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    Today, 06:40 PM
    I hear y'all, but no reasonable person reading this thread will be swayed by Trolileo Trolilei's claim that 4,094 or 5,708 is smaller 4,062. And you aren't going to change anyone who when being shown Trump's own proposal direct from the White House website several times by several members is simply pretending it isn't so and trying to gaslight people. If you stop giving trolls like them attention they will either move on, or have severely reduced power.
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    Today, 04:32 PM
    Same reason as white men are actively avoiding college: Risk Assesment! The financial burden of college to train for jobs, of which, 25% of those jobs do not yet exist, then to be saddled with a lifetime of debt and only earn a minimal income (not minimum wage) and not work in the field one studied heavily for, men compare the benefits and risks of college and many have decided that the risks outweigh the potential benefits. Same thing applies with having kids. Its another Risk Assessment. Getting married also has a Reward / Risk evaluation scenario, and seeing as how many men are divorced by unfaithful women who only wanted a baby daddy, risk of going to jail / prison for unpaid child support, losing everything they acquire in their lifetime such as house / car / possessions, the Risks now outweigh the Benefits, and men are right to walk away in many situations. Im not trying to say that all men are the victims, it comes on both sides, there are irresponsible hookup men who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, and there are irresponsible greedy women that also severely damage the reputation of good honest loyal women who are looking for long term stable relationships. In 1960, 70% of adults were married. In 2017, that number has dropped to 35%. HALF. (might be off on the years) but marriage now seems to be shunned and avoided by the majority of people. I really do think this is one of those big problems where the govt solution to the problem, as a society as a whole, is far worse than the original problem itself. Yes, the original problem of irresponsible parents (by either men or women) is highly destructive to an individual, where as govt intervention has only further enabled more problems by the removal of all consequences for irresponsible behaviors on both sides.
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    Today, 04:20 PM
    Also as a fellow vet, I am as ashamed as Tod is. We contributed to the deaths, not only of our fellow servicemen, but countless civilian and non combatants around the world. I am glad I got out as soon as I did.
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    Today, 04:16 PM
    So, uh, Cock-Asian (Caucasian) isnt racist? :p
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    Today, 02:07 PM
    I think this is exactly what happens when the Government makes arrangements to become a Surrogate Husband. - I now pronounce you State and Wife
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    Today, 02:02 PM
    This is a Free Country (it isn't) There should be a Law against that! (There is)
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    Today, 02:00 PM
    Taking out loans that take a lifetime to repay when your entire economy is built on a foundation of sand is never a good idea. A lot of people want to blame her for "multiple bad decisions", but she does the same as we all do, hope that "things will improve" and expects "good paying jobs that last" when all we have seen increase in the last 8 years is minimum wage part time jobs that prevent people from having any financial stability, and no, owning a piece of paper that says youre smart doesnt help either. The jobs are not there. The economy is still in ruins. The middle class is nearly dead. Yet, we are told to "blame her bad decision making". There is a certain level of responsibility she would be expected to take, but certainly not 100% of her situation is her fault, neither is it 0%. Its somewhere in the middle. I think what this has turned into is a spectacle for the youth to watch and the lesson learned is to "know when you are poor and have no future". The elimination of Hope is a foundation of Control thru Dependency.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:53 PM
    Isnt "white" a very generalized term for what used to be various forms of European? What if I stopped self identifying as "white" and instead went with what my family would have identified as, each family member respectfully: Irish, Dutch, British, German, French, Russian, and Native American? A bit too much of a mouthful? Think I would still get the same flack? From what little Ive seen of my own geneology, I think I missed a few in there, but predominatly Irish-Dutch. Thoughts on Irish-Dutch vs White still drawing flack from the white hatemongers?
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    Today, 07:54 AM
    Nope things are grand right here and right now. Friends invited us over for some shooting and deer tenderloins this afternoon. Pretty sure things will be grand right there and right then. Don't know what tomorrow may bring.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
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    Yesterday, 11:07 PM
    Skynard once in the '80's. Allman's in the '90's. I was never a concert kinda guy. Both shows were great.
