazy and a large percentage of the masses support crazy. Roger Stone seems like a confident man. If he can be an unshaken Nixon supporter he can weather this storm with unwavering support for Trump.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:01 AM
    Black Pride = Good Latino Pride = Good Indian Pride = Good White Pride = Racist
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:54 AM Full article at link. --- So what happens when a fully armed T-800 shows up at your door foreclosing on your house for an outstanding payment of $0.03 cents on your very last payment? Bankers wet dream?
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:54 AM
    My youngest son is graduating with Electrical Engineering degree from RPI this May. He is still attending RPI for another year and will graduate May 2020 with Masters in Business analytics. He scored perfect on HS math SAT's. RPI gave him a scholarship of $48,500 per year. He graduated from public HS #2 and had over a year of college under his belt including Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, English Lit..... He is very well educated. I could not have taught him the aforementioned. I taught him reading and math when he was small. He knows carpentry, auto mechanics, plumbing, electrical, drywall repair, roofing, siding, tree trimming, how to professionally paint an automobile, we raised and killed rabbits and chickens. This kid was homeschooled and went to school. With that said, I think the school system of today is very liberal and people are very crazy. Things have changed dramatically in the last 5 years. I don't know if my kids would have the same experience and advantages today as they had when they went thru the school system. All my kids went to gifted and talented classes and took AP classes. They were taught to be free thinkers and to use logic and reason. I am sure if you asked him or any of my 4 kids they would all say they are glad that they attended public school. I am sure the son I just spoke of would also say things are different today. I would give my blessing to him if he has children and home schools them. My oldest daughter who is also brilliant is or has in the past home schooled her 3 children. I would still say that if you are a confident young child with a huge support system at home and parents that are truly teaching you to be a free thinking, logical, rational, individual, it might be better to rub elbows and associate with the masses. My kids get along with everyone. I remember my son would often speak about a class when he was in HS where they would discuss issues. He was often the only person on one side of an argument. He was able to debate an entire class, stick to his principles, argue his point, and remain friends with his classmates.
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    Are you familiar with this stuff? - What do you think of this product? Like I mentioned to you in a pm, I'm considering it for treating CNS problems. Thanks!
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    Danno thanks for the rep but he didn't get sucked in to the degree that he ignored what was important. Otherwise he would have never gotten arrested.
  3. Yeah. It sucks right now. But at least we both miss each other and he has an intellectually stimulating job. He's just not that responsible with money or investments (aside from BTC), I'll be moving there, hopefully within a month. We aren't breaking up, despite quite a few rocky patches.
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    See my 60 minute documentary video for the full story behind the subpoenaed arrest and booking records. It's aired perhaps 50 times along with its sequel, all linked from this page.

    Please download CIRCA, rather than streaming the .avi file. The friend that hosts it on that server asked that be done rather than consuming bandwidth there. The 40 minute sequel in 3 parts can be streamed on YouTube.

    Perhaps that will give you an idea of the size and scope of the conspiracy surpressing me and my information.
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    Happy Holiday.
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    So are you in KC? The rally video uploaded said the user name was Danno, so was just curious.
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    I from Arkansas and am wanting an out of state license for mj, If the Arkansas MJ deal happens we need out of state license because they are by law approved. Any suggestions on how to get a permit. Will travel.
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    I can send you by e-mail something that might be useful to you. If you're interested let me know your e-mail address.
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