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    Yesterday, 10:19 PM
    Oh for fucks sake. ABSOLUTE BRAINWASHING - GUILT OF HAVING A GENDER IDENTITY Especially a Gender Identity that they are quite afraid of. *cough* ALPHA MALE. Uh oh thats a four letter word now I am going to jail because I said it. By destroying the LANGUAGE, which is what you think in your head, it disables your ability TO THINK. This is an indirect assault on a persons ability to think because of the way the law is worded. This may be more aimed at brainwashing the sellouts in Congress as they are just as susceptible to Brainwashing as anyone else.
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    Yesterday, 10:16 PM
    Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)
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    Yesterday, 03:36 PM
    Nope, according to Snopes this is all wrong because she has never worked for CNN. She is just a freelance journalist. Here is her client list according to her website: See? CNN isn't even on there.. so now they can put "miscaptioned" in red on their website.
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    Yesterday, 03:35 PM I dont even need to repeat the last line of the quote. But, yes, really.
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    Yesterday, 03:08 PM
    Facebook's #1 customer is the US govt, so that is unlikely to happen as so long as govt just prints up money and gives it to them. Of course in exchange for who is a "Traitorous White Conservative Republican" as that is Facebooks business model, sell groups of people based on specified categories.
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    Yesterday, 02:58 PM
    Lets define "Liberal". Just like the definition of the word Privacy has been altered to no longer mean "Privacy is hiding something Right" to "Privacy is hiding something you have done wrong". Most importantly that definition has been altered at a SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL. Liberal has also had its definition altered. Liberal means different things to different people. A classic "Liberal" would support "Liberty", which is where the word comes from. Today those who are not in positions of power still believe this. Those are your average Democratic voters. Then there are the "Liberals" in charge. Their ACTIONS really define what they are. They wear the LABEL of "Liberal" in order to affect the voters perceptions of them. But make NO MISTAKE they are NOT DEMOCRATS. They are full scale hard core COMMUNISTS. They tell you one thing, then do what ever the hell they want. And I think as many people have just learned with the GOP betraying Trump, is many of these "Liberals" are REPUBLICANS. Change of topic for two seconds. IF this were a "true Representative Democracy" as described on paper, then if 0% of the population supported a bill, then 0% would vote for a bill. Likewise, if 100% of the people supported a bill, then 100% of our representatives would vote FOR that bill. But that is not what we see happening. This is quite evident on things people have publicly felt very strongly about. What we DO see is about 30% of all bills are passed. It seems to operate without rhyme or reason. We hate this bill! 30%. We love that bill! 30%. And that holds true until you get to the top 1%. THEN and ONLY THEN do we see the operations of a Representative Democracy, where 100% of rich people want a bill passed then that is what they get. Often times they write it themselves. When our Representative Democracy only reflects the will of the top 478 richest people in the world, then we do NOT have Democracy, or a Republic, but rather a Plutocratic Oligarchy. This is HOW Silicon Valley has gotten the laws passed which only benefit them, and always at your expense. A perfect example of this is Twitter, and how they Perma-Banned Trump, yet, hypocritically opposed to being censored themselves. And that is the thing that people fall for. They want Censorship when they think they wont be the ones being censored. Twitter WANTED Censorship. Or, they want FREE SPEECH for ALL, not just some. Twitter got exactly what it asked for, and are now unhappy with getting what they want. Moral here is for people that support Censorship, how well is that gonna work if their expression to call FOR Censorship is BANNED under the very laws they are trying to support? Twitter and Google and Apple have all abused their power to exercise monopolistic control over ANY and ALL competition. Parler may be the first of MANY, INCLUDING to fall to the many injustices of Censorship and Monopolistic control. For the record, RPF is already banned on Facebook, right? Links to our site have been deemed "dangerous" and we must be censored?
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    Yesterday, 02:25 PM
    No, it doesn't.. But there were three busloads of antifa that dropped people off by the Capitol. This guy was on CNN, this guy got caught. Many of the others were masked and many will likely never be caught. If you think this guy was the only one, then you are un-intelligent.
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    Yesterday, 02:22 PM
    Uh, no, that never happened.. he was making fun of Q supporters. You are so good at manufacturing fake news. Do you work for any fake news networks? AJ is not on youtube, but people can still make videos.
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    Yesterday, 01:17 PM
    Very few actually "know". Most people make the mistake of thinking "what they believe is real". Thats how you TRICK people. That is how Mass Hypnosis works. This is also the Divide and Conquer strategy so people pay more attention to proving themselves right in an argument of ANY TOPIC than looking at who is controlling the narrative. Those controlling the narrative are the ones causing real problems. If we are to stay on topic of Voter Fraud, I must ask WHY IS THE EVIDENCE BEING DESTROYED? Why are Dominion Machines being DESTROYED? UNDER COURT ORDER? Why are we "not allowed" to observe the evidence? That makes me really stop caring about the Evidence as we now need to look at those who say "we are not allowed" as if it is their permission to grant. If we have a group of people saying "do not examine any evidence" then THEY themselves ARE the Evidence of Voter Fraud. Remember, Divide and Conquer. WHO is telling us to disregard evidence? ANY reasonable person would believe that if there is no Voter Fraud that they should have NO ISSUE with us examining the evidence in order to exonerate them, right? Here is my PROOF OF INNOCENCE. We have NONE of that. WHO is trying to prevent us from examining evidence is the one who is DIVIDING AND CONQUERING us because we do have in-fighting on beliefs that what we see is what reality is.