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    Yesterday, 10:59 PM
    Music provides for an awakening. It's good. We've lost a great many old guard in the last coupla years. RIP.
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    Yesterday, 10:51 PM
    In '67 I was still shitting in diapers.
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    Yesterday, 10:43 PM
    Both good ones. I've heard an interview with Dickie Bettes were he said he hated "Rambling Man" got so much airplay. Not that it was a bad song. Just that it was such a minor one on the whole. Dickie Bettes stepped up and filled in for Greg's brother Duane. Had he not the band would have splintered. But Greg's voice is the voice of the Allman Brothers. Greg wasn't just a vocalist. He could hammer a Hammond or any piano...
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    Yesterday, 10:09 PM
    Had 90% vinyl. Left 'em for safe keeping with a friend that wasn't able to keep them safe. I've moved beyond it, more than a decade ago. But, damn I liked my collection.
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    Yesterday, 10:04 PM
    Pinto to a Dodge charger. Sorry you never saw The Allman Brothers or Skynard. No comparison.
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    Yesterday, 08:52 PM
    Greg just Greg......
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    Yesterday, 08:44 PM
    You live in my head, brother. I just listened to that at 11 on the volume. More in remembrance to come. Asked for thread merge with CPUd's thread.
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    Yesterday, 08:40 PM
    Sorry CPUd, I didn't see this in new posts. I'll ask for a merge.
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    Yesterday, 08:21 PM
    It's been a bad year for most everyone I know. Death, divorce, accidents, and just straight up schism amongst friends and family. Just another hard hit in a bad, bad, year. He's one of the few top notch artists that I "met." In the '90's I was given back stage passes for the Allman Brothers. Went to the "back stage" scene and it was bogus. Cheap beer in a cooler and no band members. So me and my friend left out. We got lost in the undertown of the coliseum. Passed some stretch limo's on our right. A hundred feet later Greg came out of a room. A bottle of whiskey in one hand. A dozen roses in the other. Two fine women under each arm. He said to me... "Hey, man. Do you know where my ride is?" I said "down and to your left." He smiled and told me "Thank you." No big story. Just that. He was a blues/rock voice. One of the best.
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  • The Rebel Poet's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:57 PM
    @nikcers r3volution 3.0 Stop feeding the Trolileo Trolilei. Just set it to ignore and say something interesting and insightful for real members to respond to instead of wasting your time. We gotta take the oxygen out of the dumpster fire that is the RPF troll brigade.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:28 AM
    Ender replied to a thread Trump of Arabia in U.S. Political News
    Bump again- helps to understand the whole BS behind making Iran the enemy.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 AM
    How convenient.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:32 AM
    Well, to finish this thread up he came home yesterday. 4 weeks to the day of his fall. Our neighbors dad passed away and he gave us his dads electric wheel chair thing and a travel lift for the back of dad's car. Had to totally rearrange the living accommodation and move my dad's office to the living room and his bedroom upstairs to the downstairs. Still may retrofit the bath with something different but he wants to see how things go at first before making any decisions. Again, thanks for prayers and well wishes.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:19 AM
    A racket, indeed. As a "non-profit" the local Goodwill get's most of it's labor free of charge by allowing scofflaws to serve out their "community service." Those that are employed make minimum and work less than full time so as not to receive health insurance. I tell everyone I know to donate to the local church thrift-stores instead of supporting these fuckers. One local church org. in particular is a group called Exodus and they try to get ex-scofflaws back in the workforce. Anything that has to go, goes to them.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:58 AM
    Yup. And another excerpt from the article... WTF is Goodwills Industries a non-profit business getting a damned penny from the government taxpayers?
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:18 AM
    I changed the title of the article slightly for the thread header. ;) http://www.myajc.com/news/breaking-news/thousands-dropped-from-food-stamps-due-work-requirements/nAcoTvoPq4LBO0u42Z8CTP/ These are the requirements strangely missing from the AJC article:
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