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    Today, 11:43 PM
    Maybe not, but he can discuss classified info with other intelligence officers.
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    Today, 11:30 PM
    LOL, how stoned is Joe Rogan during this interview :D
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    Today, 10:40 PM
    I would thank him for everything he has done and tell him how grateful I am that he is using his talents to further the cause of liberty even in the face of eminent danger to his personal safety and wish him and his family the best.
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    Today, 10:13 PM There is no greater threat to the Status Quo than those people who can communicate unsurveilled and promote self conclusions.
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    Today, 06:26 PM There is no greater threat to the Status Quo than those people who can communicate unsurveilled and promote self conclusions.
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    Today, 06:06 PM
    Agreed. I do continue to wonder who the real target is here. The people that threw the shit, or the people that had the shit thrown at them. Im thinking that by normalizing throwing shit, they are trying to tell people something else by reading between the lines: "If you do not support Immigration, then shut the fuck up or you will have shit thrown at you". That is rather worrisome if that is the real objective. Making people afraid to express Political Opinions due to threat of retaliation is a rather dangerous outcome.
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    Today, 05:27 PM
    Not really about you changing the labels, but the way it was originally presented. I think it is more about trying to Normalize behaviors of irresponsible people by presenting the information in such a way as to cause a bias. We cant really know who threw the dung, but what is more important is how the information is presented. By changing the Labels, perceptions shift dramatically. Lets try some scenarios. First scenario: the Poo Throwers were Illegal Immigrants. Then the headline would have read "Illegal Immigrants Throw Poo at people for not being Pro Illegal Immigration". How does that change peoples perspective of the situation? Second scenario, the Shit Hurlers are whitey rich college students. Headline would then read "White College Students Hurl Shit at people that are not Pro Immigration". Does the bias alter the perception of the people who are Anti Immigration, or the College Students? Scenario Three: forget the topic of contention. Headline might then read "Shit Thrown at a Business over Political Disagreement". It makes the subject very vague as well as the points of view of both parties. Not interesting enough to be sensational as little is known about either side. Next, as stated, it Normalizes behaviors. A lot of people learn their own behaviors by observing others. In this case, it teaches that Throwing Shit at others when they disagree is normal. I think much like School Shootings, if we desire for less actual shit to be thrown at others over any form of disagreements, then those ideas are not mentioned or given focus. Not much different than watching any episode of Desperate Housewives of where the fuck ever. It normalizes non thinking emotional based intolerable behaviors which can only result in a need for supervision of those who mimic the behaviors they have seen. Thus, in a way it promotes Big Govt to manage everyones behavior by teaching everyone to behave irresponsibly and immaturely when ever they disagree with anyone about anything. Thoughts?
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    Today, 04:58 PM
    Funny how they change the labels... Leftists Immigrants fling turds at coffee shop for not being Pro Immigration.
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    Today, 04:53 PM
    Shutting down InfoWars may not be the actual goal here, but Free Speech. Regardless of what is shown in the videos, what is being normalized is the assaults on the mental images of people who use Free Speech to expose Lies of the Govt. If the real target was Free Speech itself, they would not attack the popular thing to say. Having control of the narrative can be exploited to change the mental perceptions of people who are not Liberal or Liberal leaning, while simultaneously validating existing perspectives. By attacking InfoWars, they are also attacking the perceptions of everyone else who does not believe their narrative. I must consider that it is very plausible that the real goal is not InfoWars itself, but everyone else by using InfoWars as a scapegoat. Once you convince the people to change their perspective on a given subject, they will openly support change that further restricts freedom. There are Four sides to an argument. There is always a Speaker and there is always a Listener. Another perspective is Agreement opposed by Disagreement. The Four sides are a Matrix by combining those two categories. Listeners can choose to either Agree or Disagree with any given narrative. Speakers will also lean toward expressing ideas they only Agree with, so Speaking your own idea that is Disagreed with rarely ever happens without manipulation. With nearly full control of the Narrative, what youre hearing seems to be universally supportive of one idea, which is Big Govt. What theyve done with the Narrative is to create an Illusion of Choice by saying "support this point of view" or "support that point of view", but both points of view end with the same result, which is Bigger Govt. The way the MSM works is to control "who" is allowed to speak. If an opinion is expressed that supports either Trap of Big Govt, then the opinion is allowed. So its what is not said here, as usual, that is more important. For the majority of Listeners, they hear one side of the argument, which silences their own opinions, and further reinforces the cycle. That leaves the majority of Listeners with a set of arguments that end up supporting one idea. They hear no other perspectives which would support Smaller Govt, which is why the Internet is so important to Freedom. They control the masses by telling people what to think, which means they must not tell people what they do not want people to think at the same time. The latter being MUCH more important than the first. Thus, in order to control the Internet the same way as one way MSM works, every major communication platform must incorporate Self Censorship and exploit Private Property to control that Narrative. The way to control the Narrative on the internet incorporating the previous ideas of silencing specific opinions is to create and support major platforms that choose to Self Censor, or heavily bias the way information is presented to people. I think we all know that Google and Twitter and the likes of the major platforms that reach a broad spectrum of people is very very Left Leaning, while the Right Leaning are only supported if the Narrative is for Big Govt, thus maintaining the Illusion of Choice. The reality is there is no difference between MSMs brand of Left and Right as both sides call for Big Govt, and the ones that are constantly shut down is anyone who supports Smaller / Less Govt.
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    Today, 04:10 PM Full article at link(s). "The solution is simple.. electric cows." Perhaps there is truth to this. Then again, considering their reputation, perhaps not.
