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    Today, 12:40 PM
    How about this.. If they ask nicely and seem reasonable, I'll try to call them their preferred pronoun. I may mis-speak, give me a break. When they demand it, then fuck that.
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    Today, 07:45 AM
    Every election is a psy-op nobody is going to become president who will not bend to tptb in some way. I think more people are starting to understand this. I pray for the people of this earth. I trust God above all. I don't trust any politician. How could I? Do you? Really? @ Swordsmyth Try to be logical and think about what is best for you, your family and, community. This would be a good year to vote none of the above.
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    Yesterday, 12:12 PM
    Almost hit $64k an hour ago, nearing it’s all time high.
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    Yesterday, 12:09 PM
    Would you have posted bond for one of Stalin or Hitler’s imprisoned political enemies? That would probably be safer.
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    02-25-2024, 05:05 AM
    Some people put getting stoned before everything and it causes harm to others. Just like any other addiction or obsession does. I have been studying addiction for years. I have a family of addicts. Why did this happen to my family?I ran away from them for a log time. Then decided to go back. In many ways I wish I had not gone back. They have hurt the hell out of me. I have learned a lot. My oldest brother passed away right before Christmas. His addiction was certainly the main cause of death. He was a good person. He tried really hard to get clean.He did have 12 years of sobriety At that time he was running a homeless shelter and helping people. He was doing really good during those years. He was pitiful by the time he died. He Oded(heart stopped) twice on fentanyl He was 3xs covidvaxxed.The last 2 years of his life he started drinking mouthwash and doing street drugs along with a prescription drug. When he was loaded he was abusive and violent with himself, family and others . I always wanted him to try just smoking pot but his doctor would drug test him and if came back positive for pot they would withhold his pain meds. His children have a lot of issues. Only one of his 4 children came to his funeral.He died a pathetic mass in an ICU unit. RIP my brother.... I take hemp sometimes to help me sleep. I never used to have trouble sleeping I guess because I worked my ass off for so many years. Now that there is less to do I don't burn up my energy like I used to. I have smoked a lot of pot over the years. I have quit smoking pot for years at a time as well. Now I just smoke a little hemp bud when I need to and not every nite I I can make a gram of hemp bud last 2 months when I am using it to help me get more sleep. I stay in when I do it and I am not bothering any one when I do it. Still not allowed to grow hemp without a permit and all the bs that goes with it so technically to me at least it is not really legal. Screw it.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    02-24-2024, 12:25 PM
    Possibly caused by Chinese Hacker Group, Im not sure, could have also been another Near Miss Carrington Event Communist Chinese Hackers ‘Volt Typhoon’ Prime Suspects In AT&T Mega Outage
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    02-24-2024, 11:18 AM Lets be clear here. Its NOT Black People doing this. Its NOT White People doing this. It IS GLOBALISTS doing this to provoke Racial Conflict and CIVIL WAR.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    02-23-2024, 08:19 PM
    My brother is a trucker he said that only independent drivers will be boycotting NY. If they work for a big company they will take the loads. I have a woke family member living in NYC and he says NYC is just fine nothing to see there but, he sure is glad as hell Trump has to pay.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    02-23-2024, 04:23 PM
    I did not know that TER died. When did this happen? I was thinking about bumping up a thread that he participated in with me just the other day. May he rip and his family be comforted.
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    02-23-2024, 12:34 AM
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-22-2024, 05:03 PM
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    02-21-2024, 08:53 PM
    Hey man it's all show biz...
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    02-21-2024, 05:54 PM
    Yea he is trying to set an example for Biden.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 11:42 PM
    What's the evidence? The evidence in the Georgia case, the phone call, actually proves he was innocent.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 11:03 PM
    Which one do you think is most believable? If there are false accusations flying left and right, why should I believe any of them unless I'm presented evidence?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 08:56 PM
    Nobody has given me any evidence he committed a crime. You think he committed crimes that don't exist, or use ridiculous evidence that actually proves he didn't commit a crime. Did you pay attention to the E Jean Carroll case? The jury said Trump didn't rape her. She said Trump raped her. Then she sues him for defamation.. twice?? If anything, she defamed him..
