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    by Published on 01-07-2013 08:40 PM

    Since former Rep. Ron Paul’s last Presidential run, the Liberty Movement’s influence on the Republican Party has thickened and spread. Just in the past few weeks, multiple state GOPs have elected the Libertarian-leaning supporters to key positions within the party. As SLN reported, “The new additions to Michigan’s Republican Party are Andrew Fink, chairman; Amy Preston, vice chairwoman; Brad Shafer, secretary; and Eric Rothoff, treasurer.”

    Michigan isn’t the only state that is seeing a change in ideology – Florida, Arizona and Iowa have all witnessed many “Ron Paul Republicans” become a part of the GOP. Specifically in Florida, Miami-Dade County has surprised many. Sunshine State News explained, “48 to 51 of the approximately 128 new committee persons seated Tuesday self-identify as supporters of Congressman Ron Paul’s Libertarianism/Conservatism…” going on to state, “Two Paul supporters were elected to the board of directors of Miami-Dade County’s Republican Executive Committee; one of the largest REC’s in the state: Rosa Palomino as vice chairwoman and Elizabeth Romney-Robayna as treasurer.”

    In heavily contested and gritty Iowa, a fellow Rep. Paul and Liberty Movement supporter, A.J. Spiker managed reelection as the State’s GOP chairman. The Des Moines Register notes, “After Spiker was elected 11 months ago, he hired Paul movement members as executive director, communications director and finance director. Paul backers have the biggest footprint on the 18-member central committee.” In regards to Spiker and the GOP, The Iowa Republican Party website details, “His fellow former Ron Paul campaign vice-chair David Fischer was selected RPI co-chair.” Iowa’s GOP also elected Paul backer, John Kabitzke and Mark Donald to treasurer and secretary positions; showing a real thirst for civil liberties, sound money and non-interventionist foreign policy.

    Long-time Republican and the co-chairman of the Iowa GOP, who lost to Spiker, Bill Schickel showed defiance against the Liberty Movement, saying, “The words are fine about reaching out and opening the doors of our party, but when our chair, our executive director, our communications director, our finance director are all from the Campaign for Liberty that sends a message that is disenfranchising to many, many of our Republicans,” to the GOP committee.

    Finally, the state of Arizona has seen Ron Paul Republicans’ message resonate as well inside the GOP. In Mohave County, multiple Liberty Republicans claimed spots in the GOP. Joan Lewis was elected to 1st vice chair; Michelle Arnett received 2nd vice chair and Cassandra Mooneyham won secretary. According to Mooneyham, there were other counties as well that saw similar Ron Paul Republican achievements.

    Mooneyham explained, “I see a trend toward holding our elected officials accountable. I also see many people who want to switch from a top down leadership to a bottom up within the Republican Party. They want the PC’s making the proposals to the State and National leadership versus the leadership dictating to the PC’s.”

    As elections veer around for 2014 throughout the legislative branch, it is likely you may see many more Ron Paul Republicans take a seat on the Hill, in D.C.

    by Published on 01-07-2013 04:26 PM

    Ron posted his latest Straight Talk from his Congressional twitter account.

    Ron Paul ‏@RepRonPaul
    ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Vote Shows How Washington Really Works http://tinyurl.com/bjw75pg

    ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Vote Shows How Washington Really Works

    Last week the Senate and House demonstrated again why their approval ratings are so low. The 154 page “fiscal cliff” bill was made available to Senators just three minutes before the vote was taken on the legislation. No one can read 154 pages in three minutes, so it is safe to assume that the legislation was passed without being read.

    Then the House brought the lengthy and complicated bill to a vote just 22 hours after the text had been available, meaning a full reading of the legislation was not likely possible. This was a clear violation of the “three day rule” adopted by the 112th Congress, which in the name of transparency ordered the House to make legislation available to the public a full three days before a Floor vote.

    Perhaps this race to a vote, amid cries of the end of the world without a solution to the manufactured crisis, explains why an even greater than usual amount of special-interest carve-outs made it into the bill.

    Article 1, Section 7 of the US Constitution clearly states that “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” but as has been done many times, the Senate simply attached its bill to an existing House bill and claimed that this Constitutional requirement had been satisfied.

    If the process was dishonest and unconstitutional, the content of the bill was even worse.

    The “rescue” legislation was packed full of special tax deals for well-connected corporations with the money to hire high-profile lobbyists – usually those who have spent a good deal of time as legislators themselves.

