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    "When encrypted email provider Lavabit shut down in August, it was because U.S. authorities demanded the company release encryption keys to get access to certain accounts. Lavabit's founder, Ladar Levison, is facing contempt of court charges for his refusal to acquiesce to their demands. But now the ACLU has filed a 'friend of the court' brief (PDF) in support of Levison, saying that the government's demand 'fatally undermined' the secure email service. 'Lavabit's business was predicated on offering a secure email service, and no company could possible tell its clients that it offers a secure service if its keys have been handed over to the government.' The ACLU added, 'The district court's contempt holding should be reversed, because the underlying orders requiring Lavabit to disclose its private keys imposed an unreasonable burden on the company. Although innocent third parties have a duty to assist law enforcement agents in their investigations, they also have a right not to be compelled "to render assistance without limitation regardless of the burden involved."' Lavabit is also defending itself by claiming a violation of the 4th amendment has occurred."
    Disobedience of Unlawful Orders is Against The Law.
    by Published on 10-17-2013 07:27 PM

    Read between the lines and understand what you are being told.

    You are NOT being told to be afraid of Guns. You ARE being told to be TERRIFIED of the FREEDOM to own GUNS.

    In order for a populus to accept a Regime Change, the people have to want the Regime. They know damn good and well that the laws they pass only affect the Law Abiding Gun Owners. They are wholly ineffective at getting the Guns out of the hands of Criminals, while still maintaining the ILLUSION that the laws they propose are supposed to do something about CRIMINALS with Guns. I've often said that the 4th Amendment was not made a part of the Constitution to protect the activities of Criminals. The same thing goes for the 2nd.

    We do NOT have a 2nd Amendment to empower Criminals to use those Guns to abuse the Honest People.

    The effects are still the same. Gun laws do little to nothing to prevent Criminals from commiting Crimes. They are there to deprive the Honest Man of the ability to protect themselves by using a gun to protect themselves from any and all aggressors. This makes the Honest Man completely dependant on the Police and anyone else with the Permission to use a gun. It is one of many Chains of Obedience, that of Dependancy for Defense against Injustice.

    The most important effect that these Ineffective Gun Laws have on a stupid and misinformed populus is that the People become afraid of the Freedom to own and use a Gun and thus, eventually demand that the Freedom be taken away and give that Freedom to the Powers that Be. The People become Terrified of anyone with the Freedom to own a Gun, not just the Guns themselves. They demand that their Neighbors have the Right to have a Gun be revoked and are willing to sacrifice their own Freedom to accomplish this. They fear Criminal Abuse of Guns and fail to understand that the Real Criminals are the ones that run Govt. A fully Corrupt Govt are the ones they most need their Guns to protect themselves from, and are willing to throw it all away because they Fear that which they do NOT fully comprehend.

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    Not long after widespread NSA phone surveillance was revealed by a series of leaks this summer, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy-oriented nonprofit, tried a bold and novel legal tactic: it appealed straight to the Supreme Court, asking for an immediate shutdown of the program.

    The high court was the only place to turn, wrote EPIC, because it can't go to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), which actually authorized the orders. EPIC's argument was straightforward: the FISC could only authorize NSA spying on foreigners, not Americans.

    Now Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who represents the Obama Administration at the Supreme Court, has advised the justices not to take the case. It's not a surprising move. Just the publicity of a Supreme Court debate over NSA spying would be a giant headache for the administration; not to mention, the government obviously doesn't want the program shut down.

    In the brief, published on EPIC's website today, the government argues that there's no justification for an immediate move to the Supreme Court. First of all, only the government itself or the actual recipient of an order (Verizon, in this case) can ask for a FISC court order to be reviewed, writes the solicitor general.
    Full Story: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2...supreme-court/

    When Govt breaks its own rules, it will NOT give you PERMISSION to sue them!