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 08:19 PM Revolution comes in 3 stages: #1 - Spread of Information #2 - Disobedience #3 - Violence WATCH FIRST FIVE MINUTES FOR COVID VAXTERMINATED FLUORESCENCE UNDER UV BLACKLIGHT. Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been Deployed
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 03:38 PM
    That's precisely what Kevin O'Learly said, there was no crime. What he did is their job, that's what real estate developers do. They over-value their assets to sell them, or to get more loans. Banks push back and do their own due diligence. Buyers offer what they believe it's worth. It doesn't matter what the developer thinks it is worth, it's just a sales pitch. Valuing assets is subjective, there is no objective value. There are different methods to valuing assets for different purposes. The bankers testified that Trump did nothing wrong. You are not reading my posts or watching the videos, you are just staying trapped in your TDS media bubble. And you still don't know the most basic, fundamentals of finance or valuations.. even though I've explained it several times. You should really defer on this topic to people who know what they are talking about, like Kevin O'Leary and myself and some others on this thread. Attorneys and journalists are experts in their own field, and many of them have no idea how finance works.. definitely not the ones you are listening to.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 03:37 PM
    Yea but this is not news we have known this for years.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 02:14 PM
    It's not the same thing if Biden actually committed real crimes..
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 02:13 PM
    What defenses was Trump's legal team able to raise over these issues and what defenses were they not allowed to raise? Who decided the actual property values? The same person who said Mar-a-Lago is worth $18 million?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 11:28 AM
    He doesn't show jack shit. Is it illegal to "overvalue" your assets by $1? How about $2? Where is the threshold in the law? Does the government get to determine what the real value is? How do they do that? If they are off by $1 in their valuation, do they go to prison or pay a fine?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 10:56 AM
    Except literally everybody does that, because value is subjective, and it is completely 100% legal.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 10:40 AM
    No, he didn't. Please post the quote where he said that. He did not. He said they shine the brightest and most optimistic light on it, because value is subjective. You can't "lie" in a legal sense about something that is subjective. It's like saying, "hey man, promote this artist's new album, it's the best album ever!". Is that a lie? Can you really objectively say that the album was NOT the best album ever? No, you can't, because music is subjective. So are valuations. If A Son of Liberty hadn't come along, it is likely nobody would have bought that property for that amount. It was pure happenstance he happened to find it, place that value on it, and buy it. Value is NOT FUCKING OBJECTIVE. There is no "objective" value, markets and buyers are constantly in flux. He could have just as easily found another property a month earlier that he liked and bought that, and not been in the market at the time. There are also several methods to valuing assets, some of them rely on forecasting future sales quantities and the value of those sales. That is not fucking objective. I said you can lie, because you can.. just not in a legal sense. You can't prove that somebody's opinion on a value is a lie, rather than just being really optimistic. He did not say that, but it's true. You are literally regarded.... as someone who doesn't know much about this stuff..
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-19-2024, 09:58 PM
    That's not what he said. Listen. That is literally their job. That is all they do, all day, every day. It's 100% legal. You don't know anything about economic finance or valuations, obviously. All valuations are subjective. You are allowed to lie on a job application or a resume, it's the employer's responsibility to verify. You are allowed to lie on a loan application, it's up to the bank to verify with an appraisal. If you lie egregiously, you might not get the loan, because banks tend to do their due diligence and will find out. They may not want to deal with you. If you lie on a job application, the employer may find out and not hire you. But it's not against the law. It also can be a common mistake, rather than a lie, there is no way to prove it was a lie.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-19-2024, 08:15 PM
    1759064588530634869 69360
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  • dannno's Avatar
    02-19-2024, 08:12 PM
    It's a hotel social club. People stay there. He's staying at a room in his own hotel..
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    02-17-2024, 10:25 AM
    Controlled Opposition. Tricking people into accepting a Political Identity is a form of Mind Control. ... now if I move the King here, then on the next move I can checkmate the Whites. Chess is so much easier when you control both sides of the board. There! Seven move checkmate, I win!
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    Danno thanks for the rep but he didn't get sucked in to the degree that he ignored what was important. Otherwise he would have never gotten arrested.
  3. Yeah. It sucks right now. But at least we both miss each other and he has an intellectually stimulating job. He's just not that responsible with money or investments (aside from BTC), I'll be moving there, hopefully within a month. We aren't breaking up, despite quite a few rocky patches.
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    See my 60 minute documentary video for the full story behind the subpoenaed arrest and booking records. It's aired perhaps 50 times along with its sequel, all linked from this page.

    Please download CIRCA, rather than streaming the .avi file. The friend that hosts it on that server asked that be done rather than consuming bandwidth there. The 40 minute sequel in 3 parts can be streamed on YouTube.

    Perhaps that will give you an idea of the size and scope of the conspiracy surpressing me and my information.
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    Happy Holiday.
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    So are you in KC? The rally video uploaded said the user name was Danno, so was just curious.
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    I from Arkansas and am wanting an out of state license for mj, If the Arkansas MJ deal happens we need out of state license because they are by law approved. Any suggestions on how to get a permit. Will travel.
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    I can send you by e-mail something that might be useful to you. If you're interested let me know your e-mail address.
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