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    Today, 11:20 AM
    Sarcasm noted. Obviously, you and I view the body differently. I think the human body is not appreciated by the medical industrial complex and conventional science and they are not looking for ways to make life healthier and better. They are looking to make money for their masters.. This product may well be a tool for Mr global to manipulate IDK. To me there is something eternal about life that I just can't stop thinking about. I do believe the body could be given optimal health that could make it last for much longer than it does and perhaps forever. It is just something I like to contemplate and have been doing so for as long as I can remember. Nothing is impossible in my book.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Today, 10:19 AM
    I want to get some Carbon C60 for my old dog. She has joint pain and is about 12 years old which is about the life span of a doberman. They say this stuff increases life span. I am not sure it is right to increase the life span. I want to be in as well as I can be while I am here. I am not sure I want to take it myself but I do want to see is it will help my dog feel better. I do feel that we are capable of living forever even in this body we have. I do believe in healing on all levels mental spiritual, and physical and dimensions beyond my awareness. Does anyone here have any experiences with Carbon C60? A lot of people say good things about it. A lot of people say it is from the devil. What say you? Below I have provided a few links only from people who may or not be promoting any particular product. I do not make any money posting this from people who are promoting a product This is guy K Elmer makes it for himself but does not sell he does post a chart on the different prices of the top ten selling brands of C60 and he does talk a lot about how to make it and how it affects him. This is a link to his utube channel This guy is telling his story about why he quit using it he tries to sound scientific but not really
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    Today, 06:27 AM
    Why were cities formed? I would imagine that way back in the day the property owners and workers thought that a city was beneficial. What about states? Why were states formed? Did those entities at one point in time serve the people? Today do cities serve the people or do people serve the city? If you have a problem on your property does the city want to help you or give you a citation?
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    Today, 06:07 AM
    If dogs keep coming onto your property and shit everywhere you step, would you build a fence? If you own a large spread, would you want the pigs shitting by the main door to your home? Some say that private home owners should protect their property and have every right to do so. Who owns the US? Who has a right to protect the USA from trespassers?
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Today, 06:03 AM
    Yes this is inspirational and Thomas Massie is remarkable but, this is not sustainable on a large scale. Cost prohibitive and every person in the city does not have hundreds or thousands of acres and money to follow their dream. There is a thread someplace that I had noticed regarding money buying liberty. Without money Massie would not be in the position he is in. Every person does not have the ability to reap benefit from AI invention. The world and Thomas Massie need city folk.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:36 PM
    Sort of ironic how the song is about caving, which is exactly what this station did. So this station is not only pussy, but it looks like they just outright lied.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    Here's a couple of kids doing a lip synchronization and acting out the song. I skimmed through it and it seemed entertaining.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:19 PM
    It seems that there really is a small minority drowning out everyone else. And, the effect is to have some people believing that the minority is the majority. It is compounded when others are afraid to speak up. It takes on a life of its own. I skimmed the 256 replies the Democratic Underground (DU) thread. In all fairness, there is an okay range of opinion, but there is definitely a difference between the RPF tone and the DU sentiment. I counted about 10 people who seemed to be bent out of shape. The word "creepy" was used a lot. One person used the words "shameful" and "disgusting." Here's the thread:
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    The .025 trillion that would be spent on the border wall would probably save us trillions of dollars in future spending by leftists like Cortez who would be elected otherwise. That is besides the spending on the immigrants, which is much higher than the general population.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:12 PM
    Longterm spending will be drastically reduced with a border wall and greater border security. Think of it as one of the best investments our country could possibly make right now.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:06 PM
    Bitcoin has real value because it is currently valuable without coercion being involved. Both gold and bitcoin have their pros and cons.. Yes, gold has cons. Gold is easier to steal, and gold is harder to ship across borders and across the globe. Bitcoin is very difficult to steal and it goes across borders and across the globe with ease. On the other hand, bitcoin is somewhat dependent on electricity and internet. Gold is physical. That doesn't mean bitcoin is better than gold, it just means it is more valuable in some areas and less in others. They should both be used as stores of value and to transact. I recommend both.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:51 PM
    Dont try to put this on me. You define everything however you want. One thing is for sure, however you define recession, I will be sure to not define it the same way. You have blown every ounce of trust I have in anything that comes out of your mouth or keyboard. Joke: How do you know if Zippy is lying? There are words on your screen.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:58 PM
    People that need animal support should ride horses.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:27 AM
    Stop with the insults to enhanced_deficit; he provides tons of useful info and also things from his POV. If you can't handle that put him on ignore but STFU on insults & name calling.