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    Yesterday, 01:10 PM
    If this reporter worked for one of our MSM Networks, not only would she be fired she would be in JAIL. Should we try to contact her and find out if she has been experiencing BANS or had her BANK ACCTS closed, maybe INSURANCE CANCELLED?
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    Yesterday, 12:56 PM Full article at link. ---
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    Yesterday, 12:51 PM
    The govt solution to any problem is far too often WORSE than the problem itself. And we KNOW they still have a major issue with weed.
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    Yesterday, 12:50 PM Full article at 2nd Link. --- Perhaps we should try to encourage reasonable people to set up an acct HERE?
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    Yesterday, 12:18 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread Buckle Up. in U.S. Political News
    Well, that VIDEO is now BANNED. --- The police backed were ordered to stand down. And the guy that gave that order has been SUICIDED. Someone want to post a video THAT WONT BE TAKEN DOWN to the "Angry Mob" being quite literally INVITED?
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    Yesterday, 12:15 PM
    You keep interrupting me! --- This guy is a full scale idiot. He is SO dumb he does not even know he IS DUMB. I think in general this guy is being plastered all over the place as a way of damaging the reputation of anyone who questions the official narrative. Kind of like MSM will associate people who wear Tin Foil Hats as Conspiracy Theorists. Real Conspiracy Theorists have no interest in Tin Foil Hats. However it is NOT about what Conspiracy Thinks but what OTHER people think that Conspiracy Theorists think. Character Assassination.
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    Yesterday, 12:03 PM
    Looks like lawn clippings, not weed.
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    Yesterday, 12:01 PM This should be an IMMEDIATE INDICATION to LAW ENFORCEMENT that THEIR NARRATIVE is being controlled. If the POLICE are NOT allowed to discuss anything that Facebook deems "wrong", then they now know who the Real Enemy of FREE SPEECH is. So what were they talking about? Were they discussing refusing to follow orders to execute Anti Vaccers or Conservatives? Well thats HATE SPEECH! Seriously though, what were they discussing that got them BANNED? Please share BY URL with any Law Enforcement people you know. I pretty much guarantee that when the police share this kind of information amongst themselves to figure out what the real problem is, it will carry a lot more weight than hearing it from ANY unknown source. I would like for them to talk about this. Are people who question and want to see evidence really criminals worth shooting and killing? Or maybe the people giving the orders to the police to STAND DOWN when ANTIFA / BLM riot and burn businesses and government buildings? Maybe someone is spoon-feeding them information in order to get the police to fight with the General Public over non issues? What is more dangerous, a Facebook ban, or a guy who wants them to talk openly amongst each other about meaningful peaceful solutions?
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    Yesterday, 11:52 AM
    When you can control most of the narrative, you can redirect peoples attention elsewhere while you get away with severely murderous actions. EVERYTHING that is coming out of the MSM is designed to keep our attention on EACH OTHER, not the REAL CRIMINALS who are enacting your enslavement and probably death. Cradle to Grave. I feel right now that it is quite necessary to remind everyone to stop thinking what you are told to think. These other people here on the Forums most likely are NOT CRIMINALS. Yet, I am seeing quite a bit of In Fighting. Could be worse, but could be better. I believe that despite our In Fighting here, its the rest of the General Public that we need to pay attention to. The "Focus" that is directed against each other is Mass Hypnosis, then you miss the truck about to run us all over. Please remind people of Divide and Conquer strategies and ask them where they think their attention is being directed. Conservatives are NOT the ENEMY of Humanity any more than your family, friends, and coworkers.
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    Yesterday, 11:42 AM Full article at link. --- Typical. If you dig ditches for a living, then obviously you are digging them wrong and in dangerous ways if you arent a fucking LEFTIST. The solution would be to require an 8 year degree in digging ditches to prevent any accidents (to Leftists).
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    Yesterday, 11:09 AM
    The LEFT teaches some of the worst kind of information life has to offer. There is no family. The only "family" is THE STATE. There is no God. The only "god" is THE STATE. Hate everyone you are told to hate and be a good Nazi.
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    Yesterday, 11:01 AM
    In this case, the cure is the disease. It has ALWAYS been about CONTROL. And not the type of control a person volunteers for. This type of control is the ABUSIVE type of control. I swear this whole narrative has been designed to manufacture conflict between Authority Figures and non believers. They WANT us to fight amongst ourselves, like they get off on it..
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    Yesterday, 10:58 AM
    We could ask AngelaTC if we could do an experiment on her, then in 10 years if she isnt sick and dead, maybe think about STILL not taking it?
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    Yesterday, 02:44 AM
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    Yesterday, 02:40 AM
    They interviewed him on CNN and on a local station on Utah like he was a field correspondent.. 10:30 They are saying he was trying to rile people up after the female veteran was shot, and before, which means he could have been egging people on and likely responsible for her getting shot. There is also video of him bragging about infiltrating the Trump crowd by wearing a MAGA hat or something.
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    Yesterday, 02:34 AM
    Feds Charge Left-Wing Activist Who Filmed Shooting Of Trump Supporter At Capitol
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