    Why? Once they get a taste of Power, its like Crack, and they do NOT want to ever give it up, regardless of how many problems their Addiction causes!
    by Published on 10-09-2013 07:10 PM

    "Give us a Credit Card with a Higher Limit or else we cant use that same Credit Card to make payments on the Balance for that Credit Card". Flawed Logic is Flawed.

    Barack Obama has warned of immediate damage to US creditworthiness if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling – even if the Treasury can find funds to avoid triggering a technical default in the bond market.

    With billions of dollars of payments to social security, recipients and lenders competing for possible attention if such a crisis were to occur, the president shot down new suggestions among Republicans that the administration could prioritise payments to avoid lasting damage.

    Dubbed the 'pay China first' strategy by some Democrat critics, the argument growing in Congress is that October 17 is not the hard and fast deadline portrayed by the White House because the US has a choice over which bills to pay first and can avoid missing market-sensitive payments.
    Full Story: http://www.theguardian.com/world/201...ng-republicans
    by Published on 10-03-2013 07:50 PM

    Lavabit won a victory in court and were able to get the secret court order [which led to the site's closure] unsealed. The ACLU's Chris Soghoian called it the nuclear option: The court order revealed the FBI demanded Lavabit turn over their root SSL certificate, something that would allow them to monitor the traffic of every user of the service. Lavabit offered an alternative method to tap into the single user in question but the FBI wasn't interested. Lavabit could either comply or shut down. As such, no U.S. company that relies on SSL encryption can be trusted with sensitive data. Everything from Google to Facebook to Skype to your bank account is only encrypted by SSL keys, and if the FBI can force Lavabit to hand over their SSL key or face shutdown, they can do it to anyone.

    Story: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/13/10/...er-crypto-keys
    by Published on 10-01-2013 10:05 PM

    Edward Snowden, the fugitive American former intelligence worker, has made the shortlist of three for the Sakharov prize, Europe's top human rights award. Mr Snowden was nominated by Green politicians in the European Parliament for leaking details of U.S. surveillance. Nominees also include Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager shot in the head for demanding education for girls. Former recipients of the prize, awarded by the European Parliament, include Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi. Mr Snowden's nomination recognized that his disclosure of U.S. surveillance activities was an 'enormous service' to human rights and European citizens, the parliament's Green group said.

    Story: http://news.slashdot.org/story/13/10...n-rights-award
    by Published on 09-28-2013 09:51 PM

    "A sensor previously used for military operations can now be tuned to secretly locate and record any single conversation on a busy street. [A] Dutch acoustics firm, Microflown Technologies, has developed a matchstick-sized sensor that can pinpoint and record a target's conversations from a distance. Known as an acoustic vector sensor, Microflown's sensor measures the movement of air, disturbed by sound waves, to almost instantly locate where a sound originated. It can then identify the noise and, if required, transmit it live to waiting ears. Security technologist Bruce Schneier says this new capability is unwelcome – particularly given the recent claims about the NSA's success at tapping into our private lives. 'It's not just this one technology that's the problem,' Schneier says. 'It's the mic plus the drones, plus the signal processing, plus voice recognition.'"

    Full story: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/13/09...chats-outdoors
    by Published on 09-14-2013 07:17 AM

    In the northeast U.S., most of the tolls people encounter when driving make use of a system called E-ZPass to let them pay the tolls electronically. Drivers are given small RFID transponders that are scanned in tollbooths, at which point the toll is automatically deducted from a pre-paid account. One hacker got curious whether the RFID tags were being scanned elsewhere, so he tweaked his E-ZPass to blink a light and make a noise every time it was read. He tested the streets of New York City, and wasn't surprised to see it light up in plenty of places where there were no tollbooths to be found. From the article:

    "It’s part of Midtown in Motion, an initiative to feed information from lots of sensors into New York’s traffic management center. A spokesperson for the New York Department of Transportation, Scott Gastel, says the E-Z Pass readers are on highways across the city, and on streets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, and have been in use for years. The city uses the data from the readers to provide real-time traffic information, as for this tool. The DoT was not forthcoming about what exactly was read from the passes or how long geolocation information from the passes was kept. Notably, the fact that E-ZPasses will be used as a tracking device outside of toll payment, is not disclosed anywhere that I could see in the terms and conditions. When I talked to the E-ZPass Inter-agency Group — the umbrella association that oversees the use of the pay-toll-paying tags in 15 different states — it said New York is the only state that is employing this inventive re-use of the tags. ... 'If NYDOT can put up readers, says [the hacker], 'other agencies could as well.'"
    (Links to source on links, I didnt copy those over.)

    Do people still believe Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?
    by Published on 08-26-2013 08:50 AM

    Names have been altered to protect those involved....

    Just when you think the front-yard garden wars can't get worse, enter USDA's rural development dictatorship domineering the food source of the most vulnerable of our society.

    In a South Dakota subsidized housing unit live four-year-old Rosie and her severely disabled mother, Mary. They survive on an incredible $658 fixed disability stipend. A tiny unused space just outside their back door seemed like a good place to grow some veggies to supplement their food source.

    The garden was mostly tended by Rosie starting this past May.

    [Always BEFORE harvest] The garden was ordered by property management to be completely removed...this week. Where are the orders really coming from?

    Why, from the USDA's Rural Development Agency, of course, who set up the rules for property managers to ban "structures" of any kind within their landscapes. Property management is strictly upholding this policy.

    Some argue that if you enter into an agreement with any property, you are bound by those rules. However, we're not talking landlords - we're talking a government agency closely dictating this family's plot of grass, food source, and ensuring their dependence and subservience to them. Plus, ordering a four-year-old girl from a hungry poor family to uproot her summer's work (before they can even enjoy the fruits of her labor) goes against the grain of humanity and common sense.

    Full Story: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2013/08/...ds-garden.html
    by Published on 08-19-2013 07:35 PM

    "New revelations about Ministerial orders requiring backdoors into online services in New Zealand are fueling nationwide protests against new surveillance powers to be granted to the Government Communications Services Bureau. Speaking at one large protest meeting, Kim Dotcom described the 'Five Eyes' X-Keyscore surveillance system as 'Google for spies'. He told protesters he first noticed he was being spied on when his internet speed slowed by '20 to 30 milliseconds'. 'As a gamer, I noticed,' he said."

    by Published on 08-16-2013 06:54 PM

    "According to the Washington Post: 'The leader of the secret court that is supposed to provide critical oversight of the government's vast spying programs said that its ability to do so is limited and that it must trust the government to report when it improperly spies on Americans. The chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court said the court lacks the tools to independently verify how often the government's surveillance breaks the court's rules that aim to protect Americans' privacy. Without taking drastic steps, it also cannot check the veracity of the government's assertions that the violations its staff members report are unintentional mistakes.' President Obama said in June, 'We also have federal judges that we've put in place who are not subject to political pressure. They've got lifetime tenure as federal judges, and they're empowered to look over our shoulder at the executive branch to make sure that these programs aren't being abused.' Not so much, Mr. President."

    by Published on 08-07-2013 06:36 AM

    Durden looked at last week’s BLS report and found something the media totally ignored: Of the nearly one million jobs the economy has created since the first of the year, only 222,000 of them were full-time. Put another way, three out of four jobs created since January 1 have been part-time.

    Full Story: http://thenewamerican.com/economy/ma...worker-economy
    by Published on 07-23-2013 08:06 PM

    1) At this point, the city of Detroit owes money to more than 100,000 creditors.

    2) Detroit is facing $20 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities. That breaks down to more than $25,000 per resident.

    3) Back in 1960, the city of Detroit actually had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.

    4) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit. Today, there are less than 27,000.

    Continued: http://www.riseearth.com/2013/07/25-....WVCCgIve.dpuf
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