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    Today, 02:08 PM
    This was peak RP good ol days. Ron was leading in Iowa at this point. and then corporate media ran their Ron Paul is a racist campaign leading into Christmas. So damn close...
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    10-19-2020, 10:07 PM
    She sure was pushing that "vaccine's are an unquestionable good" agenda down everyone's throats pre-covid. Good riddance.
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    10-19-2020, 10:04 PM
    Yea, this ship already served her main purpose. There is a group here still worth sharing with though. Forum UI really is an old technology. Also requires following a conversation thread to get nuggets. Across the web, the shills have bigger budgets and the artificial echo chambers have grown larger. Comments attacking Ron are sickening. I believe Ron's underlying message of liberty and peace is still alive and popular to be honest. It's carried in a somewhat concealed fashion. I actually went on facebook today, even though they banned RPF, and there were some quality liberty/small govt/anti lockdown memes out there. Take care amigo.
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    10-19-2020, 06:42 PM
    He can start from scratch again. A blank slate.
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    10-19-2020, 06:14 PM
    Im not wasting anymore time on you. Peace.
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    10-19-2020, 06:03 PM
    You come back with the username DiverseSegregation. Lets look at what your last twenty posts focus on.
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    10-17-2020, 11:24 AM
    Whistleblower runs this Lude Media youtube account. Here is his stream from 16 hours ago. He's following this story breaking out. Is this why Trump has been saying that if Biden wins, China will own the US? Why did the DOJ and Pelosi get a copy of these hard drives and then sit on them?
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    10-17-2020, 10:54 AM
    This video below talks about the three hard drives and was posted two weeks ago per youtube timestamp. Whistleblower in video is photographed with Giuliani, Bannon, and it appears in background in mirror is Dr. Li-Meng Yan who evidently was Chinese virologist who said COVID was made in a lab. Video details that 3rd hard drive details bioweapon plans This video is very interesting due to the timing of it, content, surrounding dots, and allegations. I recommend you watch and put it through your filter. I'm kind of wtfing over here. This is an angle I hadn't even considered before. Sucks being in the cheap seats and trying to figure out what is actually going on.
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    10-16-2020, 03:11 PM
    I understand what you are saying, but this return wont come but in decades. Trump retweeted this today as well. 1315497341223223296 Asking to be held accountable is the silver lining. Beyond anything Biden will offer.
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    10-16-2020, 10:08 AM :cool::up:
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    10-15-2020, 11:35 PM
    Exactly my view, the underlying problem is fraud. Take twitter for example, see their "about" page: False and/or misleading claims: Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. When it happens it happens on Twitter. See what people are talking about.
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    10-15-2020, 08:53 PM
    Pedophilia is evil. Some might call it satanic. Look as far as Jeff Epstein for your proof. Why does the MSM want Trump to denounce an organization against evil pedophilia? Is the Q movement burning shit down in the streets? How many antifa/blm content producers have been censored or outright banned?
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    10-15-2020, 08:52 PM
    Pedophilia is evil. Some might call it satanic. Look as far as Jeff Epstein for your proof. Why does the MSM want Trump to denounce an organization against evil pedophilia? Is the Q movement burning shit down in the streets? How many antifa/blm content producers have been censored or outright banned?
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    10-13-2020, 03:48 PM
    That's not what I am referring to as net positive. More so the points in Champs post that I quoted. The US detains and executes unconstitutionally all around the world. This is what we have been protesting.
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    10-13-2020, 03:31 PM
    This makes me second guess a statement like that. 1309538180656435201 Maybe I'm misreading Trump's body language here or things have changed since then... The tree that Macron planted isn't there anymore, so that's probably good.
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    10-13-2020, 03:18 PM
    I see your point on timing and context, thanks for detailed response. I still find the overall message and campaign to be one that is net positive. Lots of good points made, thanks!
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    10-13-2020, 12:41 PM
    We had people attempting to derail political campaigns that were potentially winnable. RP in 07 and 11. Some we did assist in winning. Rand in 09. Free speech hasnt been our focus here, although very little outside of agitation is removed. Banksters, Soros, Rothschilds, CFR kind of info has never been a topic that isn't allowed. Our forums are full of this data.
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    10-13-2020, 12:29 PM
    You are blatantly wrong. From the start. November 2017. Disinformation is real. Distractions are necessary.
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    10-13-2020, 11:57 AM I do think Robert David Steele has an interesting outlook that postulates the Q movement may be cover for propping up a zionist created DHS.
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    10-12-2020, 11:00 PM
    I find it disturbing that you attack the supporters, instead of focusing on the message. I look under as many rocks as my attention allows. Support is near all time lows for Congress.
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    10-12-2020, 10:49 PM
    Things can be much worse than the current state. If the US continues to slide, you better be right with God.
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    10-12-2020, 10:34 PM
    You're simply trashing the supporters of a movement by saying the majority thinks a certain way. Happened to somebody else's campaign on RPF. Ugly form of collectivism. People are individuals. They are also lost and confused in the current toxic environment. I put no blame on the masses for seeking and interpreting in the fog.
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    10-12-2020, 10:19 PM
    Point taken. Q says there will be disinfo. He asks you to think for yourself and do some discerning. Blind obedience isn't part of the campaign. The divide and conquer strategy implemented by the top down. How can you think that post I quoted is mush? So concise.
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    Got a great score on my MCATS so yeah it's looking like Dr.Kotin will be a thing hehe
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    It is great, thanks!

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    To both Josh and Bryan (I'll repost on Bryan's) my box is full (my paid member status went away, not an emergency at all but I'm not getting messages if you sent them to mods). I took a bunch off but I'm going to wait before purging as drastically as I would have to to make it work. One guy's name is on who paid to have it removed, and he might have more reason to need attention, I reported his post to the report forum and will move it to mod forum.

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    Live well.

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    Oh my God, Josh - we need to talk apparently. I'm sarcastic, but I have more hope for the movement now than most of the people in the thread. I hope you're PMing them to remind them that Ron Paul said our best hope is to stay active in the party.
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    That was uncalled for. She and I have a history. She is a democrat, who thinks she's entitled to Social Security because she was a financially irresponsible single Mom. Now she's here talking people into leaving the GOP - the direct opposite of what Ron Paul says in both instances. (And by the way, I don't give negs. In my experience, it's an asshole move.)
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    Josh, the RNC is trying to block the festival. http://communities.washingtontimes.c...n-block-event/

    Can you help me apply some pressure by bringing some attention to it? Thanks so much. ~deb
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