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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 02:51 AM
    If that really is true, shouldnt we be doing our very best to inspire compassionate behaviors? You know... like the OPPOSITE of what so many Pit Bull owners do? Not all, but far too many...
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 12:20 AM
    I was "unschooled" and it's the only way to really learn. Coercion never stays in the soul- students in a forced environment are only regurgitating junk that someone else wants them to swallow. Suck it in- burp it out and everything supposedly "learned" is completely forgotten.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:14 PM
    Can they do that :confused:
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:02 PM
    I just received an email that the entire amount of the claim I filed with the courts on their website was accepted. The claim I filed was for the amount of btc, in the form of btc. I had moved most of my btc off the platform before they were hacked, but I left a little over a half bitcoin on their. At the time I think it was worth about $250. So it looks like I'll be picking up a little over $2k worth of bitcoin :) Hopefully there are a few other happy people out there who may have thought they lost a bit more.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:21 PM
    I hate that he received a hero's burial and honors. I did not like him before Trump but, when I heard about his involvement in the dossier I could see his rat hands rubbing together in delight. I have heard he was executed. I would feel better about him if he was.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:58 PM
    I've actually seen a pic of Jeffry riding a camel.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:46 PM
    Heh heh. Well, at least one other person here knows exactly what is going on. That's what I like about you, T Man.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:38 PM
    If he's polling for Soros, then why would he cite an ignoramus status?
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:28 PM
    I don't think you're confused at all.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:25 PM
    One theory is they were running guns to the Saudis, and the shooter was an FBI agent who was found out and so when they met him to pick up their guns at the hotel room they shot up the concert goers, shot him (to be framed) and left. The other theory, which could have happened in tandem, is that it was an assassination attempt against the Saudi Prince who was staying on the upper floors.. fortunately the Prince was out gaming in another casino and was taken to safety.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:47 AM
    I am confident in saying there are people paid to troll Ron Paul Forums. This is not that far out. For example, Israel pays students to defend it online. See my signature line to get my ideas on what they do. I am 95% confident in saying that Soros's Open Society Foundations funds the trolling here. I don't know Soros' individual motivation, but think about why people give money. They want to leave a legacy. They want to support something in which they believe. They want power. They want influence. Some people have so much money that they don't know what to do with it. I once worked with people who worked with benefactors. Many told me that people want to give their wealth, but don't know what to do with it. Can you imagine not knowing how to spend your money? So, the benefactors get contacted by those looking for money. It might seem far out that someone like Soros would have troll funding grants, but I don't think it's far out. I think he is probably so far removed that he might not have even heard of Ron Paul Forums. I think it goes so far down the chain. Someone in Open Society has grant money. Someone gets an idea to thwart Ron Paul's campaign in 2007 (remember, a lot of people were very concerned about Paul in 2008 and 2012). They discourage libertarians any way they can.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:43 AM
    Not sure what I think about all of this. There are 20 million people who attended college last fall. I read there are about 40 people involved in this "scandal." Sounds overstated. The FBI pig tards have dubbed this case "Operation Varsity Blues." So far, it sounds like they are looking at getting a feather in their cap. Reminds me of loosely using the term "racketeering" to magnify an arrest and prosecution.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:39 AM
    Hmmm; well, then I might say I have mixed thoughts on this thing. I don't like to waste energy on someone who is dead. On the other hand, some people are trying to use McShame in the game against Dump.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:01 AM
    There are more Muslim sects in Islam than there are in Christianity- and in both, some are harsh but many are benevolent. The World’s Biggest Muslim Organization Wants to Protect Christians Muslims protect Christians in Kenyan bus attack; tell terrorists 'You'll have to kill us all'
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:18 AM
    Costs could probably go down. No need to have boys and girls bathroom/lorckerrooms. Have huge dressing area and private dressing rooms. Seriously I have seen women totally change outfits under a towel. They wrap in a towel and a few seconds later what she was wearing is off and new attire donned. Gym should not be mandatory. If you don't want to go don't go. No mandatory change clothing. Go to gym in your school wear if you want. Provide private dressing rooms for those that want one.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:13 AM
    Is this incident isolated to women? Is she concerned with lesbians that watch her and desire her? Do all homosexuals act weak? Are there male gay guys that are badass? Do boys want to change next to gay male badass people?