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    Today, 04:01 PM
    What The Hell? Congress Steps In To Shut Down InfoWars InfoWars Link: Even if you dont like Alex Jones / Infowars, do you think he has a Constitutional Right to exercise Free Speech and Free Press? Is it not more important to protect the Rights of people to express statements we do not agree with rather than only protect expressions that we do agree with? Is it only the "popular" thing to say that deserves the protection of the First Amendment? Alternatively, do you think Alex Jones abuses his Free Speech by yelling Fire in a crowded theater, since its the most common example of what "not" to say? Does Alex Jones bully people? Does he lie? Does he misconstrue the information to distort perception? Whats your take?
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    Today, 02:29 PM
    I think if you throw shit at someone with a mask on, 15 years in prison might be fair..
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    Today, 12:31 PM
    Wait a minute, Bernie Sanders is upset that he believes the Russians hacked emails that showed Hillary Clinton stole the election from him? He is another one who should be thanking the Russians.. I mean, really he should thank Seth Rich, but if he believes it was the Russians he should be thanking them. So weird.
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    Today, 12:25 PM Secrets of a Very Catholic Daughter ‘Hiding Out’ Author Tina Alexis Allen Talks Drugs, Deception, and Double Lives Wednesday, May 30, 2018 by STARSHINE ROSHELL
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    Today, 12:00 PM
    Looking into Puerto Rico and the no capital gains a little more, is interesting. I don't think Zippy's articles quite gave us the whole story.. I believe that if you go to Puerto Rico with investments acquired before the move, you have to pay a capital gains tax as much as 15%, but I think you pay it to Puerto Rico as opposed to the Federal Government. So instead of giving money to the criminal US Govt, you can give money to the criminal Puerto Rican government, which is definitely a plus I think. Now, if you went to Puerto Rico, sold your bitcoin, and then invested the money in other investments and asset classes, which would be easy since EuroPacific Capital is located there, then you could then take advantage of the 0% capital gains tax. That in and of itself may be a good reason to move there.
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    Today, 11:19 AM
    Peter Schiff was complaining about Trump instating the Jones Act and how that made Puerto Ricans suffer (foreign ships couldn't stop in Puerto Rico, unload a few things, then head for the mainland - they had to unload everything in the mainland then ship it to Puerto Rico on an American made ship), but it looks like Trump lifted the Jones Act for Puerto Rico back when the hurricane happened: Finally finished the interview last night, it was excellent, very much worth watching and sharing... But of course I disagree with some of what he was saying about bitcoin. Schiff's argument is that gold's physical properties have value and since bitcoin doesn't have physical properties that make it valuable it can't be money. What he did admit was that gold's physical properties have a downside - you have to trust the person holding your gold - but what he also doesn't mention is that you have to physically defend any gold you are carrying on your person or on your property. I don't know if he knows this, but you can have your bitcoin wallet lost or stolen and nobody will be able to access your funds and you can recover your wallet on another device.. it is a bit more secure than gold in that sense. You can send "digital gold" anywhere in the world, and the premise is great but I don't know if that is the only answer to doing financial transactions. If you send digital gold to someone in China, is that going to be as valuable if the gold is somewhere in Puerto Rico or something? If you send them BTC, they actually have the BTC whereas with the digital gold, they don't have possession of the actual gold. Again, not a dealbreaker for every situation but it just shows that BTC has some additional value as a currency that gold does not. It doesn't mean it is better, they both have pluses and minuses. I see no reason why they can't co-exist.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 10:03 AM
    Exactly. This whole thing is a set up. Be interesting to see what anti-liberty laws are pushed because of all this. PA III anyone?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 AM
    He's either a little confused or just playing to his base in his district.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    That is what the MSM would have us believe. We need govt to fix everything. What should really happen is Free Market. Charge too much and lose patients. Insurance is nothing short of a legalized scam that has driven health care costs to beyond unaffordable for most people to pay on their own. Without the Insurance, these heath care facilities would have to operate by the Laws of Economics, similar to the Laws of Physics. It would drive down costs to a reasonable rate that people can afford.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:16 PM
    An interesting side note: A couple of years ago, Montana did an experiment and did away with speed limits. The consequence? The accident & death rates went DOWN.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:09 PM
    That assumes that poor people wont pay their bills. If the bill was affordable, IE, not $100 bucks for a single aspirin, and $100k for serious medical issues, maybe the people being victimized by the system would be more willing to pay a reasonable bill? So here is what the politicians think. They think to ask "how do we get people to pay the bill" (both insurance and care provided) instead of asking why the costs are so high to begin with. Throw Zero Privacy into the mix and now you have a system that just cannibalizes those who cant afford the system to begin with.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:50 PM
    We've actually agreed a few times of late. ;)
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:42 PM Full article at link. --- Without Privacy, everything will be used against you.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:08 PM
    The thread title may contain some editorializing but it is accurate and the content posted certainly does not contradict it.
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    Yesterday, 05:06 PM
    Well for one a free range animal is going to have a better omega fat ratio and higher nutrient content, a caged animal typically eats grains - supplementing grains is one thing but a diet based almost solely on grains is really atrocious. So for health reasons it is much better to have a free range animal. I also don't see any harm in treating animals well while they are alive, and giving them the least painful death possible. Clearly animals feel pain, and can even be tortured. But hey, they could be deer stressed as fuck out in the woods every day looking around for predators constantly that eventually gets eaten by a wolf.
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    Yesterday, 04:58 PM
    I don't do the same thing to Democrats. I used to support the green party a couple decades ago, I've never in my life supported any Democrat. I find out if they supported Obama/Hillary and if they have TDS they should be lumped in with them.. but it is REALLY hard to come by Democrats who are anti-establishment these days. NPR and all the other BS leftist drivel comes straight from Wapo/CNN/NYT
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    See my 60 minute documentary video for the full story behind the subpoenaed arrest and booking records. It's aired perhaps 50 times along with its sequel, all linked from this page.

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