    The principle of tax cuts and breaks themselves are not the problem, however. It is incorrect to view any return of tax money to its rightful owner as money taken from the government. Wealth belongs to those who generate it not to government. However, while well-connected special interests like Hollywood and rum manufacturers were being granted targeted tax assistance, the vast majority of Americans were being hit with a significant tax increase in the form of higher payroll taxes. Rather than cut a dime from federal spending, this bill granted breaks to the corporate elites and paid for the “lost revenue” by passing the costs on to the rest of us.

    more at link: http://www.the-free-foundation.org/
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    For 20 years we have had "Grassroots NC" known as GRNC (www.grnc.org) operated by Paul Valone as the no-compromise 100% gun rights advocate in NC. So NAGR decided they are doing to operate in NC. First they create NC Gun Rights and are trying to divert donations away from NCGR by promoting themselves as NCGR instead. Now they are attacking pro-gun legislators and legislation in NC. WTF...

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    NH joins VT as the 2nd state with a clean Constitutional Carry law

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    When Governor Chris Sununun signed Senate Bill 12 into law this morning, New Hampshire joined Vermont as only the second state in the nation to have a clean Constitutional Carry law. The New Hampshire law, like as in Vermont, doesn't include a 21 or 18 year old age restriction, doesn't just apply to residents, and doesn't require a duty to report to police. During the 2011/2012 legislative...

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    Look at what I found guys. https://www.facebook.com/physicalremoval/

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    Is The Intelligence Community At War With Trump?

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    Trump’s ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion? By Ron Paul Copyright © 2017 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given. Please donate to the Ron Paul Institute

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    https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2017/02/rand-pauls-full-guide-to-repealing-and-replacing-obamacare?utm_content=bufferacb1d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer I don't know why they made six different facebook videos, but whatever. Overall it's a good plan that that goes in the right direction. I think it's politically viable too if it's sold correctly. ...

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    835181161878073344 I'm posting this here in RandPaulForums first to hopefully get some feedback. I decided to grab this url when I saw it available. It's a strategic move...potentially... Toady is not the primary.:toady: EDIT: The goal would be to prevent neocon dominance and, of course, highlight the influence of Sen. Paul, Amash and Rep. Massie....

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    Many people claim that Donald Trump has an IQ score of somewhere between 151 - 156 which would mean he is a genius, smarter than 99.99% of the population. This is based on his SAT score, back when SAT scores correlated with IQ, and his graduating from Wharton. Here are some related articles and social media: ...

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    The WaPo's Latest Theory: Putin Poisoned Hillary

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    I knew Putin was behind this somehow! hahahaa http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-13/wapos-latest-theory-putin-poisoned-hillary

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    All you need to know about Mike Pence...

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    ...is an article praising him by Jennifer Rubin. The neoconservative dream candidate: Common Core, Welfare, Amnesty and "start more wars" foreign policy.

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    http://bluedogdems.ngpvanhost.com/content/about The Blue Dog Coalition was created in 1995 to represent the commonsense middle of the Democratic Party. Blue Dogs advocate for mainstream American values, a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense. The name “Blue Dog” originates from the long-time tradition of referring to a strong Democratic Party supporter as being...

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    Trump To Skip White House Correspondants Dinner

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    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/feb/25/donald-trump-skip-white-house-correspondents-assoc/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT0RNeU5tWTRZalJsTXpkaSIsInQiOiJlRmEwamhzd1dBZGVFN1VrMmJMKzhkdkdtdjIrSkd5djAzSUtRK1A0VUowUlBCa0tiellnUVJsS1N5TWtmMVVxbVBlNnlYM29HdGNiY3RRY1IzdW9hWk1OdWlzQjNzTXJSM3BSbG5yMXFzeFc3V1Q3dUNGNXB4WFJHMldCa2xINiJ9 This thing should not even exist.

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    Trump at CPAC: "It will be one of the greatest military buildups in American history"

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    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-at-cpac-live-updates/ The crowd are giving standing O's.

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    Milk, The New Symbol of White Supremacy

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    Trump supporters unwittingly wave Russian flags at CPAC

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    Literally dying laughing.:D You'd think militant nationalists that demonize Putin would at least know what the Russian flag looks like... http://nypost.com/2017/02/24/trump-supporters-unwittingly-wave-russian-flags-at-cpac/ A political prankster passed out small Russian flags emblazoned with President Trump’s name at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference — where Trump...

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    Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms

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    Obamacare recipients demonstrating to keep free Obamacare

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    . Well, the democrat/progressive “free cheese” eaters are rallying against having to pay for their own health-care insurance. See: (2/25) Montpelier Save Our Healthcare Rally ”Donald Trump and the Republican Congress are pushing to ram through an agenda which takes health-care away from 30 million Americans, privatizes Medicare, and defunds Planned Parenthood, while giving tax cuts to...

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    Alan Colmes dead at 66

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    Liberal of course and part of the problem. But he did great, friendly interviews with Ron Paul and defended him more than once:

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    GOOGLE blacklists Natural News - removes 140,000 pages from its index

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    Read the full article: http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-02-22-google-blacklists-natural-news-removes-140000-pages-from-its-index-memory-holes-natural-news-investigative-articles.html

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    Appeals Court: You Have the Right To Film the Police

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    https://yro.slashdot.org/story/17/02/24/2320249/appeals-court-you-have-the-right-to-film-the-police When will they learn Rights do NOT come from the Government?