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:51 AM
    The answer will be to provide individual changing rooms that can be locked by the individual. Who is to decide when skimpy clothing or lack of outerwear is an issue. If people do not want to be seen in underwear or skimpy clothing they have a right to change in private. They can go into a private dressing room and come out in skimpy swimwear but they have a right to do so in private.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:08 AM
    This guy thinks he can just do anything he damn well pleases. Wait for the judges order and the fines. Dollars to donuts this guy has no mannequins and loses in court.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:03 AM
    Since this is such a worthwhile program, the government should consider taxing bottles, cans, styrofoam, drinking straws to name a few. Plastic which is made from petroleum is a great source of fuel and when burned at the proper temperature emits no harmful gasses. I do not drink anything that comes from a bottle or can. I purchase very little processed food. I think glass is great and can be reused. Garbage can be mostly non-existent if people managed it properly. Feed food scraps to animals, compost, scrap, reuse, burn. One problem is people do not know how to cook unless it comes prepackaged.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:13 PM
    Sadly I do agree with you about Putin. His people love him mostly. Russia is not what I would call a Free Country. What we can do is try to observe them as objectively as possible and see whether or not we see the outcome as being either "good" or "bad" for what we have here. What worries me is that we have become almost just as Statist, maybe not in our form of government, but definitely in our Application and Culture. All these damn Snowflakes claiming "should not have a right to hurt my feelings", like the ass mongers that get all butt hurt when they cross dress and the person talking to them literally does not know wheter to call them Sir or Ma'am or whatever their bullshit words are to describe in between.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:09 PM
    Out of curiosity I wonder how much the teens make on this deal? I bet there is some hellacious consequences.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:09 PM
    Effects of Propaganda and Brainwashing. It also shows why governments continue to use these tactics, which is because THEY WORK.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:07 PM
    Raisins too! Lot of stuff they cant eat because its VERY toxic. One big thing to watch out for... oddly is GUM! A common sweetener in these sugar free gums is called Xylotol, and it WILL put a dog into seizures. Lot of people do not know that.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:04 PM Well, its Russia. But make no mistake the way they are going is the SAME way as WE are going. But what is important is that controlling the flow of information is the primary reason we need the First Amendment. Its there to protect the Right of people to express the Controversial things, not the things everyone doesnt give a shit about.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 07:38 PM
    Wow, I don't see how coming here to promote your liberty oriented economics podcast that is available for free on youtube once a week is spam..
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  • dannno's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 06:28 PM
    So many Idiocracy jokes in that one.. How much of that $6.3 million went toward infiltrating prostitution rings?
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  • dannno's Avatar
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  • Schifference's Avatar
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  • dannno's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 02:06 PM
    Wouldn't you guys feel like idiots if you found out that most of them were pro-vax trolls trying to make anti-vaxers look bad? Or would you agree with their tactics of making anti-Vaxers look bad because you think it would be better if everybody were vaccinated and you don't really see a huge problem with the campaign to force vaccines on everybody?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 01:49 PM
    If I were the parent receiving that type of harassment, I would completely understand and have no problem with it.. There is a campaign to force vaccinations on not just children, but everyone, and that is wrong. Part of that campaign could potentially be false information, fake deaths, etc. I don't know if it has come to that, but I wouldn't put it past them and presume it has gone on at some level. With the growing number of people who are skeptical of vaccines and who oppose mandatory vaccinations, it is totally reasonable to see this type of pushback. What I don't understand is why these parents take it so seriously. Who cares? These are random people on the internet. If your kid actually died, then just ignore it. There is good reason for them being out and being skeptical. They aren't the enemy. The enemy is the state and the campaign to force vaccinations on everyone. Same thing with Sandy Hook. If your kid died in Sandy Hook, then that is awful. But the fact is there are false flag incidents like Sandy Hook and some of them do include crisis actors and such. It should be reasonable to question that sort of thing especially when that sort of thing happens relatively often.
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    See my 60 minute documentary video for the full story behind the subpoenaed arrest and booking records. It's aired perhaps 50 times along with its sequel, all linked from this page.

    Please download CIRCA, rather than streaming the .avi file. The friend that hosts it on that server asked that be done rather than consuming bandwidth there. The 40 minute sequel in 3 parts can be streamed on YouTube.

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