• idiom

    by Published on 01-28-2014 12:19 AM

    Here is a thought for anyone who knows more about this than me, which could be explosive.

    Roe Vs Wade allowed abortion on the grounds that the government has no right to know if a woman was pregnant or had an abortion.

    Obama's extension of the NSA has asserted that the government is allowed to track information about purchases relating to pregnancy, txt messages or emails about pregnancy or abortion, track calls or visits to abortion clinics etc.

    Obamacare asserts a right for the government to track medical history, including pregnancy and abortions.

    Roe vs Wade turns not on the 4th amendment, but on the 14th and the due process clause. Since due process has been annihilated, so has Roe vs Wade.

    This idea if properly presented could turn the left even more aggressively against the NSA and Obamacare.
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