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  • Schifference's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:00 AM
    Who is Alex Jones?
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
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  • dannno's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 09:55 PM
    This isn't about you.. you are obviously a woman of honesty and integrity. This is about women who are manipulative and bad, which makes up a pretty good chunk of women these days.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 09:43 PM
    I think dis goes here
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  • dannno's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 08:41 PM
    So wait a minute.. if a mob of people dressed in black with masks on confront you threatening violence and throw a bottle at you, then you cannot defend yourself?? And what the actual fuck is wrong with people?? LOL, give me a fucking break, how does the media get away with this shit?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 08:39 PM
    Youre cherry picking your information, as usual, to support a Biased Narrative. The truth is that we never recovered from the last recession. Im talking about MAIN STREET. Fuck Wall Street and Govt Statistics.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 02:41 PM
    // dup
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  • dannno's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 02:39 PM
    // nm
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 12:19 PM
    I am against people being lured into committing a crime they may not have otherwise committed. I would have rather they had gathered the man's information and watched him for a while to see if he actually is committing crimes and have a chance at saving and protecting more victims. I am totally against child trafficking and pray that it can be stopped but I just don't like the entrapment method of some poor slob when there are rich and powerful people out there doing much worse stuff on a much larger scale. I saw a video interview series with someone called "Jimmy Boots" who was a former NYC detective working a prostitution task force. He talked a lot about child trafficking and the powerful people doing it. They have all the info they need to take out all of them yet they don't do it because of so called National Security. It is such BS and so heart breaking to know that it is allowed to go on.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 06:25 AM
    I am certainly NOT willing to work for FREE.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 06:22 AM
    True, we are already there. Life expectancy for the US continues to drop. I am suspicious that the plan is partly Population Replacement, and a "Soft Kill" by letting whitey starve to death. If no guns are used, then they arent at fault, right?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 06:21 AM
    What else could they be planning but TOTAL CONTROL of your LIFE? Why else would they need all these cameras? They certainly dont do jack shit when a murder is recorded by 500 cameras, and not a cop around has access to any of them. No, they are there to protect THE ELITE from YOU. Other than that, they dont give a fuck about you.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 06:17 AM
    I still say Stiff The Fed.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    12-10-2018, 01:35 AM
    Since when has anybody here considered NeverTrumpers conservative??
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    Danno thanks for the rep but he didn't get sucked in to the degree that he ignored what was important. Otherwise he would have never gotten arrested.
  3. Yeah. It sucks right now. But at least we both miss each other and he has an intellectually stimulating job. He's just not that responsible with money or investments (aside from BTC), I'll be moving there, hopefully within a month. We aren't breaking up, despite quite a few rocky patches.
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    See my 60 minute documentary video for the full story behind the subpoenaed arrest and booking records. It's aired perhaps 50 times along with its sequel, all linked from this page.

    Please download CIRCA, rather than streaming the .avi file. The friend that hosts it on that server asked that be done rather than consuming bandwidth there. The 40 minute sequel in 3 parts can be streamed on YouTube.

    Perhaps that will give you an idea of the size and scope of the conspiracy surpressing me and my information.
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    Happy Holiday.
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    So are you in KC? The rally video uploaded said the user name was Danno, so was just curious.
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    I from Arkansas and am wanting an out of state license for mj, If the Arkansas MJ deal happens we need out of state license because they are by law approved. Any suggestions on how to get a permit. Will travel.
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    I can send you by e-mail something that might be useful to you. If you're interested let me know your e-mail address.
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