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    06-12-2022, 07:38 PM
    Do you mean you think they started with the RP Revolution? They were around a long time before that. Birchers, for example. RP spoke at their conventions for years and years and they have been warning people what was going to happen for a very long time. Come to think of it, it was George Washington in his Farewell Address who warned us about entangling alliances. Ron Paul has been wonderful in bringing more people to the fight.
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    06-12-2022, 07:36 PM
    Grow up.
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    06-12-2022, 02:13 PM
    Hhmmm... Are you thinking you can bully me, tulsa? In case you've forgotten, that doesn't work on me. Sheesh. What I said was a fact. If it triggered you, that's on you, bud. :rolleyes:
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    06-12-2022, 03:15 AM
    Which is why I said.... And to answer your question, when I said the federal government is too far gone, I meant in my opinion, at this point it is unsalvageable. Most of it is totally outside its constitutional boundaries and the people who wield the real power are not even people we elect.
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    06-12-2022, 03:12 AM
    So basically, you were. This was not a libertarian forum when Ron ran for President. If you recall, it had people from across the political spectrum. You seem to want to pick a fight. You're going to need to have it all by yourself. Cheers.
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    06-11-2022, 06:30 PM
    Maurice Strong was talking about doing this to us decades ago when he was the top dog at the U.N.
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    06-11-2022, 06:27 PM
    Who was blaming Libertarians? I wasn't. Just pie in the sky thinking isn't useful right now is all, in my opinion. And tulsa, it's not about political parties against political parties. Come on. You know that. There are good people and crap in every one of them. Last time I knew, we thought of people as INDIVIDUALS.
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    06-11-2022, 06:24 PM
    That whole thing was so horrible. I noticed the article left out that they shot his son in the BACK when he was running home. And the POS who murdered his wife got promoted shortly thereafter.
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    06-11-2022, 06:06 PM
    They're not concerned. They have already planned out every scenario and have counter moves already ready. We aren't going to go from what they have been working on for decades and are VERY close to accomplishing, while the overwhelming majority have been asleep, to some kind of libertarian nirvana. Just ain't going to happen. The federal government is long gone and we aren't going to come up with something magical to set it right. Seriously, I remember when RP ran for office, we couldn't even get many people to get off their backsides to even make a few phone calls. And you think we are going to go from where we are to ending the FED and stopping all wars? Seriously? For me, I'm going to concentrate on things closer to home, where we still have a chance.
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    06-07-2022, 11:58 AM
    It also must include get us out of multi-lateral EVERY DAMN THING! The W.H.O., the TPP, the Paris Climate Accord, the UN, World Bank, NAFTA on steroids, the IMF, the WTO, and on and on. Sorry guys, not trying to rain on your parade. But, this stuff is so very important. Ron Paul has spoken about this stuff MANY times.
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    06-07-2022, 11:49 AM
    This is good and all, but not altogether sure what it is going to get us until Libertarians understand that we are being taken into world government. Ron Paul knows it and has for a long time. But, most libertarians don't seem to know. If they had known, no one would have been supporting Gary whats-his-name, after he chose his Council on Foreign Relations V.P. running mate and seemingly made him his best bud. You know, the same guy who co-chaired the CFR's working group on creating a North American Union. It was rather depressing.
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    06-06-2022, 10:17 PM
    Ok guys, what issue do you have with female pilots? Personally, I want the pilots flying any plane I am on, to be the most skilled available. I don't care what sex or color they are.
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    06-06-2022, 10:09 PM
    It's a good think I am no longer working. My mouth would have gotten me into MUCH trouble, if they had tried to shove their Critical Race Theory propaganda down my throat.
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    06-06-2022, 09:53 PM
    Actually, they are bused.
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    05-31-2022, 05:23 PM
    Then get it changed by asking your representatives to support Massie's "Prime Act".
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    05-30-2022, 07:48 AM
    I've got to admit that he wouldn't know the Constitution if it hit him upside the head. He did do a few good things though, like his remain in Mexico thing. Got us out of the Paris Climate Accord, etc. He also didn't get us in another war, but Pompeo was trying in Venezuela for sure. His cabinet appointments were more than horrible. The worst thing for me is that he doesn't appear to have any principles whatsoever. Not sure if I agree that the globalists love him. They sure worked damn hard to get him out of office. I voted for him and in my opinion, after Rand dropped out, he was the best choice. I still think that.
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    05-29-2022, 07:41 PM
    Back last October, my doctor actually spent 45 minutes with me telling me how I was going to die if I didn't get the vaccine. Usually appointments last like 5 mins. He made the mistake of telling me he was there to answer any questions I might have about the vaccine. lol. I started with why the "approved" Pfizer vaccine was not going to be available in the U.S. for the foreseeable future and that its experimental vaccine status had been extended. He proclaimed with much vigor... THAT IS A LIE! And then asked me where I saw that. As meekly as I could, I said... "on the FDA website". haha. It then went downhill from there. Ending with me saying that since I'm sure he had had covid patients in this room, that he'd best let me go, so that I wouldn't get infected. I wonder if he checked the FDA website after we talked. I doubt it.
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    05-29-2022, 02:42 PM
    Where is a BARF emoji, when you need one?
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    Hi, I've started a Ron Paul movement, and need participants to get it off the ground. Please, check it out and join! Also, please spread the word to as many RP supporters as possible so we can ensure a win for Ron Paul in 2012!

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    Hey I live in Fort Smith and am a Ron Paul supporter (maxed out). I'm looking for some local activists. Can you email me at averyknapp@gmail.com I saw an old post of yours. Do you know who had the Fort Smith Ron Paul office back in 2007-2008?
  4. People would rather just dismiss ANYTHING against their beliefs or ideals EVERYWHERE. It ticks me off, not saying I agree or disagree with anything BUT at least debate the person or prove them wrong.

    thank you for the words and I do believe there are more who think like we do than those who want to simply say "burn him at the stake" just because he asked a damn question....
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    I'm writing you because you were making sense when no one else was in the Neanderthal/Aborigines thread . There's a lot of kooky people in the Ron Paul camp and a lot of strange ideas. However strange and kooky people get doesn't give people the right to flame them. I am ashamed of what I observed in this thread. I saw nothing in the whole thread that would justify banning the OP.
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Our country is failing right before our eyes and it will take strong efforts on our part to make sure that Ron Paul can and DOES get elected president.

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