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    Silver madness!

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    I was just looking at ebay and their are people paying as much as 30 dollars over spot for silver eagles. Are they crazy?

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    Why Trump's Immigration Crackdown Could Sink U.S. Home Prices

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    The Litepresence Report on Cryptocurrency

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    CLICK HERE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION I've had multiple requests to create a unified location for my charts, predictions, forecasts, etc. so here it is. I'll update the thread whenever I'm trading. You can chat w/ me live at the btce trollbox. Best of luck my friends!

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    Bitcoin Back Up To $1000

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    Sell price is $1000 here on New Years Day 2017 at around 1:20 PM Pacific time. https://www.coinbase.com/charts

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    How Would BTC Be Valued In Runaway Inflation?

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    Just curious as to how this might work. I can imagine a few different scenarios. So if the currency crisis hits the U.S. and the world, and the dollar experiences huge runaway inflation (like a loaf of bread is $300,000 on a particular day then $800,000 the next) how do we know what our BTC are worth? I'm assuming a "basket of goods" valuation would be established pretty quickly somehow. I'm...

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    Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated With Metals and Debris in New Study Thursday, February 2nd 2017 at 1:15 am Written By: Celeste McGovern Researchers examining 44 samples of 30 different vaccines found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested – except in one animal vaccine. Using...

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    Statin Scam Exposed: Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Aging, Brain Damage And Diabetes

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    Spark SPK-9001 Gene Therapy Trial "Effectively Cures Hemophilia B"

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    I have the print edition of Winter 2017 Hemaware Magazine in front of me... its not up yet on the website; will bump when its updated https://hemaware.org/current-issue Front cover says: GENE THERAPY BEGINS TO FULFILL ITS PROMISE

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    Some Doctors Prescribe Food Instead Of Pills To Treat Certain Patients

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    Well, well, well, this is refreshing to see. Food as medicine--imagine that? http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/02/22/prescription-food/

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    It is gonna be a cold winter.

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    This fall the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief Oyarde if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he’d never learned the old tribal secrets. He couldn’t look at the sky to predict what the winter was going to be like. "It's going to be a very cold winter." So just to be on the safe side, Oyarde told his tribe that the...

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    Psychiatry for population control

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    When they tortured me in a psychiatric hospital in 2005 I watched “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”, only to conclude that this movie is like a walk in the park compared to what I’m seeing here. Psychiatric drugs in fact cause severe damage to the brain, while the political prisoners in fact have no energy and aren’t able to concentrate on any task more difficult than tying shoelaces. When you...

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    The RPF Firewood Thread

    Thread Starter: presence

    a typical "8 Cord Triaxle Load"; 8'x8'x16' I heat my home with wood and I'm sure many of you do as well. Post your suggestions, tips, and tricks for gathering, chopping, storing, and burning firewood. Here are some of my opening thoughts:

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    The Law

    Thread Starter: osan

    http://freedomisobvious.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-law.html The Law "Law" is everywhere in this modern world, and yet I find there to be little to no understanding by people of what, exactly, it is beyond some vague notion that it must be obeyed no matter what. Indeed, it has appeared to me that even most lawyers have no explicit knowledge of what law actually is, or should be. Rather,...

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    Tywysog Cymru

    The Alt Right is an Ideologically Diverse Movement

    Thread Starter: Tywysog Cymru

    Highly renowned intellectual thinker Richard Spencer once said that the Alt-Right is a wide spectrum of beliefs. I think I have unfairly lumped them into one group and treated them all like they are the same. I came to this comclusion after doing some more research on people who identify as alt-right. So lets take a look at the different types of people in the alt-right. Please tell me if...

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    CPAC Interview With Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus

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    progs are saying Bannon "threatened the media" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkUPWb_TKS0

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    Why Bombing Hiroshima Was Unjustified

    Thread Starter: dannno

    For those who find reason and evidence difficult to listen to, here is the basic argument.. The Japanese had already surrendered defeat and were ready to accept the terms laid out by the U.S., but with the caveat that they get to keep their Emperor... "If you like your Emperor, you get to keep your Emperor." The Japanese had essentially almost completely lost 67 of some of their largest...

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    Ron Paul in 2008

    Why are many libertarians against all government?

    Thread Starter: Ron Paul in 2008

    An example is that many libertarians here literally seem to think its evil if I believe that we have a government of the people, by the people and for the people and that I get this government to do my bidding like in immigration. Why do these libertarians believe its wrong if we elect a government to restrict immigration coming here if that is what we wish? Or why is it wrong if a state...

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    We Need Communism

    Thread Starter: HitoKichi

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