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    Facebook censoring RonPaulForums

    Thread Starter: Conza88

    Happened when I tried to share a link to the forums via FB messenger. Do the same and got the following error. https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/ Form to tell Facebook they're wrong for doing so, and request they permit sharing RP forum links

    Last Post By: Conza88 09-18-2020, 11:50 PM Go to last post

    Building Your Tribe - Anarchapulco 2019 Patrick Smith FULL Speech Advocacy Stage

    Thread Starter: CCTelander

    For anyone interested in ways to link up with like minded individuals in your own area.

    Last Post By: CCTelander 09-17-2020, 12:16 PM Go to last post
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    CDC Director: 'Covid Vaccine? Ha! Wear Your "Life Saving" Mask!'

    Thread Starter: Brian4Liberty

    CDC Director: 'Covid Vaccine? Ha! Wear Your "Life Saving" Mask!'

    Last Post By: Anti Globalist Yesterday, 01:05 PM Go to last post
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    Education Department Investigates Princeton After University Admits to Systemic Racism

    Thread Starter: dannno

    Education Department Investigates Princeton After University Admits to Systemic Racism The federal investigation comes in response to a letter in which the university president acknowledged that the institution has and continues to be shaped by systemic racism. ...

    Last Post By: Sammy Today, 12:09 PM Go to last post
    Peace Piper

    Pentagon sending troops to Syria after clashes between U.S., Russian military

    Thread Starter: Peace Piper

    Sept. 18, 2020, 12:38 PM PDT by Courtney Kube WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is deploying a small number of U.S. troops to Syria after a series of escalating encounters between the U.S. and Russian militaries, according to three U.S. defense officials. The troops and vehicles will serve as a show of presence to discourage the Russian military from crossing into the eastern security area where...

    Last Post By: enhanced_deficit Today, 11:49 AM Go to last post

    Trump says wearing a face mask is ‘patriotic’ and plans to resume COVID-19 briefings

    Thread Starter: emazur

    https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1285299379746811915 We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance. There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President! Maybe he should add pride masks to the list of things he's selling?

    Last Post By: enhanced_deficit Today, 11:22 AM Go to last post
    Matt Collins

    Will Trump nominate yet another swamp creature to SCOTUS?

    Thread Starter: Matt Collins

    Gorsuch was good on paper (although turned out not that great), but Kavanaugh was a deep state neocon swamp creature from the start. Will Trump actually nominate a pro-Constitution nominee to the Supreme Court this time?

    Last Post By: enhanced_deficit Today, 11:12 AM Go to last post

    Does Joe Biden have Dementia? | What is Dementia?

    Thread Starter: DiverseSegregation

    Last Post By: enhanced_deficit Today, 11:04 AM Go to last post
    Pauls' Revere

    BRUTAL: Resurfaced vid Joe Biden plagiarizing.

    Thread Starter: Pauls' Revere

    This guy is a loser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f2Z30j61aw Btw, I give credit to the YouTube poster for this. Here's ammo.

    Last Post By: Anti Federalist Today, 11:01 AM Go to last post

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dead at 87

    Thread Starter: DiverseSegregation

    Great news! The hag is gone.

    Last Post By: Brian4Liberty Today, 10:56 AM Go to last post
    Matt Collins

    They have a plan to make traffic worse

    Thread Starter: Matt Collins

    There is actually a push out there to "make traffic worse" by the central planners and progressives. I have known this for a while but now it is blatant and out in the open. What is interesting is that this agenda to get people out of cars and on to government run transportation has been hush hush... until now. Here a major transit planner actually comes out and openly admits...

    Last Post By: Brian4Liberty Today, 10:41 AM Go to last post

    The Nature of Your State Government Reflects the Nature of its People. Who Will be Enslaved?

    Thread Starter: James_Madison_Lives

    It's coming down to the crunch. Open up - not open up. Liberty vs. Freedom. Coerced vaccination vs. not. With that vax, of course comes your slave biochip. So why are some states winning freedom and others sliding into slavery? Even in Texas Gov. Abbott is talking about mandatory COVID vaccine. Red State Texas! But in Pennsylvania they have 25 state representatives signed onto an...

    Last Post By: Ender Today, 10:40 AM Go to last post

    Federal Judge William Stickman for SCOTUS? Slapped Down PA Lockdown-No "Fair Weather Freedoms"

    Thread Starter: James_Madison_Lives

    These are great words from a thinking mind, wrote a 66-page treatise striking down PA lockdown. Worthy of Brandeis or Thomas Paine. A hidden gem? What else do we know about him? Should Rand whisper in Trump's ear? He looks young. Federalist Society? Ingraham praises federal judge's 'phenomenal ruling' finding PA's COVID shutdown 'unconstitutional'...

    Last Post By: RonZeplin Today, 10:10 AM Go to last post
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    r3volution 3.0

    Foreigners Continue to Sell Long Term Treasuries

    Thread Starter: r3volution 3.0

    During the financial crisis in March, foreigners sold more than $500 billion in dollar-denominated assets (government bonds, government-guaranteed bonds, private bonds, and equities) in an effort to raise cash. By April, with the Fed printing trillions of dollars, this trend reversed and foreigners started buying back those assets. As of the latest data (June), foreign holdings of US assets were...

    Last Post By: Swordsmyth Yesterday, 07:31 PM Go to last post
    Pauls' Revere

    Offshore Banking

    Thread Starter: Pauls' Revere

    Which countries have no tax on savings accounts? i'm researching Balliwick of Jersey, Andorra, and some others. Anyone have any recommendations?

    Last Post By: oyarde 09-18-2020, 05:18 PM Go to last post

    BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis

    Thread Starter: Marenco


    Last Post By: Firestarter 09-18-2020, 09:39 AM Go to last post
    Matt Collins

    Why The Rich Like High Taxes

    Thread Starter: Matt Collins

    Last Post By: r3volution 3.0 09-17-2020, 04:11 PM Go to last post
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    It is gonna be a cold winter.

    Thread Starter: Danke

    This fall the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief Oyarde if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he’d never learned the old tribal secrets. He couldn’t look at the sky to predict what the winter was going to be like. "It's going to be a very cold winter." So just to be on the safe side, Oyarde told his tribe that the...

    Last Post By: Anti Globalist Today, 07:30 AM Go to last post
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    Drugs profits for Oil wars

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    I found an interesting book that describes the “War by drugs”- Peter Dale Scott “Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina” (2003): https://ourrebellion.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/book-the-us-in-afghanistan-colombia-and-indo-china.pdf It is 16 GB to download (I’ve saved it as a text document at 0.5 GB)… My very short summary of the Peter Dale Scott book is...

    Last Post By: Firestarter Yesterday, 09:54 AM Go to last post

    Dragon court

    Thread Starter: Firestarter

    After I found out, in December 2016, that the elite have been drinking the blood of the young (vampirism) for centuries, I continued my investigation. The trail of these bloodsuckers leads to a group that’s known by a variety of names: Dragon Court, Order of the Dragon and Dragon society. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are descendents of the “real” Count Dracula, Vlad Tepes (which means...

    Last Post By: Prince Arthur 09-18-2020, 05:37 AM Go to last post
    tod evans


    Thread Starter: tod evans

    My mom sent me this;

    Last Post By: Anti Globalist 09-16-2020, 08:35 PM Go to last post
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